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I love reading favourites post, they’re some of my favourite posts to read. I didn’t do an August Favourites as I didn’t have too many things to include however I have a long list of current faves, some from August and some from September so far. They’re quite random but I thought I’d share them with you anyway…

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 01 Light

FullSizeRender 345

I am a massive fan of the Healthy Mix foundation so asked for the concealer for my birthday. I was quite apprehensive about using it but as soon as I did, I fell head over heels in love with it. It sits so nicely under the eye, it covers my dark circles and bags whilst also brightening and making me look awake.

  • Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in Vanilla 52


The same goes for this powder as well as the concealer. It proved my apprehensions wrong as it was amazing. I usually go for translucent powders but I really like the extra coverage that this powder gives. It brings my base together and does give a really healthy looking base.

  • L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Wipes Dry/Sensitive

FullSizeRender 342

I only use wipes as a second or third cleanse when I’m taking my makeup off so I grabbed these without a second thought for £1 in ASDA. I used one fleetingly and was so shocked, I’d never thought much of face wipes but this felt so amazing. I use these when I have no makeup on to freshen up because I love them so much, they’ve changed the game for me.

  • Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum


I tested out a sample of a serum which was the first time that I’d used one. I loved the consistency and how it felt on my skin so decided to buy a full size bottle. I chose the Superdrug one based on price and the positive reviews I’d read online. I love having this as part of my daily skincare routine, it feels so amazing and makes such a difference.

  • Soap & Glory The Fab Pore-Refining Sheet Mask

FullSizeRender 348

I did a whole post on face masks this month which you can read here to see me go into more detail about this. This is so amazing, my skin had been quite problematic until I used this and I could see a visible change in my skin after using it. I cannot recommend this enough!

  • Superdrug Pro Care Charcoal Toothpaste

FullSizeRender 350

It feels so weird putting a toothpaste in my favourites but here we are! I bought this last month (I hauled it here) and have used it everyday since. I have noticed a visible difference in the whiteness of my teeth since using this and it gives such a clean, healthy feeling. If you’re apprehensive about charcoal/teeth whitening (which I was) I’d definitely recommend you give this a try, it’s super cheap as it is from Superdrug’s own range.

  • My Birthday Cake


I turned 18th last month, woo! I had a lovely party with all my family, my sister bought me the most amazing birthday cake ever. It was a three tier vanilla unicorn cake. It tasted so good and looked just incredible, I was so blown away by the talent and skill that went into making it.

  • Mickey Mouse Mug

FullSizeRender 356.jpg

My gorgeous friend Jemma bought me this Mickey Mouse mug for my birthday and I’ve not stopped using it since. The 3D Mickey lid is the cutest thing ever, it is perfect for keeping my tea warm and making sure I don’t spill it when I’m taking it upstairs (which I do far too often). I love Disney mugs and this is one of my faves!

  • First Time- Brothers of Mine


This is the song that I’ve loved the most throughout August and September. It’s one of those songs that you put on and feel so uplifted and just want to dance too. The link to the song on Spotify is here, get it in your playlist and listen to it on repeat!

  • Barmouth

FullSizeRender 354.jpg

To celebrate my 18th, myself and my family took a little trip to Barmouth in Wales. It was gorgeous. I absolutely loved it, I did sadly get poorly towards the end but we made the best memories and had the best little trip. We stayed in these gorgeous little wooden huts, I love adventures like these.

  • Fresh Meat


This is definitely an August favourite, I watched the whole of Fresh Meat in literally 3 days. It is one of my favourite series ever. There are four seasons and each episode is around 40 minutes, it is SOOO good. The cast works so perfectly, my favourite characters are JP, Kingsley and Vod but I loved them all, I got so attached to them. The storylines are so original, creative and hilarious, there wasn’t an episode that I didn’t enjoy. I’d highly recommend you give this a watch!

