The Truth About Starting University

I started university last month. I am studying English (both Literature and Language) at Edge Hill University and this is my first year. I thought I’d share my experiences of my first month at uni with you as I know I’d have liked to read this before I started.

Before I started I was so excited. I felt so ready to start a new venture, be productive and learn! I love to learn new things, especially about what I’m passionate about. Summer dragged for me up until results day. As soon as I knew that I’d got into my university and got the grades that I worked blooming hard for, time just flew.

I had to go into uni to complete enrolment and get my ID. The photo on my card is horrific, I have the worst bog eye and am stuck with that for three years. What a great start that was! I also picked up my timetable for my first week- freshers week.

I had SOOO many people saying that I’d miss out on the ‘uni experience’ because I’m living at home rather than on campus. I only live a 15-20 minute car journey away and could not imagine being anywhere where my mum, dad and pets are not. It was the best choice for me, nevertheless of what other people thought. I suppose in some people’s eyes I did miss out on freshers week. I didn’t go on any of the nights out, but that really isn’t me. Instead I decided to spend my spare time going to the gym and fitness classes and swotting up for my classes. I’m so boring, I know. My advice for anyone who is debating whether to live on or off campus is to do what is best for you, weight up the pros and cons and do not let what other people say dictate your choice!!

Freshers week consisted of welcome activities that were loosely based around my course but mixed with students from other courses. This proved quite problematic really, it was difficult to form friendships as I’d be chatting to somebody lovely then they’d tell me they study a course polar opposite to mine so I’d never see them. It was difficult to know who to speak too. I also didn’t meet a single person in that first week who was actually doing my course. So many were doing either Literature, Language or Creative Writing, I didn’t find anyone doing just English. I was having nightmares about being the only one doing my course!

The week was just confusing and all over the place. It wasn’t what I imagined it’d be, at all. I think everyone thought ‘This isn’t for me’ at least 20 times during that week, I said it far more.

I got my timetable for the first semester and what modules I’d be doing. I am dong two Literature modules and two Language modules, so there’s an even balance of both, which is exactly what I wanted. I have quite a lot of late starts and late finishes on my timetable which I really wasn’t sure about at first but nearly a month in I’m completely adjusted to the times and LOVE not having to be in uni super early.

My first ‘proper’ day at university(as in having lectures, seminars etc.) was everything that I’d wanted it to be. I loved my lectures and seminar, I was so interested in what I was being taught and loved being able to put the tons of new stationary that I’d bought to use. I finally got to meet people who were doing my course, I met so many lovely people! That first week was so fulfilling, I loved everything that I was being taught and everyone who was teaching it(bar one!).

The work load wasn’t much during the first week, I thought I’d landed on my feet! Over these past couple of weeks though it has increased, I’ve done so much reading and rewriting of lecture/seminar notes to make them comprehendible. I have only just adjusted to the timings of uni and the workload, it is incredibly hard to balance everything which is what I want to discuss next.

Blogging took a back seat when I started uni. I had a feeling it’d drop down in my list of priorities but the reality of it was a lot harder than I’d imagined. During the summer, blogging was the most important thing in my life and I devoted ALL of my time to it so when you can no longer do that it is very restricting. Blogging is my hobby, it is something that I will always love and enjoy. I plan to continue blogging, although my schedule has dropped to one upload a week I could not imagine life without my little blog.

I have never felt as tired as I have during these past few weeks. I’ve never been a coffee drinker but I NEED caffeine at sound 3PM or I will literally just fall asleep, which I can’t do as I won’t sleep at night then. My sleeping pattern is a bit all over the place but I’m hoping to straighten that out this week, just in time for October half term! Even though the time that I spend actually at university isn’t a lot it is so draining. The drive there and back (approximately an hour altogether) is what seems to tire me out the most, especially when I’m driving home late! Music has become my best friend, I love a good sing in the car especially in the morning to motivate me and wake me up!

Something else that I’d like to speak about is feeling lonely. I felt so lonely that first week, probably due to the fact that it was so difficult to make friends. Feeling like you have no-one is horrible. I had to trek to my car every day to eat my lunch as I didn’t know anyone to stay with. I’m not saying this for people to feel sorry for me, that’s literally the last thing that I want! However, these past couple of weeks I’ve felt the polar opposite! I have so many lovely friends and have just started a new relationship- I’m the happiest I have ever been.

Things get better. Even when you don’t think they could, they do. I promise you that. I wish somebody told me that on that first lonely, draining week.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this chattier kind of post. I am now posting one blog post a week, the day will probably change every week(sorry!). If you’d like to keep up to date with my life, go and give my socials a follow which are linked below!

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  1. I’m glad you’ve made some friends! It’s good to hear you’re starting to find your place. I commuted to uni rather than moving into student accommodation for my first two years so I “missed out” on things like Freshers as well. I moved into halls for my third year because I wanted to experience what it it was like but honestly, it’s not what it cracks up to be. It did feel pretty lonely at times and Freshers just wasn’t as amazing as you’d think. There’s nothing wrong with staying true to you and doing things your own way. Good luck with your studies! x



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