What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days away with my family in Wales to celebrate my 18th birthday. I put up a ‘What’s in my Travel Bag’ post which you can read here and mentioned how I wanted to do a separate post for my travel makeup bag and here we are! I’ve adjusted to doing my makeup in the car and out of a makeup bag with restricted accesss to things such as a tap to wet my beauty blender. So, here is everything I put in my travel makeup bag and travel brush holder…

FullSizeRender 305

FullSizeRender 310.jpg

This is the bag that I use to keep all of my makeup in, it is from New Look and is a really nice size to use for a makeup bag.

  • Eye Primer

FullSizeRender 260.jpg

I have never been a fan of eye primer and never really used one until recently. I’ve only recently started using eyeshadow religiously and discovered that eyeshadow likes to settle in the lines on my eye lids and crease. I presumed this was because I don’t use an eye primer so I started to use this Collection Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer which I already had in my collection. I use this everyday now.

  • Eye Base

After using an eye primer I then apply Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in 02 all over my lid and set it with whatever powder I have taken in my bag. This creates a nice base for my eyeshadow and acts like another primer so my eyeshadow doesn’t budge.

  • Eyeshadow

I am completely obsessed with this eyeshadow palette, I can’t imagine not using it daily. This is the Too Faced Love Eye Shadow palette, I have a full post coming this week all about my favourite eyeshadow palettes so you’ll hear more about this then…

  • Primer

FullSizeRender 262

I actually haven’t used this primer yet but my other has just ran out so this is the one I’m going to use next. It is the Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Pro Primer in 002, I can’t put my foundation on without a primer so this is a must for me.

  • Colour Correcting Palette

This is something that has only come into my makeup routine recently and it is colour correcting. I use the Rimmel Insta Concel & Correct Colour Correcting palette. I use the first orange shade for my dark circles, if you suffer from dark under eyes I highly recommend you try this it works so good under concealer! The middle green shade counteracts redness so I use that for my nose and cheeks. The last purple shade counteracts dullness, I haven’t used this a lot but I do like to use it on my eyelids as it’s really brightening.

  • Foundation

FullSizeRender 263

This foundation has always been my fave, it’s the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I just love the medium coverage it gives and how healthy it makes my skin look. It doesn’t feel cakey or heavy, it sits really nice and lasts all day. I cannot recommend this enough, if you’re looking for a new drugstore foundation give this a try.

  • Concealer

FullSizeRender 266

This concealer is just as good as the foundation. It is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer, just like the foundation it is so brightening but also gives a really good coverage. If you’re a fan of the foundation definitely try this!

  • Powder

A powder is a must for me, I feel like it really finishes off my base. The powder I’m currently using is the Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder, although I usually opt for a translucent powder I’m really enjoying the extra coverage that this powder gives.

  • Contour

As you may know from my past posts I usually don’t contour, I find it hard to get right and usually end up with a straight line down my cheek or a brown splodge. However I’ve recently started using a small amount of the contour shade from the L’oreal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette to define my cheekbones, jawline and forehead.

  • Bronzer

This is my all time favourite bronzer, the shade suits my skin tone perfectly and it’s matte and not too brown- I just love everything about it. This is the Bourjois Mat Illusion Brozning Powder, it has sadly smashed so I’ve got to be very careful when using it never mind travelling with it.

  • Blusher

FullSizeRender 272

This is the Collectin Gorgeous Glow Blush Block, this not only gives a really nice pink tint to the cheeks it is so glowly and illuminating as well. I love to swirl my blusher blush in this, the colour is just gorgeous.

  • Highlighters

I’ve been using two highlighters at the moment as there’s nothing wrong with an intense glow is there? I use the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Rose Gold Lights, this gives such a nice pink shine to my cheekbones which looks gorgeous with the blusher I mentioned above. I then go in with the Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights which is just the best highlighter ever, the pigment is just insane for £3!!

  • Eyebrow Pomade

I love doing my brows with this Freedom Pro Eyebrow Pomade in Blonde. This is only £5 and is apparently a really good dupe for the Dipbrow Pomade! I just love this, the shade is perfect for me and it is so easy to use!

  • Brow Gel

FullSizeRender 280

Brow gel is something that I cannot miss out of my makeup routine as my brows love to move throughout the day. The one I’m currently using is the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! gel,   it’s probably the best one that I’ve used, Benefit make insane brow products.

  • Brow Concealer

I use the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 01 to carve out my brows after I’ve done them. This makes such a difference, the definition it gives is insane. If you’ve never done it before I’d definitely give it a try as it’s literally changed the game for me.

