Staple Makeup Tools

If you’ve read my past posts, you may know that I love makeup. Something that goes hand in hand with this, is a love for makeup tools/brushes. I think buying brushes can be just as exciting as buying makeup- the range of brands, purposes and designs can be so intriguing and there are so many quality brushes out there. So, I thought I’d do a post on my staple makeup tools naming one brush for each category, which is going to be so difficult as I have far too many brushes!!!

  • Foundation Brush


I very rarely apply my foundation with a brush, I am a makeup sponge girl through and through. However, if I’m doing my makeup on the go and I don’t have the ability to dampen a sponge I will use a brush. My choice of brush for foundation is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is amazing for blending in foundation and giving it an even finish, I’ve used some brushes which have made my complexion look so patchy but this brush ensures an even distribution of foundation on my face. This brush also cleans and dries so well, some brushes have lost bristles when I’ve cleaned them!

  • Concealer Brush



I rarely use this brush as well because I use a smaller makeup sponge to apply my concealer. However, similar to the foundation brush if I’m on the go I’ll use a brush and my brush of choice is the Real Techniques Deluxe Concealer Brush. I like my concealer to be creaseless and full coverage and the dense, rounded bristles ensure it looks as flawless as possible.

  • Makeup Sponges

FullSizeRender 129.jpg

Makeup sponges are my life savers. I was on and off with them for quite a while but now I struggle to apply my makeup without them. To blend my foundation in I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (which I mentioned in my January Favourites) which really does make my base look amazing. I now know how to clean it, it only took me eight months to figure it out! I put water in a mug and put some washing up liquid in it along with my makeup sponges, I then put it in the microwave for about a minute. They come out looking brand new, you just have to wait until they cool down before taking them out as I’ve learnt from past experience they’re quite hot when they come out.


These were another recent discovery the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges. I found a pack of two in the reduced section of ASDA from £6 to £3 and could not resist them. They are amazing for applying concealer as I said earlier I like my concealer to be in tact because of my lack of sleep and dark circles. I tried to apply my highlighter with it one day and it was a game changer. I highly recommend you try this!!! It made my highlighter pop, it was a lot more pigmented and looked more prominent on my cheekbones. I apply concealer with the flatter end and highlighter with the other ended.

  • Powder Brush

FullSizeRender 132.jpg

I love a large fluffy brush to apply a light layer of powder to finish off my base. I use a Unicorn fluffy brush from a set that was from Amazon (I think this is them). I was really surprised by the amazing quality of the brushes, especially this one which is a perfect powder brush. I struggled to find a good one for so long, I had tried a Makeup Revolution and Pantone one but neither came close to this Unicorn one.

  • Blusher Brush


I have always applied my blusher with this Pantone Blusher Brush, I’ve had it for so long I don’t know how it hasn’t fallen to pieces yet! It is amazing though, it is perfect for providing a flawless application of blusher to my cheeks. This is another brush that cleans so easily, it is always coated in pink but whenever I clean it, it returns to it’s original colour with ease.

  • Bronzer Brush

FullSizeRender 136.jpg

This brush has excelled beyond every other brush that I’ve used for bronzer. It is another  brush from the Unicorn set and it is the Unicorn Angled Brush. This is perfect for bronzer, it is so fluffy and dense and is also angled which means it applies really nicely on your cheekbones.

  • Contour Brush


I very rarely contour as I cannot master it at all. However, when I do attempt it I use the Unicorn Rectangular Brush which is the perfect size for getting into your cheekbones and defining them. This is a perfect contour brush!

  • Highlighter Brush


As I mentioned earlier, I apply my highlighter with a mini sponge however I do sometimes use a Fan Brush which is a cheap one that I got from eBay. This does make your highlighter look nice but I definitley prefer a sponge.

  • Eyebrow Brush

FullSizeRender 141.jpg

I haven’t tried many brushes to do my eyebrows but I don’t need to try any more after using the Unicorn Angled Eyebrow Brush. This is such a nice shape for drawing on eyebrows, it is perfect for drawing little hair strokes. It works really well with the brow pomade that I use which is the Freedom one from Superdrug.

  • Eye Brushes

There are so many different eye brushes and I have far too many so I’m only going to include a few here. I use a couple from the Unicorn set, a rounded one which is really good for applying colour into the crease and a flatter one which is so good for blending.


I have a gold Estee Lauder brush which is really good for packing colour onto the lid but also blending a transition colour in. I have had this brush for so long, I think I stole this off my Mum as well (sorry Mum).


This brush with the black handle was a hidden jem. I picked this up in a cheap makeup/drugstore shop (Savers, I think) for 99p, as I hadn’t brought an eye brush away with me. I have used it for every eye look since. It is so soft and such good quality, I love to blend with this one but it is also really good for applying colour to the crease.


This set of three brushes are Studio London brushes from Superdrug, I bought the set of three for 99p in the Christmas sale which was an absolute bargain. The angled brush is really good for applying an eyeshadow in a wing, like eyeliner, but I do also like to use it to apply colour on my lash line or under my eye. The brush with the rose gold is my go-to brush for packing on colour, especially a glitter colour, it really packs on the pigment and makes it pop. I rarely use the brush with the black handle, it is good for carving out my brows with a concealer or applying a colour under my lash line but isn’t my go to.


This little brush was from a W7 palette, which I threw away as it was rubbish. However, I kept the brush as I like to use it to apply highlighter to the inner corner of my eye.

FullSizeRender 149.jpg

  • Eyelash Curlers

FullSizeRender 150.jpg

I have the worst eyelashes ever, fact. Few things make them look okay but one of those is eyelash curlers. I cannot apply mascara unless I’ve curled my eyelashes. I have a pair of rose gold ones which were from Primark. I don’t really know if you can get good and bad eyelash curlers but I suppose these are really good ones. The rose gold completely matches my aesthetic and they were so well priced as they’re from Primark.

  • Tweezers


Again, I’m unsure if you can get good or bad tweezers but the ones that I use are rose gold ones from Primark, they came in a pack of two, which are of different sizes. One is a lot narrower which is good for getting those small, difficult hairs whereas the larger tweezers are good for when you haven’t plucked your brows for a while and you have wild hairs (which I have far too often!!).

  • Eyebrow Comb/Spoolie

FullSizeRender 153.jpg

Before I apply my eyebrow pomade with the angled brush, I need to brush through them as they are wild in the morning. This spoolie is a Barbara Hofmann one from TKMaxx (which is so good for getting amazing mkaeup tools really well priced). This was actually my Mum’s which I claimed my own, sorry Mum!

  • Brush Holder




I think every girl has owned one of these pots from Ikea! But I love it so much, it looks so pretty on my desk to hold my brushes and is also so cheap.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I love writing about makeup so really enjoyed writing this post. I think I’m going to do one of these for makeup or a makeup collection, next. I hope you got some inspiration for brushes and if you have any recommendations please let me know!! Thank you again!!

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  1. I’m definitely going to be trying a small sponge for applying my highlight.
    I can’t seem to master contouring either. I feel like I’m putting way too much on my face 🙂

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