What a Week!

What a crazy week I have had.

Last Saturday, two days after making the decision to do so, I got my little bunny called Bruce. He is a dream. He has such character, he makes me cry and laugh at his habits like knocking the lid of his bed off, putting his ears in his water bowl and throwing his toys about like a kid. I feel like I’ve had him for a lifetime, it’s one of the best decision I’ve made! As you may know I do have a little cat, Bella, who is so content with Bruce being about, she sometimes seems really intrigued by him but is more scared of the tiny little thing when he runs. I’m so happy that they’re content with one another! Here’s some pictures of Bruce for you all to enjoy, he’s so gorgeous!

On Wednesday I had my first A-Level exam- English Language. Thankfully it went really good, the questions were a dream so I was so chuffed! I had my second the day after- English Literature- although poetry isn’t my strongest subject (it’s probably my weakest) I’d done so much revision, the questions were again really good and I was overall really pleased with how it went. I’m SO SO SO happy to see the back of John Keats!

Another big thing happened on Wednesday- I had my driving test!!! I was SO nervous, in the weeks leading up to it I’d had awful lessons and I did not think I was ready. The lesson I had before the test went horrifically- I kept stalling, I was going into the wrong lanes on roundabouts and took a wrong exit. It was a complete disaster! However, I’m ecstatic to say that I PASSED!!! The examiner was so lovely, I tried to enjoy it even though I held my breath the whole time haha! I got 3 minors which I’m also really happy with. I feel so proud of myself, I still can’t believe I actually passed first time!

I bought my car last July so I’m sure you can understand my pain for 11 months of looking at it and not being able to do more than sit in it. I love driving around in my gorgeous little Fiat and I’m still in disbelief that I can do so!!

It’s been such a good week not just for me though- my brother got his first teaching job!! I’m so proud, he deserves it so much and they’re going to be incredibly lucky to have him.

Next week I have four exams. FOUR! I’ve had the majority of my Saturday off to do some shopping as I need to mentally prepare myself for the week I have ahead. If you have exams I hope they’re going well- don’t do too much revision, take time out to breathe and focus on your mental health. I have six more to go then I’ve got a long summer to do absolutely nothing! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I know this is a super old post but i’ve always wanted a rabbit and was just wondering maybe doing a blog post like “honest thoughts about looking after a rabbit” if not it’s totally cool but i’d love that kind of post and i’d trust your opinion 😂

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