  • Mascara

I’ve also been using two mascaras at the moment. I use the Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara firstly as it lengthens my lashes, I may have mentioned before that I have the worst lashes ever so I can’t just go in with a really intense dark mascara. After I’ve lengthened them I then go in with the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara High Definition Collagen Coat which is so good for giving my lashes volume and intensity, I just love how these two work together.

  • Lipstick

Obviously what lipstick I use depends on what I’m wearing/feeling but this is the one that I always put in my bag. It’s the Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in 210 Mauve-ment, it’s a lovely pink shade that suits a lot of different looks which is why I usually chuck it into my bag.


FullSizeRender 283

This is the Pantone makeup brush travel holder that I use to keep my brushes safe from any harm or bacteria.

  • Sponges

If I’m doing my makeup in the car I obviously won’t have access to a tap so won’t be able to wet my sponges however I pack them just in case. I take my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to blend in my foundation and the Mini Miracle Complexion Sponge is just insane for applying highlighter, I literally cannot recommend it enough.

  • Foundation Brush

FullSizeRender 284

The brush that I use for my foundation is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I just love the density of it, it makes blending in foundation so easy. I would prefer to use a sponge but I do sometimes go in with a brush after I’ve blended with a sponge. It just gives a nice finish.

  • Concealer Brush

FullSizeRender 285

I would prefer to use my mini sponge to blend in my concealer but I love the Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush to blend in concealer on blemishes rather than on my under eyes.

  • Powder Brushes

I use two different brushes to apply my face powder. On the left is the smaller brush that I use to pack powder under my eyes as I like to have my under eye area bright so I look awake. The brush on the right is a larger powder brush which I use to dust powder across the rest of my face. These are from a Unicorn brush set that I bought from Amazon, don’t judge these before you’ve tried them they are so good!

  • Contour Brush

FullSizeRender 290

I apply the actual contour product (I use a cream product) with my fingers as I find it quite difficult using a brush with a cream product. I then blend it in with this contour brush which is a small rectangular shape, its density is perfect for getting right into your cheekbones.

  • Bronzer Brush


This brush (although it doesn’t look it) is slightly angled which is why it is perfect for bronzer. It is good for blending along the forehead, getting stuck into your cheeks and defining your jawline.

  • Blusher Brush

FullSizeRender 291

This brush has completely changed the way that my blusher looks. I love it so much, it’s the Technic Pro Blusher Brush, if you’d like to know a bit more about it, I featured it in a review that you can read here.

  • Highlighter Brush

FullSizeRender 292

Although I’d prefer to apply my highlighter with a mini sponge I do like to apply the rose gold highlighter with this fan brush which I bought from eBay. This applies a really nice even amount of highlighter on your cheekbones which is why I like it.

  • Eye Brushes

I usually take quite a few eyeshadow brushes just in case but I’ve packed these five which seems to cover all bases. The first two are from the unicorn set, the first is a small domed brush which I love for packing colour into the crease. The second is a bit wider and is perfect for blending eyeshadow. The third black brush is from a cheap shop like Savers but is one of my favourite brushes for my eyes, it’s so versatile and can be used for both packing colour and blending. The gold brush is an old Estee Lauder one which is so good for packing the pigment of an eyeshadow, I love using this for a glitter shade as it helps to get the full effect of it. The last one is a Technic Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush, it does it’s job impeccably, it’s my fave blending brush ever.

  • Eyebrow Brush

FullSizeRender 300

An angled brush is amazing for filling in your eyebrows and this one is my favourite.

  • Eyebrow Spoolie

FullSizeRender 298

My eyebrows have a life of their own and like to stray throughout the day. Before I fill them in I need to brush them through. The spoolie that I use is this Barbara Hoffman one which I bought from TKMaxx, it’s started to become a bit loose hence the sellotape.

  • Eyebrow Concealer Brush

FullSizeRender 301

As I mentioned earlier, I love to carve out my brows with concealer and this brush is perfect for it. It came with a W7 palette which I got rid of, it’s just the perfect size for getting around my brows.

  • Eyelash Curlers

FullSizeRender 299

I can’t put mascara on unless I’ve curled my eyelashes. These are copper ones from Primark.

I had a disaster when writing this post which I shared on Twitter. I had written it all and then forgot to save it so lost the whole thing. I was devastated, nothing quite comes close to that feeling. Anyway here we are! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post, I’m so grateful!

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  1. Blimey, I didn’t think the bag you use looked very big in the photo but you get an awful lot of products in there so either it’s bigger than what it looks or it’s a Mary Poppins style bag haha! I kinda just take my whole make up bag when I travel anywhere but I’m not that brilliant at make up and don’t have too many products. I love the look of some of these tho (: xx

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