We Keep This Love in a Photograph

Every time I hear this lyric it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy (it’s from Photograph by Ed Sheeran) as for me it is true. Photographs capture love, memories, moments of happiness and honesty. I take photos whenever I want to capture how I feel at that moment or how something is looks at that moment when I know it might not ever look the same. The latter applies to my gorgeous nieces and nephew, I love to take pictures of their gorgeous little faces, capturing their youth, innocence and happiness. For me this comes with some ambivalence, their faces are changing and they’re slowly getting taller, who knows how they’ll look in the next photo I take of them. I thought I’d share some of my favourite photographs, that make my heart feel so full…

  • My Mum and Dad


This photo is my favourite my amazing parents. it was taken in the Scarsbrick Hotel in Southport, on my 4th birthday. I love the way they’re looking at me, there’s so much love and happiness in one photo, I’m so grateful that this moment is captured in this photo, which I will treasure forever.

  • Siblings

I have four amazing siblings who helped to shape me into the person I am today, the process of this has been captured in hundreds of photos. I feel immensely proud looking at these photos and being able to physically see how much we’ve all grown and changed. I’ve been so lucky to grow up with four of the best people ever so it’s hard to pick just one picture for each of them.

The top two pictures with my two sisters sum up the relationship I have with them- cuddles and love. They’re the best when you need a big cuddle, which seems to be just as relevant now as it was when we were younger.

The bottom picture is with my two big brothers, taken at Knowsley Road watching Saints play, which a lot of my childhood memories consist of. I just love this photo, although I don’t look too impressed, being with my brothers used to make me so happy (and still does) as they’re always the cool siblings (soz sisters haha).

  • Grandparents-Mama and Papa, Nana and Grandad

I have so many memories with my grandparents, when I recall them I’m filled with joy and love. My Nana and Grandad live quite far away so I treasure every picture I have with them, the distance makes every minute we spend together that bit more special. I lost my Papa a couple of years ago, which breaks my heart as I’ll never have another picture with him but it makes the ones I have with him that bit more special.

The first two pictures are with my Mama and Papa. They were taken on my 3rd birthday in The Gerard beer garden. I used to love to dress up, I probably spent most of my childhood dressed as a fictional characters and those pictures capture that perfectly.

The bottom two are with my Nana and Grandad. As you can tell by the smile on my face on both of the pictures, they make me incredibly happy, I love them a lot.

  • My Nieces and Nephew

I have 7 nieces and one nephew who I love so much it hurts. They bring me so much happiness and inspiration (I wrote a blogpost on Inspiration!).

My eldest niece was born when I was 8 years old so it’s scary to compare our first and most recent photo. She’s an actual little girl who is so wise and tall, she’s like my little best friend. If I talked through all of those photos I’d be writing all day, they all mean so much to me I couldn’t put the love I have for them all into words. It’s a pleasure to be their Aunty Moll and see them grow into little humans, I can’t wait for the future I have with them all.

  • Pets

Pets have been a big part of my life. Looking back, I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a pet. We’ve had dogs, birds, cats, fish, hamsters, rabbits, horses-everything! I love animals so much, they bring me comfort and happiness which many photographs have captured…


The first photo is with our first dog, a crazy Dalmatian called Cassy. The photograph in the middle is with Melody, who I spent the most time with, she was with me for the majority of my childhood, and as you can tell, I really did love dressing up. The last photo just proves how much of a crazy cat lady I was and still am.

Recently, I realised that relying on my phone to hold all of my photographs wasn’t enough. I wanted to store them in a way that would be more long-lasting, so that (hopefully) I can pass them down to my children and so on. After rooting through the loft and going through draws I collected as many photographs as possible and copied them to my iPad through the printer. I used both Max Speillman and Photobox to print my photos which were both really good, Photobox being a lot cheaper as there’s so many deals and voucher codes online. The most time consuming part was ordering the photos by dates but it was all worth it. I bought two photo albums from The Range and they’re now filled with decades worth of memories that my family can all look through and any new additions can in the future.

Photos are so precious, I treasure all of the ones that I have and will continue to take more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and having a little insight into my amazing family. Thank you.

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