18th Birthday Haul!!

As you may or may not have known, I have turned 18!! Wooo! I had the best day celebrating with my gorgeous family, I can’t thank everyone enough for making such an effort it was the perfect day and I loved it so much. I thought I’d do a haul of all of my presents which I think is going to prove quite difficult so I’m not including a few things and separating them into categories but nevertheless here it goes…

  • Makeup


I’ve put all of the makeup that I received in this bag from New Look which I also received got my birthday, I love it so much.

I got four products from Bourjois, one of which is my favourite foundation ever- Healthy Mix- which I desperately needed as mine had run out! I also received the Healthy Mix concealer which I hadn’t tried and was so excited too because I love the foundation so much. I usually only use translucent powders however I am so excited to try the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder from Bourjois, I hope it’ll give my base a bit more coverage. Lastly from Bourjois is a limited edition tropical festival Bronzing Powder, which smells so so good!

FullSizeRender 185

Next is three products from Rimmel, which are all base products. I got the Fix and Perfect Primer, it’s a cream one rather than silicone which I hope is just as good if not better. I also got the Fresher Skin Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain which has an SPF 15, I love a light coverage foundation when my skin is feeling good, I tried a sample of it and loved how it looked, I’m looking forward to using this in the future when my skin decides to return to normal. Lastly from Rimmel is the Insta Conceal and Correct palette, I’ve never tried colour correcting before but I’ve been so intrigued by it so had to try it.

FullSizeRender 186

I got my first Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge for Christmas and used it non-stop. I cleaned it every two weeks and knew that I needed to buy a new one so I put it on my birthday. Only when I compared my new and old one did I realise how desperately I needed to throw the manky one away!

FullSizeRender 202

  • Skincare

My mum is a star for buying skincare essentials that I might not think that I necessarily need but will 100% need. These three are the perfect example of that, there’s a pack of 6 soft wash cloths which I love to use with a hot cloth cleanser, I buy baby ones because they’re so soft and so much cheaper than normal muslin cloths. Then there’s a pack of large cotton pads which I go through so many of as I use them daily for micellar water and toner. Also, there’s a pack of baby wipes which are so handy to have on your desk, especially when you’re doing your makeup.


These wipes are the best face wipes I’ve ever used. I only use them as a second or third cleanse when I’m taking my makeup off but they’re so good! They’re the L’oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Wipes, I currently have a pack open so I shall save these for when they run out.


Face masks are my favourite things ever. I got three for my birthday, the first being a staple for me and it’s the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask and it is just incredible. I feel so pampered when I’ve used one of these and you can actually tell a difference. The other two are both from the new Soap and Glory face mask range. I got the Pore Refining Mask, my skin has broken out recently so I’m praying this will work miracles. I also got the Under Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches, I’ve never tried anything like this before so I’m so excited and hope they save my dark circles.

FullSizeRender 187.jpg

I have already tried and loved both of these so so much. It’s the Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating Antioxidant Moisturiser which is the best day cream I’ve ever used, it also has an SPF 10. There’s also the Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Recharging Antioxidant Gel Cream which I use as a night cream and is also my favourite night cream ever. I’m going to store these for when the ones that I’m currently using run out.


BATH BOMBS! I got two from Lush- The Experimenter which is one of my all time faves and Think Pink which I haven’t tried yet. There’s also this Sandcastle bath bomb which was from a gorgeous little shop in Barmouth.


  • Stationary

I got far too many stationary items and I’m beyond happy about this. I got a lot of pens as I am a massive fan of using a stand out/strange pen which is probably why I received so many. I’ve been keeping them in this mug which matches the candle you’ll see further down, I love gold details so this is perfect for me.

FullSizeRender 234.jpg

Firstly are these two fluffly ones from Primark, the marble one with the black pom pom on the left is a repurchase as mine has so nearly ran out and I love how it looks so much!

These two unicorn pens with the fluff are so fab, I’m not quite sure where they’re from but they’ll be so fun to use!

I got this cactus pen and pencil, again I’m not sure where they’re from but they’ll come in handy when I’m looking for a fun pen to use when I’m doing something hard as they’re just fab.

This flamingo pen is not only a really good pen but is also a perfect addition to a pen pot as it can not only sit in it but can be hung on the side which looks so cool.

FullSizeRender 240.jpg

Lastly, is this pen with the cat print from Cath Kidston. I love the pens from Cath Kidston, I’ve had quite a few, despite the fact they’re quite pricey they are of such a good quality and last for so long!

