Testing the £1 Brush Cleaner from Home Bargains!!

I saw a Facebook post from a makeup artist raving about a brush cleaning spray from Home Bargains which was £1. I could not resist it, for one pound I was really excited to try it and see how it compares to other brush cleaners that I’ve used.


The spray itself is called the Brush Techniques Make Up Brush Cleansing Spray and the bottle is 250ml. I’ve never used a spray to clean my brushes before and I presumed it’d speed the process up a bit.

I’m always on the look out for a quick yet effective way to clean my makeup brushes as I tend to clean them quite a lot as I’m so worried about them being dirty and then putting that dirt onto my face.

The instructions on the bottle say that you need to firstly wet the bristles and then spray a few pumps of the cleanser onto them. Next, you need to massage the brush onto a towel to draw out the makeup which you should do until the brush has returned to it’s usual colour and looks nice and clean. I decided to then add in a little extra step which was to wet the brushes again with water to wash out any of the cleanser as I was worried incase my skin would react with it, the bottle doesn’t instruct this though.

I was so impressed with this, I literally cannot get across how pleasantly surprised I was by this!! The ease of it being a simple spray bottle made the whole process a lot quicker and also made it easier to judge how much product you were putting onto the brush.


It was just so impressive swirling the brush on the towel after spraying it, all of the product just came straight out. There was no intense scrubbing or applying loads of product, the brushes came clean straight away with such ease.

The brushes dried quicker as well which surprised me to be honest, they also dried to their natural shape straight away. In the past the brushes have dried in an odd shape and ended up misshapen but not with this spray. From now on I’ll be using this every time, it’ll encourage me to clean them more often as it’s so quick and easy!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Please make sure you clean your makeup brushes!

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