From a young age I have loved writing, although I did have phases of writing creative, fictional stories, I have always preferred to write about my own life. My loft is filled with books documenting what I’ve done throughout that day, some dating back to over 10 years ago. They’re filled with so many precious memories and reading them now makes me quite emotional, this is the main reason I continue to journal today because I know that one day I’ll be reading things I may have written today and feeling the same. I have quite a lot of journals so I thought that I would go through some of my favourites.

  • Journal

This is the notebook that I write my daily goings on in, document memories and rant about the things that have aggravated me that day (it is the best stress relief!). I have been documenting in a journal every day for so many years, one of my favourite things to do is to look back at my old notebooks writing about some of my favourite memories, especially those with family members that are no longer with us. It is now part of my daily routine, before I go to sleep, to write in my journal. This is the notebook I’m currently using, it is from TKMaxx (which is one of the best shops to buy unique notebooks from) and is by a brand called ‘C.R.Gibson’.


  • Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal

On each page of this journal there is a question which you answer on that day for five years. The questions vary daily from ‘On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you?’ to ‘What can you smell right now?’, you can then see how your answers have evolved over the five years. It’s surprising how much your thoughts, provoked by these daily questions, change over the years, that for me is the best thing about this journal. This year is my third year of writing in this book, a lot has changed since I was 14, which makes reflecting on my answers even more interesting. On the bottom of the cover on this book you can see a faded red mark which is from a punnet of strawberries that leaked, oops.


  • Q&A a Day for Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens

On each page of this journal there is a question which requires a lengthier answer in comparison to the one sentence answer required in the previous Q and A journal. This has been described as a ‘keepsake time capsule’ which is made even more significant by the fact it captures your thoughts over your teenage years. This is my second year of writing in this journal, I’ve specifically loved the more in depth questions such as ‘What do you have to offer the world?’.


  • One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

This is simply a journal in which you record the day’s events in a small entry. Each page contains five entries, meaning when it is completed you can reflect on each day’s memories over five years. This is the journal that I’ve kept for the longest time, this is my fourth year of writing and this is probably my favourite book because of all of the memories it contains. The logo has rubbed off of the front of this book which is probably because it has travelled to Berlin, Greece and various places around the UK with me.



my-one-line-a-day-five-year-memory-book-p2954-4012_image-2The last photo is what it looks like new, as you can see mine is quite worn.

  • 101 Joys Make a Rainbow: A Gratitude Journal

On each page you capture a moment of gratitude, you then fold the page and when it is completed the book looks like a paper sculpture of a rainbow (as pictured on the front cover). So not only will this book look beautiful completed, it will contain 101 memories and things I am grateful for. I love the whole concept of this journal, it was one of my favourite Christmas presents and I can’t wait to complete it.


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