FullSizeRender 241.jpg

These pencils were from Poundland and you get 10 in a pack. They’re a metallic dusty pink colouring with a  gem attached to the bottom. I love these, they suit the other stationary I received perfectly. I’m gutted that one of the gems has fallen off, I only realised when I was putting the photos into this post!

I cannot wait to put this sassy pencil case into use. It is from H&M and I have a notebook which also says ‘Boss Lady’ and is scarily similar. I’ll be taking this to uni with me, it’s fab.

FullSizeRender 204.jpg

I also got this tin pencil case with black and gold pineapples on it, I’m loving tropical prints at the moment so this is perfect, I think I’m going to use this to store my new pencils in!

FullSizeRender 205.jpg

I love a weekly planner and own far too many. I can never stick to writing them and then keeping to them so I hope this is the one to change the game. This matches the file you’ll see next with the gold, navy and white colours however this also has some pink in it which I love.

FullSizeRender 243.jpg

I got this file which was from Poundland and will come in handy for University, it is blue striped with the gold detailing and the quote ‘Enjoy the Little Things’ across the front. I love this and think it is super cute.

FullSizeRender 231.jpg

These two notebooks are blooming gorgeous and suit my aesthetic too a tee. They were both just £1 from Bargain Buys, the first is marble with gold font stating ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ which is 100% me. The other is pink with gold details and the quote ‘Extremely Busy’ across the font which is also 100% me.

How fab is this cacti notebook! It is by Sass & Belle and my sister picked this up in a cute little shop in Barmouth. This is perfect for me although it does have plain paper I will 100% use it.

FullSizeRender 214.jpg

My sister also got me this Disney notebook from Clintons. It has a quote from Mary Poppins on the front but also has detailing on the actual pages, that extra bit of detail makes it that bit more special. I love this a lot and will be using it as soon as.

FullSizeRender 215.jpg

My eldest sister did amazing with this notebook from the cats range at Cath Kidston, this looks perfect with the matching pen. I love the pattern from this range so much, as a crazy cat lady it is very fitting.

FullSizeRender 213.jpg

These two notebooks are from Primark and were bought by two different people. My Mum and Dad got me the marble book with the gold accents on the right and Jacob got me the pinky/blue one on the left. These look so cool together, I am obsessed with marble print at the moment, hence the new backdrop on some of my photos.

Wilkinsons stationary is incredible, I love the ranges they always seem to be perfect for me. Especially this notebook which has a rabbit on it, I always think of my Brucey when I see this which makes me very happy.

FullSizeRender 216.jpg

I took a lot of photographs on my birthday as we had a Photo Booth hence why my Mum got me this photo album to presumably store them all in. I love the brown and gold on this, it will be perfect to record all of my memories in.

FullSizeRender 210.jpg

I keep a record of and store all of my receipts. They’re usually everywhere in a mess so when I saw this receipt organiser from Wilkinsons I knew it’d be perfect for me. I’m going to save this for when I go to university as I love it so much. On the inside there is a little pad to write down your purchases and an organiser section divided to store your receipts with categories that you add.

Revision cards were something that I used so much during both my GCSE’s and A-Levels. My sis got me these tropical ones from Wilkinsons and I hope that I use these when I’m at uni, they’re too cute!

FullSizeRender 208.jpg

My sister also got me a few other things from the tropical stationary range in Wilkinsons, one thing being this collection of rubbers in a pineapple tub. Also, is this mini stationary tub which looks like it’s made for mini people which makes me so happy. The little stapler, sellotape dispenser and highlighter are the cutest.

I am an obsessive user of sticky notes. I received two packets, both from my sister, both linking in with the tropical print stationary. On the left is the pineapple shaped ones from Wilkinsons and on the right the flamingo shaped ones are from The Range. They will both be used and loved.

FullSizeRender 211.jpg

  • Clothing

My mum and dad got me this gorgeous Ted Baker bag, I bought myself a rose gold one last year which was the first one that I’d had and it was the best thing ever. I loved it so much however because I used it so much signs of wear and tear started to show up so I asked for a new one for my birthday but in a different colour. This one is a gorgeous dusty pink with white and gold details, it’s also large as I need a lot of room to chuck all my ‘in case of an emergency’ things in.


Jacob got me a pair of Nike Pro Leggings which I have been after for so so long! They are so comfy and look really nice on, I’m hoping these give me a bit more motivation to finally start working out regularly.


Jacob also got me a pair of pyjamas from Primark. They are blue striped with embroidered flowers, the top is a short sleeved shirt with a cute little pocket and the shorts have two little strings which are also too cute. These are such good quality and are so comfortable, as somebody who spends so much time in their pyjamas these are perfect as the top doesn’t even look like a pyjama top! I can’t find a picture of the matching top online and mine is in the wash as I spilt foundation down it, sorry!

