My Blogging Essentials

I have been blogging for 8 months now, in which I have learnt so so much. In this time I have acquired a list of things that are essential to help me blog, which also help to fuel my inspiration and assist the actual task of writing posts. I thought it may be helpful to other bloggers if I posted what my essentials are, even if it helps just one person I’m happy, this post also includes a review of the amazing Penclic Mouse R2, which I was kindly gifted.

  • Laptop and iPad

Obviously everyone has different means of writing and editing their blog/blog posts and different preferences when it comes to technology but I choose to use my laptop (MacBook Air) and iPad Mini 2. I write and edit my posts on my laptop and edit my photographs and manage my blog on my iPad. As they’re both Apple products, as is my phone, my favourite thing in the world is Airdrop which means I can send photos from my phone to iPad (where I edit them) then to my MacBook with a few clicks, it is so easy and makes editing photos then putting them into a post a breeze.



  • iPhone Camera

I have fallen completely out of love with my camera. It seems to make the photo-taking process more complicated and time consuming with the photos sometimes not looking that great. So, I reverted back to using the camera on my iPhone 6s which has a surprisingly amazing quality and saves a hella lot of time. I am definitely going to invest in a new camera so if you have any recommendations of a camera that is amazing for taking blog photos, I’d love to hear it.


  • Penclic Mouse R2

I didn’t know that I needed a mouse until I received this one in my blogger mail. It is the Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless, which for some reason I didn’t even realise was wireless until I just read the box! It is amazing, it speeds up the process of browsing on my laptop, especially when I’m jumping to and from different websites. The mouse is compatible with both Mac and PC, so it is suitable for many different computer owners. It is also so easy to charge, it just needs to be plugged into a USB plug and it charges so quickly but also holds the battery. It has 5 different buttons and a scroll wheel which is also so effective when you’re scrolling on your computer. It really does help when I’m blogging and searching for inspiration and I’m so so pleased to have one. You can have a look for yourself and purchase one here.








  • Magazines- Cosmopolitan and Glamour

As I mentioned in my Inspiration blog post, I get a lot of inspiration from magazines. These are the two that I buy every month- Cosmopolitan and Glamour- which are so affordable and are amazing. I get so much inspiration from the incredibly written articles, the editors who have bossed the hell out of life and the photos which make me drool. If you’re a blogger and haven’t read either of these, I highly recommend you pick one up, especially as they’re only £1 each this month!! The magazines also sometimes come with free samples, which really helps to find new products, also month I received samples of the L’oreal Elvive Phytoclear Shampoo and Scrub, which I am yet to use.


  • Books

I think it is so helpful to read when you’re a blogger. I am a massive blog worm and have been for as long as I can remember, although at the moment I’m probably reading the least I ever have but I’m currently getting the most inspiration from books. There are so many amazing books out there, I love books from all different genres and age groups so will literally read anything. I try to read at least a chapter a day and sometimes when I put the book down I am filled with inspiration and sometimes have a blog post idea that I’m itching to write down. Here’s a small pile of my current TBR and the book that I’m currently reading- Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard. If you want to keep updated with my ever growing TBR books and what I’m reading at the moment, you can find the link to my Goodreads account at the bottom of the post.


  • Read other blogs and Interact with other bloggers

Before I was a blogger, I was a blog reader and will always be one. I get so much inspiration and motivation from reading other blogs and there are so many incredible ones out there. Also, sharing links and love with other bloggers via Twitter or Instagram not only provides my blog with a lot of support but also gives me so much inspiration, I’ve gained a lot of blogger friends recently and they are so amazing and kind.



  • Planner/Diary

I have only recently started planning my blog posts and I genuinely do not know how I managed before I did. I only started when I purchased my academic diary for the year ahead from WHSmiths which you may have seen in my haul post. Planning helps me to keep on top of the process of drafting, editing, uploading and promoting a blog post.

FullSizeRender 126.jpg


  • Social Medias- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

I travel between these apps far too much. They play a crucial part in my blogging, especially in the promotion of a post. The links/handles to all four accounts will be found at the bottom of this page.


  • Buffer

Buffer is an app which I use to schedule social media posts, mainly Instagram and Twitter. I love it for drafting the bio to my Instagram photos, which I tend to spend far too much time on. This helps me to ensure that I’m active on my social media accounts, which is key when you’re trying to get your blog out there.


  • Phonto

I only discovered this app recently and it has become my favourite photo editing app EVER. It is the app which I use to make my featured image on my blog, I usually call them my thumbnails as I don’t know the correct name haha. This is so easy to use and is perfect for putting text onto photographs.


  • Followers+

I don’t even feel ashamed to admit that this app is key for me, my social media accounts play a massive part in my blog and when people unfollow you a minute after following you, it’s a disappointing let down. Instagram is a stubborn platform and seems to be only getting harder to grow with this blooming algorithm but this apps helps you to keep on top of it.


  • Squaready and Pic Collage

The theme/style (not really a theme but I don’t know the term for it) of my Instagram is to have a white frame around my photos, it makes my profile look neater and my photos stand out a bit more. The app I use to do this is Squaready, another amazing photo editing app that is obviously key for my Instagram photos. Pic Collage is another useful app as a blogger, sometimes putting a collage in a post can look nicer than including a lot of photos.


  • VSCO and Color Story

These are more amazing photo editing apps- VSCO and Color Story. I adore the filter ‘Everyday’ on Color story with the ‘Flare’ edit, it makes my photos look so bright and fresh. VSCO is great for doing the same however I do prefer Color Story.


  • WordPress

WordPress is the platform that I blog on, as you will probably know if you’re reading this. The app is so easy to use for editing posts but also for managing your stats/followers.


  • Email

My blog email is with Outlook as the app is so easy to use. If I’m not on top of my blog emails I can’t rest, I need everything to be in folders and read and replied too. This is key if you’re in contact with brands about opportunities. Also, I receive an email when a blogger I’m following has uploaded so it’s useful as a blog reader as well as for being a blogger.


I really hope you enjoyed reading about my blogging essentials, especially apps which are so vital when you’re a blogger. What’s your blogging essentials? Please let me know, I’m still learning and gaining new essentials all the time. Thank you for reading, please check out and follow my social media accounts to keep updated on my blog! 🙂

My social media:

Twitter: @molliewesthead

Instagram: @molliewesthead





  1. I’m new to blogging so this is a massive help for me, I’ve read blogs for years now and it’s having the final push into creating your own that’s so daunting and it’s hard to try and learn things like what you need and what’s the best app for certain things, i’ve legit wrote everything down from this posts as i’m sure it’ll be my little bible for a while. Thankyou for writing this xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are great essentials! Definitely must haves as a blogger. Magazine, other blogs, and photos inspire me as well. Just makes me want to work harder with my blog 🙂
    Apps like those are crucial as well. I have Buffer and know when I don’t promote my blog on there, it shows a difference.
    These are awesome. I even downloaded Phonto because of this. 🙂
    Great read xoxo


    Liked by 1 person

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