New In: Primark Accessories

Last weekend when I was in Blackpool, I could not resist going into Primark. I expected to come out with bags full of clothes however I found the selection of clothing quite limited and nothing caught my eye at all. The selection of accessories however was amazing, I could have bought so much more but this is what I got…

  • 3 Pack of Scrunchies

I love scrunchies. I feel like they enhance your hairstyle and improve the overall look of your outfit, making it look much cuter and adding a more old school twist to an otherwise normal look. Until I bought these, I had quite a few patterned scrunchies and a denim one so I found it hard to pair a scrunchie with an outfit that wasn’t neutral.

That is why I was drawn to this pack so much as the set of three include grey, baby pink and blue. I can’t wait to pair a scrunchie with an outfit with a patterned top, I especially love the pink one. I could not resist this set of 3 for £1.50!

FullSizeRender 85.jpg

  • Pink-Toned Metal Frame Sunglasses

I have always struggled wearing sunglasses. I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, so in the past if I have worn sunglasses I simply couldn’t see a thing, so I’d have rather squinted but either way I wouldn’t be able to see a thing. Now I’m a contact lens wearer so I can finally wear sunglasses!!! Which I am very happy about.

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. The frame is unique, I think it suits the shape of my face as others pairs have looked tiny on my face (which isn’t a look I was going for). I adore the pink tone, I’m loving pink at the moment and I think the tone is stunning on the glasses. These were £3 which I think is really well priced.

  • Metallic Purple Card Holder

I hate carrying my purse around, I don’t carry money around so only use my bank card, so I usually end up just putting my card in the back of my phone case. I didn’t even know card holders were a thing until the day I got this but I loved the idea of it.

The metallic purple is such a fun colour especially paired with the black lining and zip. I love how it has a small zip section for coins and a slightly larger section which could fit notes or receipts in. It has three sections for cards but you could fit more than one card in each section, meaning overall for such a small holder you can fit quite a lot in it. This was in the sale for £1, which I think is bargain. I could not wait until I took a photo to put all of my cards in it and put it to use, I just love it!

  • Rugrats Angelica Purse

As a child I adored Rugrats, I used to love sitting with my siblings and putting Nickelodeon on to watch Rugrats. I hated Angelica when I was younger, she was everything that I didn’t want to be but looking back she was quite sassy. I had such a 90’s throwback moment when I saw the Rugrats range, I instantly fell in love with the Angelica print.

I picked up the purse as I thought it was the perfect size for my college bag, to hold all of the things that usually lurk at the bottom of it(lip balm, keys, earphones etc..). The quality of it is amazing, I didn’t expect it to be at all. The detail of the print is gorgeous, I also adore the tassel, it adds extra sassiness and detail. I was even happier when I saw it was reduced from £3 to £1!!!

  • Silver Metallic Sliders

I have never been a fan of sliders but recently I’ve been looking for a really nice pair of sandals to pair with more summery outfits rather than converse and could not find anything. But when I saw these I thought they were perfect, I thought they’d look really good with a pair of culottes or wide leg palazzo pants.

They had different types of sliders, including furry ones, but I clicked with the silver pair straight away. They are so comfortable, I love wearing them so will definitely need to invest in some more. I got them in a size 7 and they were £4.

  • Cactus Tissues

The worst thing about Primark is the stacks of products they display at the till when you’re queuing up that you most definitely NEED. This was the case with these tissues but they’re the cutest little things ever. I love my collection of cacti and find things with the cactus print adorable which is why I needed these tissues. They were 50p for a pack of four, a pack now lives in my Angelica purse in my bag.

FullSizeRender 96.jpg

I know this isn’t my usual content but I enjoyed writing this and love the products that I got so had to share them! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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