I feel like I’ve been building up to this moment for forever, as I am finally starting a blog! Well, when I say ‘starting’, I used to have a blog that was mainly focused on book reviews however I am older and more mature now and want to talk about more things than books. ‘Mollie Says…’ is going to be a blog that has a bit of everything on it- beauty, lifestyle, music, books, education and sometimes just reflection on my life at the moment.

So, my name is Mollie and I am 17, I’m currently in my last year at sixth form which is incredibly stressful. In September I shall be heading off to University to start a degree in English, so at the moment UCAS track is my best friend. When I’m not writing essays or in college you could find me working out, reading or laying in bed procrastinating.

I’m a very organised person, I love a routine and to know what I’m doing when, hence why I love my planners, journals and all stationary! I love to treat myself so I’m sure you’ll see a fair few hauls every now and again. My guilty pleasures include cats, anything copper/gold/rose gold, candles, Mcfly, cacti and avocados.

Something that I want to talk about on my blog is how I deal with my anxiety, stress and being introverted. I’ve learnt to deal with these three things growing up, especially with my lack of confidence (which I conquered recently) that held me back throughout my teens. I become stressed quite easy as well, which I put down to the fact that I care and worry so much about everything however I have also learnt how to deal with stress. As Newt Scamander said ‘Worrying means you suffer twice’.

I really can not wait to start writing blog posts as I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, I really hope you enjoy reading them 🙂

My social media:

Twitter: @MyNameIsMollxo

Instagram: @molliewesthead (I love an aesthetic insta, this is probably my favourite app)

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