FullSizeRender 201.jpg

I got this rose gold Pandora charm for my bracelet, it is the Dazzling Daisy Pendant Charm and it looks so beautiful in the middle of all of my charms!


I am turning into a Pandora addict, I’ve always been in love with my bracelet and all of the charms but I’m slowly falling more in love with their rings. I am a ring lover, I feel like they look really nice and can add a little bit of something too an outfit. I got two for my birthday, both from my Mum and Dad. The first is this daisy ring, the band is dainty but the flower is a really nice size, it’s beautiful. The other is another floral ring however this time the flower is daintier, this looks lovely stacked with the other one.



  • Homeware

CANDLES! I love candles a hella lot so it was inevitable that I would receive a few for my birthday. First is this white and gold candle which has 18 on it, I actually received two of these but will 100% use both. I think I’ll reuse one by putting a votive in it once I’ve burnt it all.


I am in love with this little votive holder on the left, the quote on it is so cute and it’d look perfect on my desk. This has a vanilla candle inside but I would definitely reuse this as well by putting a votive in it. The one on the right suits the gold details in my room perfectly, this is another votive holder which I’m sure will be well used.

I am loving the current unicorn trend, I have well and truly thrown myself onto that bandwagon. Hence why this tea light holder makes my heart so happy, it is a pink unicorn holder which came with a glitter tea light from Primark.

FullSizeRender 244.jpg

I cannot wait to burn this! This is a jar candle in the scent buttercream, I love sweet/sickly scents so this is just perfect!


I received this trinket box from my Mum and Dad which is so lovely and will fit in perfectly in my home, although it did slightly smashed in the gift. Inside it was filled with votive candles, which I go through so many of so thanks for stocking me up mum and dad!

Moving away from candles, I received this lovely little trinket dish, as I said earlier the white and gold really suits the details in my room. It’ll also come in handy for some blog photos I’m sure.


I love fairy lights and feature lights. They just add so much warmth and ones like this add character. This is a gold cactus light from New Look, it suits my aesthetic too a tee, this is one of my favourite presents I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.


MUGS! I love mugs a lot, I’m a big herbal tea drinker but also love to use mugs to store things in my room, especially pretty ones. I showed a mug earlier which says 18 on it, it’s one of my faves! The mug that I’ll use for drinking is this tall cat/unicorn mug from Primark I blooming love this. How fab is this next Unicorn mug, have you ever seen anything as sassy? This is from ASDA and is just so fab! Lastly, is another one of my favourite presents and it is this simply stunning Cath Kidston cat mug and coaster which I’m still so in love with. I can’t thank my eldest sister enough for this as it is just perfect for me (a crazy cat lady) it’s so beautiful, this will definitely be a mug to look at rather than drink from.

Unicorns are so in at the moment and I’m loving every minute of it. Hence why I received so many unicorn themed things for my birthday. I got some unicorn bedding which was from ASDA and is the cutest thing ever, I also got the matching cushion which sits really nice on my bed with the new bedding. The bedding is reversible, I tend to have it with the white side up as I find the navy looks a tad dark.

I was unsure whether this came under the homeware section but I’m including it here anyway. I got a matching lunchbox and travel mug which I’m going to save for uni, they have this avocado print on and are both from Clintons.

This little chalkboard to-do sign is blooming perfect for me, I usually have a to do list as long as my arm so I’m probably going to write my most important thing to do on this. I’m going to attach it close to my desk so I can’t escape from what I have to do. This was from The Range.

FullSizeRender 221.jpg

The day before my birthday I was in Tesco with Jacob when we saw this copper lamp and I melted into a puddle onto the floor. I fell in love with it straight away, it was at a reduced price to about £3 which is just insane!! I can’t wait to put it on my bedside table, it’ll look perfect.

FullSizeRender 245.jpg

Something that I have always wanted, mainly for me to do OOTD’s, is a full length mirror. My sis Katie got me this one from Wilkinsons and it fits in perfectly with my room, it is currently stood up against my wall but will eventually be fitted too it.


I have a little family of cacti in my room which are my babies. My Mum and Dad got me these pots for them which have little chalk labels on them, I’m going to repot them this week and write their names on their labels.

