Top 10 Vinyls: Musicals Edition

I collect vinyl records but I don’t stick to one specific genre of music but a large amount of my collection is made up of musical vinyls. I love musicals, a lot. An awful lot, hence why I cannot resist buying multiple editions of a musical. I’m going to go through some of my favourites, giving a bit of a backstory and why I love them so much. Also, these aren’t in rank order, that’d be impossible to do!

  1. Les Miserables, Original London Cast Album, 1985

I love Les Mis so much. I think the story is incredible, the music is even better and the way that each actor presents the character they play in a different light to the one before is glorious. I had wanted this vinyl for so long, but I found this specific edition quite hard to get hold off. I was flipping through a crate of vinyls in a charity shop when I saw this vinyl and squealed like a child and ran to the till with it to buy it for the grand total of 30p!!! I’m so lucky in terms of dropping on with vinyls and this is my favourite bargain.

Some of my favourite songs from the vinyl include One Day More, Confrontation/Fantine’s Death and A Little Fall of Rain. My favourite Valjean actor features on this vinyl- Colm Wilkinson- his voice is a dream, also Patti Lupone as Fantine is incredible however Michael Ball is Marius and he’s one of my least favourite (next to Nick Jonas, which I thought was disastrous). I also love the gatefold sleeve of this vinyl, which shares pictures of from the original London production of Les Mis, featuring the gorgeous Colm, who I adore.


  1. Grease

I remember watching the movie as a child and being completely mesmerised by the music and the production, I used to dream about having the transformation that Sandy has towards the end of the film. I’m still waiting. Grease was one of the first vinyls I got, it was a present of my Mum who had had the exact vinyl when she was younger.

I adore the gatefold sleeve with the photographs of the cast from the movie and the picture on the back of the sleeve of the whole cast is iconic. The track listing is just a dream, everyone loves at least one song from Grease, my favourites include Summer Nights, There Are Worse Things I Could Do and We Go Together but I love them all. I adore Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s vocals, they sound even better on vinyl.

  1. The Sound of Music

I have two editions of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music and both are equally as amazing. Maria is such a glorious character, that as a child I used to dream of being, sitting with my 7 children playing guitar, singing and making clothes out of the curtains. Quite unrealistic looking back. My brother used to have The Sound of Music score which I used to take with me to my keyboard and try my hardest to play, always ending in frustration.

The edition on the right is my favourite as the Maria is Julie Andrews who is my favourite but Frances Boyd is also an amazing Maria.My favourite songs include Maria, Do-Re-Mi and Edelweiss, which reminds me of my Papa. The music is heartwarming, familiar and so comforting, I will always look to the soundtrack when I need my heart to be warmed.


  1. Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I was always familiar with the story of Joseph but was only introduced to the musical when I was part of the ensemble for it. I thought the music was fun, as was the story, I loved the idea of having the narrator onstage, and my favourite character was the Pharaoh who I thought was hilarious. Excessively, I have three editions of Joseph, but in my eyes I NEED all three. The second edition is my clear favourite because the sleeve features illustrations from the children’s book illustrator Quentin Blake. Blake illustrated Roald Dahl’s books which is why the illustrations may seem familiar, I hold both Dahl and Blake close to my heart which is why that vinyl is my favourite.

All three sound amazing, each Joseph does the role complete justice. My favourite songs include Joseph’s Coat (I loved memorising the colours), Close Every Door (I love the emotion the actor can put into this song) and Who’s The Thief?.

  1. Mary Poppins

This is one of my all time favourite Disney’s. I wish I had a vinyl edition of the movie soundtrack ,featuring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, as nothing compares to their edition, although three editions does seem excessive. Anyway, I have two editions of Mary Poppins which I love equally.

I don’t think I could pick three of my favourite songs as I love them all so so so much. I love Feed The Birds and Let’s Go Fly A Kite the most though. I feel overwhelmed trying to put my feelings about Mary into words as I just adore it, I don’t think I could do it justice.

  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I hold Chitty as close to me as I do Mary Poppins. I adore it. Again, I think I need the original cast soundtrack vinyl, featuring the dream that is Dick Van Dyke, having two editions is acceptable, I think.

The music of Chitty is iconic, I love all of the songs for different reasons but the stand out song for me is Hushabye Mountain, I get emotional hearing it. Doll on a Music Box/ Truly Scrumptious is another favourite, due to the amazing scene in the film which never fails to make me smile. You Two, Toot Sweets and The Roses of Success are all brilliant and iconic, as is Me Ol’ Bam-boo. And of course the song, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I feel like I’ve just listed the full soundtrack and said they’re all my favourites, but they are.

FullSizeRender 51.jpg

  1. La La Land

I went to see La La Land in February and loved it, I was completely blown away and inspired. I longed for the vinyl as soon as I was aware that one existed but never actually invested. Until last week, when I was in HMV in Southport when I was flicking through soundtracks and saw the vinyl with a ‘Limited Edition’ sticker on it, as the vinyl inside the sleeve was blue. I was hyperventilating and nearly crying and knew I could not leave it on that shelf.

I have not stopped listening to it and dancing round my room like a loon. It is brilliant. Due to my association with the film being inspiring, whenever I listen to the music I feel instantly inspired, which is nice when you have 0 motivation. My favourite song from the soundtrack is the Audition (Fools Who Dream), I think Emma Stone sounds the best vocally on this track and the lyrics are a gorgeous tribute to the fools who dream. There’s one particular lyric which I smile at it- ‘A bit of madness is key, to give us new colors to see’. Then obviously ‘City Of Stars’ but I do love the hummed version.

8.  Annie

Everyone loved the movie Annie as a child. When my sister told us her little girl was going to be called Annie, I prayed she’d have orange curly hair, turned out she has the complete opposite.

My favourite songs are You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, Little Girls and I Don’t Need Anything But You. The original London cast recording is amazing, it is joyful, lovely and energetic.

FullSizeRender 60.jpg


9.  Oliver

Oliver is another film that I adored as a child and do even more as an adult. I have two editions of this vinyl, I do prefer the first edition, I just love the sleeve that has the photograph of the Oliver actor on it.

The whole track list of Oliver is amazing, looking at it it’s so hard to pick three favourites. They are all special for different reasons, Where Is Love? is so emotive, Pick A Pocket and Consider Yourself are so joyous and cheeky, As Long As He Needs Me is incredible, as is I’d Do Anything. But the stand out song has got to be Oom-Pah-Pah, it’s one of those songs that makes you want to stand on the table and sing, well it is for me anyway.


10. The Phantom Of The Opera

Where to start with Phantom. This was another musical that I wasn’t too familiar with until I was part of a production, since then it’s one of my favourites. I’d longed for the vinyl and stumbled upon it in a shop in Cornwall for £1, which I was very happy with.

This edition features Michael Crawford as Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine, which makes my heart very happy. Some of my favourites are The Music of the Night, Masquerade and Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again. The songs sound so much better on vinyl.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite musical vinyls, I’m going to do another couple of blogposts for this series as I love writing about music and vinyls. Thank you for reading 🙂

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