A Week In My Life-October 2017

I would love to do Youtube videos, especially vlogs as I love the idea of documenting my life. But I have nowhere near enough confidence to do videos so until I do I’m going to do a few ‘Week In The Life’ blog posts, please let me know if you enjoy them and I shall do more!

Monday 16th October

I love Monday’s, they’re by far my favourite day of the week, it feels like a fresh start and brings with it a new week full of opportunities. I had a lie in today as I’m only in university at 4. I get up at around 10AM, I’m still catching up from Saturday night and still feel really groggy and achey. My sister is hammering the door down which gives me the motivation to eventually get out of bed. I also have put up an Instagram post whilst I was in bed.


I have a catch up with my sister and a play with my beautiful little niece. I then put up a blog post (you can give it a read here), I’ve been struggling for time to spend on my blog but I found it this morning, thankfully. I get ready in about 5 minutes then head to the best chip shop ever to get myself and my sis some lunch. I try and eat healthily but chippy lunches are my exception, I go weak at the knees for chips and gravy.


After some time with my niece, scrappling around at my uni work and scribbling down all my blog ideas I realise that I should probably leave for uni. I put on a bit of foundation and concealer to make myself look a bit more presentable then head off.

I was meant to have a 2 hour seminar however the lecturer needed to leave after 30 minutes which is quite frustrating considering I’d drove there and had to drive back. The commute knackers me out completely, it really was not worth the drive today. I did get to spend time with Jacob though which made it a little bit more worth it. On my way home I had to nip into ASDA for some printer paper as I desperately need to print some powerpoint slides off!


When I get home, I get in my onesie and snuggle up for the evening. I have pizza for my tea, which is another of my biggest weaknesses! My inspiration for my blog is the highest it’s ever been at the moment, I have so many ideas and just wish I had more time to get them out but stay tuned! That’s my day done, a really successful and productive Monday that has made me very happy!

Tuesday 17th October

I had another little lie in today, well when I say little, I woke up at about 10AM. My Mumma made me a bacon butty which I took back to bed with me. I then realised that I had completely underestimated how much time I had so quickly washed and dried my hair. I quickly styled it then put on a bit of foundation and did my eyebrows so I looked fairly acceptable.

My sister nipped round so I had some time with her and my beautiful niece Poppy. I then had another dash to leave for university. I stopped off at Tesco on the way to put fuel in my car and buy myself some lunch (can’t say no to a £3 meal deal!). I got to uni then headed to my lecture, turns out the man holding it decided not to turn up so I had a free hour which I spent working out my assignment dates (which terrified me). From 3-6PM I had a seminar which DRAGS, like it feels like I spend my whole life in that seminar room. I have a test for that module next week so it is essential that I’m prepared for it (pray for me!).

During the break I treated myself to a Starbucks hot chocolate and a Galaxy bar, I suppose it was needed considering my day. I met up with Jacob (my boyfriend) after the seminar as we were going to the cinema.

I would literally go to the cinema just to get a Tango Ice Blast, I am obsessed. They’re the highlight of every visit, I have no willpower when it comes to them. We went to see The Ritual which was amazing, it was creepy and scary but I loved it!

Dominoes had an insane offer on- £6.99 for any size pizza so we ordered a half and half large pizza, you’ve got to make the most of an offer, right? Whilst that was being made we nipped to ASDA where Jacob picked me up the book of The Ritual (by Adam Nevill) which I cannot wait to read considering how much I enjoyed the film.

The pizza was amazing, Dominoes never lets me down! I dropped Jacob off then headed home where I caught up on my emails then fell asleep (the highlight of every day!).

Wednesday 18th October

I had a longer lie in today, I got out of bed at around half past 10 but it was completely worth it! I had a makeup free day, I think it’s important to let your skin breathe and have a break. I had a very studentesque breakfast of Kinder bars and crisps (sorry Mum!) then headed to uni for a two hour seminar,

The seminar was really good, we are currently studying Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, although it isn’t my favourite novel I have really enjoyed studying it. I finished at uni at 3PM so nipped to Tesco for a mooch. I ended up bumping into my mum and one of my friends there so my little trip to Tesco wasn’t so little after all! I did however find what I wanted which was holders for my notebooks to sit in folders (not sure if this makes sense, sorry!).