FullSizeRender 203.jpg

I love hanging signs around my room, especially when they have a strong quote on them or are super cute, hence why I received quite a few for my birthday.  The first matches my lunchbox and mug with the little pun ‘Let’s Avocuddle’, this is cute and will look lovely hung up near my bed, this was from Primark. The second is another which would look nice near my bed as it has a quote on it about dreaming. The third has one of my favourite quotes on it, the message is something that I agree with wholeheartedly and I love it a lot. These two are both from Card Factory, you can really drop on there with homeware things, it’s definitely worth going in for a little mooch. Lastly, is this chalk heart slate which I can’t wait to write little quotes and messages on.

  • Other Bits

I am an avid collector of Disney Tsum Tsums. I have so so many and my collection is literally ever growing. My mumma got me  Lightning McQueen, Jimmy Cricket and Luke Skywalker, my sister got me the Queen from Tangled and Jacob got me Mowgli from The Jungle Book.


Misery is one of my all time favourite films, for some strange reason. I just love it and for some reason I haven’t read the book but my parents bought it me for my birthday so I cannot wait to finally read it!

FullSizeRender 251.jpg

My Mumma got me two new phone cases, both from H&M. The first is the unicorn one which is so sassy and fab, it is currently on my phone as I love it so much. The second is this holographic pink cat one which will be put on next.

This cactus keyring is one of my favourite presents, it’s just the best thing ever and will look so good on my car keys. I believe this was also from H&M.

FullSizeRender 229.jpg

I got another key ring which is this unicorn head, I just love its sassy mane! This was from The Works and shall live happily on my car keys.

FullSizeRender 230.jpg

I have also wanted a selfie light. They just always look so cool and make such a difference on a photograph so I caved and asked for one for my birthday. This was from eBay and is gold so it looks really nice on my phone as well. I’m sure this will be well used, it was on my birthday for a lot of selfies! I’ve also used this on some of my blog photos and it makes such a difference with the brightness of the photos.

FullSizeRender 255.jpg

I have been desperate for a Chip (from Beauty and the Beast) mug from Primark. However I was beyond happy when I received the purse! I am not going to use this as a purse but for display, it is far too cute to be used!

FullSizeRender 222.jpg

Thank you so so much for reading, I am by no means showing of or gloating I just enjoy sharing these things with you all! Most of the photos included are taken by myself however I have used a few from google/ shop websites for things that proved difficult to photograph. I also put a haul up last week of the things that I bought with birthday money/gift cards which you can read here. I’ve got some really exciting blog posts coming soon so make sure you’re followed and keep updated with my social medias…

My social media:

Twitter: @molliewesthead

Instagram: @molliewesthead

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/MollieWestheadx/

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  1. I hope you had the best 18th! I’m feeling nostalgic I miss being 18 haha! You got amazing presents, every notebook is absolutely beautiful, I’m so completely jealous! I love sweet scented candles too, so I’m in desperate need to give that a sniff! Oh and I had no clue S&G did face masks, so I’m buzzing, they’re one of my fave brands so deffo on the hunt to try some now!!! X
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First off, happy birthday – hope you had a great day! I’m very jealous of your stationery as a stationery addict – I’m just buying some school supplies, so will have to stop by Primark. The Cath Kidson cat notebook is just adorable too! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope you had an amazing birthday! I can remember mine like it was yesterday, even though it’s almost a year ago… haha!
    I love the presents you got. I’m definitely guilty of over-using my real tehniques sponge; I got four for Christmas in a superdrug deal that made them come to under £20, and the two I’ve used are disgusting looking. I think I’m gonna take the plunge and pull out a new one, so thanks for the reminder!
    That stationary looks amazing, too. I love how you’ve got some more ‘mature’ looking stuff, and then some more novelty stuff–I love the look of the cactus stuff, and that pink pen looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If it’s not too late, happy birthday!!!! And you got so many gifts I’m so jealous 😭😭 I was like “wooow” the whole time; it’s hard to choose my fav but those pen, the mug, fairylights, phone cases, and make up items are so gorgeous!!! Sounds like you could barely handle the gifts; but you deserve all of them

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! This is a haul of dreams I will pop in Primark to see if they still have the chip teacup and I have never shopped at the range so I think I need to. Thanks for the great post x Bee

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow happy birthday babe! Everything looks sooo nice! I do love a good shopping spree haha I would love to know where your trinket dish came from 🙂 xx

    Sophia || Sophia’s Sphere || pearlsofsphere.blog 🌺

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have somewhat of a stationary obsession so I loved seeing all of the cute notebooks/planners/sticky notes and stuff you got. The cat one is particularly cute! I hope you had a great birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Happy Birthday! I really loved reading this post! Just like you I am an absolute sucker for all things stationary. My favourite is your marble notebook. I feel like I really want a pair of those Nike leggings now! (Sign of a great post) can’t wait to read more from you!x

    Liked by 1 person

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