Meet my Pets!

I’ve briefly mentioned my pets in some of my previous blog posts but never gone into too much detail. I love my pets so much, they’re such an integral part of my family and I treasure them with all of my heart. I am such a devoted pet mum, they are treated like absolute princesses/princes so I thought they deserve their own special place on my blog.


Bella is my absolute princess, I love her with my all of heart and just want to squish and love her constantly. We got Bella on bonfire night in 2011 when she was around 7/8 months old, she was the only female of her litter and was bullied by her brothers (bless her!). She was very anxious at first and jumpy which is expected as she was in a new home but she soon settled in. Bella is a house cat, she doesn’t leave the house and I don’t think she’d ever want too.

Bella has always been very small, she’s slim and slender, some people may say she’s thin and needs a good meal etc, but she is a healthy weight for her age and loves Dreamies. She can be quite anxious at times and jumpy, she doesn’t like strangers and is wary of my young nieces/nephew but once she gets to know you she’ll expect strokes at every visit.

I am very close to Bella. I love her little character, she’s a little human to me and I could sit and talk at her all day with her meows being an adequate response. She loves to sleep on my bed with me and I don’t love her waking me up at 3 o’clock in the morning just for cuddles. I mother her completely, I give her so many kisses and cuddles and talk to her, I could carry her around with me like a baby all day, she’d happily let me.

Bella is a gem. She is just a dream, I love that little face so much and just want to squish it forever. I’ve included a collection of photographs of Bella from the 7 years that we’ve had her, she is very photogenic and loves having her photo taken!


Brucey is the cutest little rabbit ever! We got Bruce in June when he was 4 months old, he was tiny. He was so timid and small, his character wasn’t really clear at this point, he was just the cutest little angel and I just wanted to mother him.

Four months on Bruce is a lot bigger, as is his character. He is just so hilarious, he throws his stuff around his cage and plays with his toys. He loves to make a mess, only last week he picked his bed up, emptying all of the bedding and knocked his food bowl over in the process. I could sit and watch Bruce like a TV, he is so amusing!

Bruce has recently been very tame, he went through a phase of not liking being touched or picked up and being really anxious about it. Recently though he’s been more accepting of being picked up and loves me sitting there stroking him, I like to put my head against his and we can now sit like that for ages. I love him being affectionate, the little cutie.

My little Brucey Minda is an absolute angel, he’s full of character and love, I wouldn’t change him for the world.

In terms of how Bruce and Bella are together, they are civil and friendly. They kind of just ignore one another apart from when I hold up Bella to him and they have a little sniff of each other. We only introduced them to each other, out of the cage, once and Bella was very cautious of Bruce but still intrigued. I love these pictures of them all, they’re so chill with each other.


I’ve always loved having a fish tank in my room, I find it so therapeutic and love seeing them swim around being happily looked after.

At the moment I have one big fish called Arnold. I also have two little zebra fish which I’ve had for forever called Tom and Danny after the members of McFly. I also have two sucker fish who amuse me so much, I love seeing them stuck onto the side and knowing they’re cleaning up the algae. I do love my fishes. (It is impossible to try and take good enough photos of my fish I’m sorry!!)

That is it, although on paper it doesn’t seem like many I feel like we live in a zoo sometimes! I love my pets a hella lot, my little babies are so incredibly special to me. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading about my pets!

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