A Bit Of Everything Haul

On Saturday we ventured out to Wigan to do some shopping. I wanted to do a haul of all of the things that I have bought, there is a mix of everything- hence the title.

  • Nike Roshes

I absolutely adore these!!! I love the colour, the style and the fit- they look amazing on. They were from Footasylum and were really well priced- they’re described on the box as grey but I think they look more beige and gold.

  • Yankee Candle Tart

I inherited a love for candles from my Mum, especially Yankee candles. I love my tart burner but only really use apple and cinnamon tarts but when I saw this tart in Clintons I really wanted to try it. It’s called ‘My Serenity’, the fragrance is warm pear and orange mingle with tropical flowers and soft musk (stolen from the website, I’m not that attentive to scent haha) and will be perfect for burning at night du it’s calming effect. This was half price to 89p.

  • Academic Diary

I’ve been after a really good academic diary for a while as I have a constant need to plan ahead and with University just around the corner I’ve felt lost without seeing the year ahead planned out. This was from WHSmiths and it is perfect- it is exactly what I wanted, especially the page per day which will fit my long to-do lists in. I love the little quote on the front ‘and so my adventure begins’ which is very fitting with the circumstances of the year ahead.

  • If We Were Villains by M.L.Rio

I was lucky enough to have been gifted this book by Goodreads to review which will be up on my blog as soon as I’ve done reading it! I’m so excited to get started with this gorgeous looking book, those sprayed black edges are just to die for! It looks so sleek, although it doesn’t seem to be my usual kind of read, as I don’t reach for thrillers often, I’m still really excited to venture into a new genre and indulge in the plot.

  • Fluffy Pen

I could not resist this pen!!! It was tactfully placed at the tills in Primark (where I spend all of my money in that shop) and I literally squealed with excitement when I saw it. I adore the marble design, the little fluff ball at the top and it writes in blue ink which is perfect for me. This was £1.50.

  • Mousse

I was in desperate need of a new mousse, it is a vital part of my hair routine (which I may do a post on in the future?) and I’ve been on rations of it over the past week. This is the Shockwaves volume mousse which is the one that I always use. I apply my mousse with a brush to ensure it is distributed evenly, I use it every time before I dry my hair.

  • Chokers

It is only recently that I’ve started wearing chokers and since I have they’ve become a staple to many of my outfits. I usually wear a metallic one which matches my other jewellery but when I saw these I loved them straight away. The top pink bow will suit an off the shoulder white top. I only discovered when I got home that the bottom two chokers are actually attached so I’ve not figured out what I’ll wear them with yet but when I do I’ll post it on my Insta stories (@molliewesthead). These were £3 from Primark.

  • Stickers

H&M is one of my all-time favourite shops for both clothing and accessories but I always seem to find unique little things like this sticker pack. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw that ‘GRL PWR’ sticker which is now in pride of place on my MacBook. I also love the Unicat sticker!! These were reduced from £5 to £1 so I could not leave them!

  • Patches

For so long I’ve wanted to put patches on my trusty denim jacket and this pack will do the job perfectly. Again, I am a feminist so when I saw that ‘Girl Crew’ patch I knew that I needed it in my life, no question about it. These were also reduced in H&M from £6 to £1. They’re iron on patches and when I have done them I’ll post that on my Insta stories.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the bits that I picked up in Wigan.

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  1. Really loved reading this post, and the stickers are absolutely adorable!💗 My blog: thelifestyleblogweb.wordpress.com


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