  • IT


I was super proud of myself for going to the cinema to watch IT. I didn’t actually get that scared to be honest, just a little bit spooked every now and again. I loved IT. Like loved it. It wasn’t just the horror film that I expected it to be, it had something so special about it that made it so much more. I just adored the ‘Loser’s Club’ I think they gave it that something special. It was just brilliant, I need to read the book but I’ve heard that it is a lot scarier than the film so would have to build myself up too it.

  • Gabriella Lindley/ Velvet Gh0st

FullSizeRender 355

I have never included a youtuber in my favourites but I have to include Gabbie. I have watched her videos religiously for about a year and my love for her content continues to grow. She now puts all of her videos- vlogs and main channel videos- all onto one channel which I love. I just find her so funny, relatable and uplifting. I’ll link her channel here, have a mooch and give a couple of her videos a watch.

  • Great British Bake Off


I was very apprehensive about the new series of Great British Bake Off. I thought it would have lost its magic without Mary, Mel and Sue being on board. I was wrong. I feel like the new GBBO has all of its original magic but with something fresh and new. I adore Noel, his humour is just brilliant and I feel like he has made this new season of GBBO for me.

  • Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast


One of my favourite people ever, the gorgeous Giovanna Fletcher, has started her own podcast called ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ after her incredible book. The first episode is live now featuring the lovely Emma Willis, although the topics they deal with aren’t necessarily aimed at me I still thoroughly enjoy hearing it and can’t wait for the episodes to come!

  • My Awesome Family, The Story of Us Journal

FullSizeRender 353

FullSizeRender 351

FullSizeRender 347

This something that I only bought recently but it is so special, I just love it. It is a journal which you document your family memories in, the book is filled with beautiful illustrations and lovely questions/prompts. I love anything like this, I can’t wait for it to be filled and then to rediscover it years later. I bought this from The Works and it was only £4 which is such a bargain!

  • Tripod, Selfie Light and Marble Backdrop


I have upped my photography game on my blog/Instagram recently and it is with the help of these three things. Firstly is my tripod which I bought from Primark, it surprisingly made such a difference to my photos, there’s something about having both of your hands free that makes it so much easier. Secondly, is the selfie light which in a moment of randomness I attached to my phone when I was taking blog photos and it made them so much brighter. Like seriously it made such a difference and considering you can get these quite cheap it is well worth trying! Lastly is my marble backdrop which was a genius DIY in my opinion. You may have seen this photo on my Twitter/ Insta story (captioned ‘Realities of Being a Blogger’) but this is my backdrop-

FullSizeRender 330.jpg

I basically used a child’s chair (which I’m sure my nieces/nephew won’t miss) then sellotaped some marble wrapping paper onto it, which was from Primark. I then set up my tripod infront of it with the light attached, I also try and angle the chair so the light is behind it. This makes such a difference to my photos, I love how they look, if you’d like to see it in use in some of my photos go and take a look on my Instagram (@molliewesthead). I do also have a strip of the wrapping paper lay out in case the chair isn’t working for me.

  • The Bird House Calligraphy


The Bird House Calligraphy is an Etsy store which sells hand drawn prints (no digital prints, all hand drawn which is crazy!) which are perfect gifts for every occasion, especially the new cards that are on sale! They also take custom orders for personalised prints which is so lovely and adds that special touch. I think this store is so lovely and the prints are just gorgeous! You can go and take a browse at the store here and their Instagram here. I am lucky enough to have a 10% discount code for you all which is THANKS10 so go and pop over and treat yourself!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I LOVE this type of blog post and enjoy that you’ve included such a variety of different favourites. That Mickey Mouse mug is so adorable! The tripod and camera light is also a must buy item. Great post, I love your content!

    Nat 💕 –

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg so many amazing favorites 😍 first of all the cake is AMAZING and hope you had a fab birthday in those gorgeous yurts😊 you are crazy brave going to IT i can’t even watch the trailer 😨 the family diary is such a lovely keepsake and lastly your DIY marble background is genius 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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