Technic Brushes and Brush Cleaner Review

I was ever so kindly gifted Technic’s new Makeup Brush Cleaner and two of their brushes- the Pro Blusher brush and the Pro Blending brush. So, thank you Technic I am so grateful for this package! I’m going to do a review of everything that I received now…



The first brush that I opened was the Pro Blusher brush which is, not so surprisingly, used to apply blusher. The brush that I usually use to apply blusher is quite small and dense which I thought was best for applying product to the apples of my cheeks. However, the Technic brush is a lot larger but is tapered, which I was a bit apprehensive about upon first impression, before I had actually tried it.


Secondly was the Pro Eyeshadow Blending brush which was SO FLUFFY. I could not stop touching it, the bristles felt so soft, I’d never felt a brush like it. Before I’d even used it I knew it’s be so perfect for blending eyeshadow which excited me so much as I haven’t found the perfect blending brush but this seemed like it really could be.


I was doing my makeup for work a few hours after I received this package so I was so excited to incorporate the new brushes into my makeup routine. I used the blusher brush first and OMG I was blown away. It picked up a good amount of blusher so there wasn’t much excess powder as sometimes certain brushes pick far too much product up and I end up looking a tad blushed. The tapered shape meant it glided along the cheek so nice, the product applied so lovely and I was pleasantly surprised by the brush. This is definitely my new go-to blusher brush.


I applied a brown eyeshadow into my crease with a domed brush and used the Technic Blending brush to blend it in and make me look a bit less scary. It blended the shadow in so nicely, its softness worked really well for blending and I was, yet again, really pleasantly surprised by the brush. This is now going to be part of my makeup routine, as is the blusher brush.


After many uses these brushes inevitably got dirty, as you can see in the images above. And what do you do when your brushes get dirty, you clean them. I was so apprehensive but excited to use the Technic cleaner, mainly over the hygiene of putting dirty brushes into a pot that is getting increasingly dirty which I assumed would hinder the process of getting them clean. I was wrong.



This is such a quick way of cleaning your brushes, I find some methods can be so time consuming and you don’t always get the best results and it is so important to have clean brushes due to the bacteria that builds up so quickly. I love the fresh scent to this, it is fresh cucumber which is so refreshing and is perfect for cleaning brushes. So, this is how the cleaner works- you wet your brush and then swirl it round in the pot which removes all of the dirtiness out of the brush. You then swirl it on a towel or on a tissue to remove any excess product, then you’re done, you just have to leave the brush out then to dry naturally.


My must haves for cleaning my brushes are a cleaner, a towel/flannel, a mug of hot water and some dirty brushes. This is what the actual product looks like, it is a transparent block, which looks to be like a jelly consistency.


I cleaned the two Technic brushes first and I was so so so pleased with the results. The excess product was drawn out with the swirling motion and the bristles returned to their original colour. The smell of the cucumber was also so fresh, it wasn’t overpowering and made them feel even cleaner.


What I expected to happen, did. After cleaning a brush there was residue of product left in the cleaning pot. I panicked as soon as I saw it as I didn’t want to put another brush onto it as rather than making it clean, it’d just make it dirtier. So, I tapped the pot over the jug of water I had and the majority of the dirty product fell out and then I ran a tissue over it to get the remainder out and it looked brand new.


I then wanted to try and clean my other brushes, which I’d had and been using for a lot longer. Some of which had never returned to their original colour. I tried my Concealer Brush and Domed Eyeshadow Brush, both of which I presumed were stained with product and they came up brand new after cleaning them with the Technic Cleaner. I was blown away.






I cleaned a selection of my brushes, larger and smaller ones, to test how it’d deal with the different types and it cleaned them all amazingly. Here they all are, cleaned and ready to dry. If you want more information on the brushes that I use in my makeup routine I posted a blog post a few weeks ago which you can read here.


I was also really impressed how after cleaning all them brushes there wasn’t much product missing from the tub, it’d hardly made a dent and that pleased me so much as I’m going to continue to use it from now on.


You can check out the blusher brush here and the eyeshadow blending brush here and there’s also the cleaner which you can find here.

I hope you enjoyed this review, thank you again to Technic for not only gifting me these products but for also helping me to discover some new staples that I never knew that I needed in my collection.

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