Life Update…

I have been totally consumed by life. In a good way, though. Usually when I’m busy and consumed by college work it affects my mental health and happiness but recently I’ve been buried in work but the happiest I’ve been in a while. But sadly, I have let my blog slip, which isn’t completely my fault as for about a month I haven’t had Wi-Fi at home. I haven’t minded not having Wi-Fi, college work has been quite difficult and I’ve missed watching YouTube videos, but apart from that I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve read a lot more books and listened to a lot more vinyls and been okay with leaving my phone upstairs when I’m down. I’m so relieved to have it back though.

I did write a blogpost last month on the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, expressing my thoughts and the emotional attachment I had prior to the release of the series, but I didn’t post it. It was a mixture of not wanting people to snide at my thoughts and theories on the show and not wanting my personal connection to the book/show accessible to everyone. After this my inspiration for my blog just dried up. I didn’t know what to write and didn’t want to force myself to write something that was false and not me. So, I decided not to.

I have got my A-Level exams next month, which sounds petrifying to say. I feel like I spend 80% of my time revising and doing college work and the other 20% stressing about the two. I have had to give up a few things to devote more time to college. The main one being exercising/running as I just do not have the time and it isn’t my number one priority at the moment. My number one priority is getting into university- I’m hoping to go to Edge Hill to study English Literature and Language. My current mantra is ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’ which I remind myself when I’m crying into my revision notes.

I’m currently learning to drive as well, I’ve had about 50 lessons which is an awful lot I know. I’m so close to booking my test but need to perfect silly errors, I’m sure it’ll all be worth it when I can finally drive my little car.

The two week break over Easter was always cordoned off in my mind for revision but life gets in the way. I spent a lot of time with my incredible family and celebrated the birthdays of three of my nieces- Ruby turned 5 (5!!!) and the twinnies- Martha and Alice turned 3. I was ill for both weeks as well, with a chest infection and glandular fever, so a lot of the time I wanted to be in bed rather than sat up at my desk revising. I got some revision done but not what I’d hoped for so I’ve knuckled down since going back and I’m a lot better now.

So as you can tell life is quite busy at the moment, hence why my blog has dried up. But I’m back into it now, I’m giving myself time to write a blog post, not as frequent as I’d like but after next month I’ll have more time. I thought I’d include a mini favourites at the end as it’s quite short:

  • + by Ed Sheeran- I went to see Ed Sheeran with my boyfriend last week and he was amazing. In the lead up to going I started listening to his first album, which is one that I hold quite close to my heart (I mentioned it in my blog post on vinyls) and I fell in love with it all over again. I find myself reaching for the vinyl everyday now, it is my go to album and I love that the vinyl has got a real crackle, it makes the sound even better.
  • Moana- I am usually at the cinema on the day of the release of a Disney film. But for some reason I didn’t go to see Moana, I never really wanted to and wasn’t interested by it. My eldest sister and two of her squidges loved it so when I went there for a sleepover we watched most of the film and I loved it. I’ve since watched it so many times, I love the songs, the animal sidekicks, the friendship between Moana and Maui– I just think it is brilliant!
  • Change- I hate change. But sometimes I agree that a change is as good as a rest so I had this in mind when deciding to change my room around. I took my McFly wall down, got rid of my beloved ‘60s record cabinet and added a ton of fairy lights and candles. This change has done me so good, I love spending time in my room and I’ve got into a sleeping pattern for the first time since being a child.
  • My fish- Sadly I lost one of my little fishes, Harry. I was heartbroken, I get completely attached to pets and it hit me just as hard at the age of 17 as it would of at 7. A couple of weeks ago I got a new little fish called Felix who is lovely and he fits right in with Tom, Dougie and Danny. Yes, my fish are named after McFly.


I apologise again for the shortage of blogposts but I am going to be uploading a lot more from now on. Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding.

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Instagram: @molliewesthead



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