My Desk…

No matter how messy my room is, as long as my desk is tidy, all is good. I absolutely love my desk space, it’s where I do college work, write, do my hair and makeup- everything basically! I wasn’t even planning on doing this post but I have just polished and tidied up my desk which led me to rearrange everything, so the way that my desk looks in the pictures isn’t how it looked beforehand (the desk itself is from Argos).

To the far left of my desk is my makeup brush holder, which I think every girl ever has, it’s the Ikea ‘Skurar’ candle holder but is perfect for makeup brushes. As you can tell from the picture I don’t stick to one brand of makeup brushes, my favourites are Real Techniques, Makeup Revolution, Panetone and No7. I love the copper eyelash curlers and tweezers which were from Primark, they complement the copper accents that on my desk nicely and are actually really good as well!


Next is the absolutely gorgeous copper wire basket which is usually filled with stuff but I removed a lot of it for the picture as it just didn’t look pretty. It was a Christmas present from my Mumma but I believe it was from Home Bargains and I just love it. In the basket, is my ‘This Week’ planner which has my college timetable on it so I feel a little bit more organised, which is why I also have my little notebook which is amazing (not just because it is marble and copper) as it is separated into ‘Now’ and ‘Later’ to do lists. My purse is also in there so when I need it I’m not searching around, I ‘borrowed’ this purse from my sister, it’s Ted Baker and I love it a lot(thank you Katie!). There are a few products in the basket which I tend to use daily- Lush Snow Fairy shower gel & body conditioner, the Collection 2 in 1 Longer Stronger nail varnish, Thierry Mugler Alien perfume and the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. I usually keep a hair grabby and invisible bobble, which are always handy for when you’re doing your makeup and want your hair out of your face.IMG_0272.JPG


These three little copper jars are from the same collection as the wire basket from Home Bargains and were also a Christmas present from my Mumma. I LOVE stationary so had to have these on my desk.


This mirror is the main piece of my desk, it is smack bang in the middle and I tend to organise everything around it. It wasn’t originally copper, it was just a wooden mirror from Argos but I (well I say I, but it was my Dad really) spray painted copper. I love how you can see my huge Nemo in the mirror also.


On the right of my mirror, is the DKNY Golden delicious perfume, which isn’t my go-to perfume but it fits in with the copper accents on my desk. As does the little memo block, which I do actually use, also how cute is that pen.


This little ‘Powders & Perfumes’ basket is so cute and handy, it was from B&M and I put the products in it that I tend to use every day. Some of my favourite products in it at the moment include the Colab Paradise dry shampoo and the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk.


The last thing is this illuminating makeup mirror- I don’t know if that is the correct term but that’s what I call it, as I tend to use it when I’m doing my makeup. This is (SURPRISE) copper! It was a Christmas present and was part of the Christmas range from Wilkinsons. It is perfect to use when you’re doing your makeup as it is magnified on the other side and the light does help for applying foundation, checking your highlight etc..



I don’t know how many times I’ve said it but I do love my desk an awful lot. I think your environment is really important when you sit down to work (I mean college work), although for some people my desk may be too cluttered and distracting, I find it really relaxing and focusing, which is the important thing. I love how all of the pictures look- as my room is at the back of the house when the sun shines my room gets such a lovely light so I made the most of it by taking these pictures. I’m going to write about other aspects of my room in the future, as my room is my happy place and I love to add little touches to it that I hope you’ll enjoy seeing.

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Instagram: @molliewesthead (I love an aesthetic insta, this is probably my favourite social media)




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