What’s in my Travel Bag…

Soon, myself and the family are going on a little holiday to Barmouth in Wales for a few days as a pre birthday celebration. I am so excited, we’re glamping in hobbit huts and it looks absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to get away. I am going to be taking a little break from my blog and social media as it’ll be a time to relax and escape from the screen of my laptop. Depending on the quality of the internet I may be uploading some stories on Instagram and replying to comments on my blog posts. So anyway, I have just packed the backpack that I am taking (which is a gorgeous Cath Kidston one) with me in the car for the long journey and thought I’d share what’s in it with you…

  • Phone

This is an obvious one but I thought I’d include it anyway. Just in case you were wondering I have an iPhone 6s in rose gold and my cute cactus case was from eBay and was super cheap!

  • Diary and Pen


My academic diary very rarely leaves my side. I am constantly planning and organising, I like to keep on top of my life and be as sorted out as possible. During the car journey I will probably be organising my blog posts, documenting any stats and trying to sort my life out for the foreseeable future. I purposefully ensured I mentioned a pen as there’s nothing worse then not having a pen when you need one!

  • Notebook

As well as my academic diary, I like to have a lined notebook to write down any ideas or inspiration for blog posts. This notebook is so cute, I am loving the floral print and gold details, the pages are also sprayed gold along the side. The pages themselves also have floral prints on two of the edges which just adds to how much I love it. This was from Wilkinsons, they have a whole range of stationary with this design, it looks so lovely when you have a few pieces from the collection.

  • Books


This is a MUST for me. You may think it’s a tad excessive that I’m taking four books with me but the thought of not having a book to read for the nights in a different bed and for the returning journey makes me feel very anxious. I’m currently reading Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson so if I haven’t finished that I’ll be taking it with me. The books that I’m taking are- The Hate U Give(THUG) by Angie Thomas, Under Italian Skies by Nicky Pellegrino and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North.

  • Makeup Bag


I take far too long to do my makeup so to ensure we can leave nice and early on the morning I will take my makeup bag and brushes in my travel bag to do it in the car. The bag that I’m using is this white with gold details wash bag which was from Wilkinsons. I will try and take the bare minimum but usually end up taking far too much *just in case*. I think I’ll do a separate post on what’s in my makeup bag as it’d take up far too much of this post.

  • Makeup Brushes

FullSizeRender 184.jpg

Obviously as I’m doing my makeup in the car I will need my brushes. It really worries me when people put their brushes in their handbag or in their makeup bag as the bristles are exposed and the thought of bacteria being transported onto a brush that would then be touching my face makes me squirm. So, I store the brushes in this Pantone brush holder which has also got a lid to keep them nice and safe. Again, I’m not going into what brushes I am taking you can find the brushes I usually use in this post.

  • Wipes and Tissues


Makeup mishaps are most likely to happen when I’m doing my makeup in the car. Just in case these happen, I like to have both wipes and tissues to hand. The wipes are from the baby section in ASDA and the gorgeously packaged cactus tissues are from Primark.

  • Purse


How blooming cute is this card wallet! I got it in the sale from New Look and it is the cutest thing ever. This will obviously be something I need when we’re there and just in case I see anything in the service station.

  • Headphones

I will probably only listen to music if I can’t concentrate on my book or don’t feel 100%. My headphones of choice are my Wireless Beats in gold, these are so amazing and I love them so much. My music of choice will most probably be McFly.

  • Lipbalm


I get super chapped and dry lips. I tend to notice it more on long car journeys and it’ll really do my head in. Hence why I’ll take a lip balm and as we’re going away I’m going to open a new Carmex, which is my favourite lip balm.

Thank you so much for reading, please do leave me lots of love for when I come back from my hols. See you soon!

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