July Favourites

July has treated me well. I’ve been the happiest that I’ve been until this week which has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions so I haven’t been 100%. However, I have loved so so so many things this months and have a long list to include so here’s a few of my faves…

  • Beauty and the Beast


I went to the cinema to see the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast four times. I just adored everything about it and found more things to love each time I saw it. The DVD was released on Monday 17th and I could not wait to take it home. It’s even better to watch when you’re in your pyjamas at home, over and over again. The music, the characters, the storyline- I love everything about it!!!

  • Love Island and Big Brother

I am a sucker for reality television. Hence why the highlights of my summer feature Love Island and Big Brother. Love Island was especially good this year, although my favourites didn’t win, I still love watching it. I was ecstatic with the winner of Big Brother- 21 year old Isabelle who was judged and misunderstood but had the strength to fight against it all and win. She’s such an inspiration to a lot of young girls, including me.

  • The Voice Kids UK

FullSizeRender 119.jpg

The Voice Kids is such an incredibly special show. Me and my sister went to the filming of one of the blind auditions in December and got a glimpse of the talent of the young singers and witnessed the gorgeous Danny Jones as a coach. I couldn’t wait to see it aired this month and it exceeded all of my expectations. The winner was so deserving, I could not believe the confidence and talent of the young children and their ability to handle the situations impeccably (sometimes better than some adults do on The Voice!). The coaches were also amazing, especially Danny who is always a winner to me.

  • Lucy Wyndham-Read

FullSizeRender 120.jpg

I’ve been slowly getting fitter and healthier this month and noticing the increase in my strength and resilience has made it all worthwhile. I use Lucy Wyndham-Read’s workout videos which she posts on her Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/LWRFitnessChannel). I tend to do her warm up, then a HIIT, a toning video then a cool down. I find this really effective, I sometimes add another toning video in just to challenge myself a bit more. Lucy is so lovely, her videos are so motivating and the quotes she includes are so uplifting and are a little reminder that I’m doing okay, even if I am doing the beginner option.

  • Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Colouring Book Adventure

Adult colouring books are life savers when you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands. Recently, I’ve been addicted to colouring in this Roald Dahl colouring book. I am a massive Roald Dahl fan, his books greatly influenced my younger self and continue to inspire me with his creativity and genius. Hence why I just adore this book! The pages are so detailed and so gorgeous to colour in, although slightly infuriating at points, like colouring in too many sweets for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory page.

  • All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher


When I finished ‘All That She Can See’ I put it down and had to really think about how I felt about it. I felt impressively confused, which is a weird combination. I was so in love with the characters, their personalities felt real and I was so involved with their feelings but the intervention of The Guild made me feel slightly muddled. However, I adored it, when I reflected on it I was so impressed by the plot and the ability of the book to make me really feel (which is quite ironic, really). I adore Carrie, the book and the cover is just to die for!!

  • Dare To Dream by Izzy Judd


I was a bit late to this party, sadly. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to get this book, as it tells Izzy’s journey with IVF, miscarrying her baby and her struggle to become a mother. I wasn’t the targeted audience so kind of assumed I didn’t want to read it. However, I caved and bought it and I am so incredibly glad that I did. It was so heartbreaking, heart warming and inspiring. Izzy is incredible, I could not go through half of what she did, especially in the public eye. I highly recommend this book to anyone who, like me, wasn’t sure whether to read it, although it can be upsetting it really is a gorgeous read and I am so happy that Izzy and Harry got their little girl, Lola, and have another on the way.

  • At The Heart Of It

FullSizeRender 116.jpg

Podcasts are my thing. There’s few things that I love more than putting a good podcast on  whilst I put my makeup on or whilst I colour in. So when one of my favourite girl bosses, Estee Lalonde, released the pilot for her podcast ‘At The Heart Of It’, I was blooming excited. The pilot was on protests, something that I wasn’t well informed about but at the end of it I felt inspired by the newfound knowledge that I’d received. Estee is just amazing and I highly recommend you give her podcast a listen, I cannot wait for the rest of the episodes!

  • Garnier Moisture Bomb Day and Night Creams

FullSizeRender 115.jpg

I wasn’t searching for new moisturisers until I come across the Garnier Moisture Bomb Day and Night creams which were reduced from £8 each to £2 in ASDA. I could not resist, so I purchased the 3 in 1 Hydrating Day Cream first, to kind of like test the waters. I adore the pomegranate scent firstly, I also really like the tube as I hate sticking fingers consistently into pots of cream, it makes me feel so unhygienic. The product itself is not greasy and so moisturising, it sits really nice under my primer and foundation to ensure my base looks perfect. After highly approving of the day cream, I had to go back for the Hydrating Night Cream which is just as good, I was so seriously impressed by both products, I now have new staple moisturisers!!

  • Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer

FullSizeRender 117.jpg

Even if I have 10 hours sleep, I STILL have dark circles under my eyes, it is just a given. I’d not really found a concealer that both conceals my under eyes and spots but also brightens and illuminates. Until I finally caved into the hype and invested in this concealer. I have seen so many youtubers rave about this concealer but always resisted until I saw that it was reduced in Superdrug to £5 (this was at the beginning of the month). I adore this product so so much, as you can see I have used quite a lot of it, I can’t go a makeup day without using it. It is so thick and high coverage but also is really illuminating. I just love it, although I’m not a massive fan of the applicator I will definitely be rebuying this concealer!!

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my faves from July, there’s been so many! Sorry that it’s a tad late, I’ve had a great start to August so didn’t have the chance to upload it. I’ve included the links to my Pinterest and Goodreads account below, I’m really active on both accounts if you’d like to check them out. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my post, please do give me a follow and keep updated for future posts 🙂

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