McDonalds was calling my name, I could not say no. I picked me and Jacob a McDonalds up which we ate together at his (very romantic).

When I got home I had the best surprise waiting for me- a Chip mug from Primark!!!!! I have been wanting one of these for so so so long, I could actually cry now that I have one! He’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen, I much prefer the Primark one to the Disney one, plus it’s a fraction of the price!

My pile of admin/blog/uni work has mounted and mounted up so that was what my Wednesday evening consisted of!

Thursday 19th October 

I had a day off of university today, I was meant to have a lecture and workshop but I had an awards evening at my old school so couldn’t go. I had a massive lie in as I am so tired at the moment! I tried to spend as much of the day relaxing as I could which probably wasn’t the best idea with all of my uni work piling up. I did however put a blog post up which I’d love for you to read here, it was my first sponsored post and I am very proud of myself.


I picked my gorgeous little niece Ruby up from school, she is such a little love and I love nothing more than spending time with her. We then had a little shop, we went to ASDA for some bits then Boots where I bought myself a new hairdryer. It is pink and rose gold, it’s the Babyliss Elegance Dryer 2100 and was reduced from £40 to £26 which is so good!

When I got home I started to do my makeup and get ready for awards evening. I received an award for English Language, it felt weird going back to my old school and seeing all of my old teachers. That was my evening, I tried to relax as much as I could when I got home as I’m really struggling to sleep at the moment.

Friday 20th October

IT’S FRIDAYYY. I put my comfiest clothes on, threw my hair up and went makeup free to uni, days like this are needed sometimes. I had a two hour seminar which we finished early, the module is The Sounds of English, it blows my mind how much there is to know about how we speak. We finished early as well which is the best thing on a Friday!

When I got home I straight away started to work, I was writing an essay plan on a short story when my sister came round. This meant that I obviously had to put all of my work aside, as I mentioned earlier my work is just piling up. She then suggested we should go shopping, I literally cannot say no to that!

We had a little mooch around town. I bought a couple of bits for Halloween, I’m thinking about doing a blog post about my Halloween look which is going to be an easy, subtle look yet really effective. I also treated myself to two Calvin Klein tops which are gorgeous, sadly one has a hole in it from the security tag, eurgh!

We had four of my nieces at home who are just absolutely gorgeous, I love their faces so much. I had a little play with them and a catch up with my family. For my tea I had the best pizza ever, you cannot go wrong with ASDA Create Your Owns! I then went out with a c couple of my friends to Spoons which was a lovely way to end the day and week.

Saturday 21st October

The weekend is here, woo! I actually had a really chilled weekend planned, I needed to keep as much of it free as possible to get all of my uni work done. I got up relatively early today and headed straight downstairs to start my work. I got so much done- a lot of reading, an essay plan and introduction written, powerpoint printed and highlighted, poems annotated etc…

I then microwaved my leftover pizza from yesterday, it always tastes better the day after!   I’m slowly catching up on all of my TV programmes so I binge watched the episodes of Just Tattoo Of Us from the new season and watched the first episode of The Apprentice. I’m still adjusting to my schedule and trying to balance everything, yes four weeks into university I’m still trying!

Not so sadly I lost my gym card this week so couldn’t go but I found it and gathered some motivation to actually go. I picked Jacob up and we did about an hour in the gym, I love going it does wonders for my mental health and I love feeling strong. We nipped into ASDA after where I bought some healthy things for the week ahead.

I literally walked through the door when my phone rang, it was my sister Katie asking if I’d like to go to Pizza Hut with her and four of my nieces. Could I say no to that? No, I couldn’t.

The girls are just a dream, I could watch them sit together all day it’s the cutest thing ever. It was another perfect way to end a lovely day. Myself and my Mumma then watched X Factor and Strictly which is what Saturday nights are all about for me.

Sunday 22nd October

I had a massive lie in until about 12PM, if you can’t do it on a Sunday when can you? I had a really healthy breakfast whilst watching the second episode of The Apprentice and doing some admin things. I tried to be as productive as I could so got ready for the gym and headed out.

I filled my car up with petrol and bought some Graze snacks to help me stay healthy this week. The gym was so quite which is perfect for me, I spent about 40 minutes there with abs being my main focus.

My sister was at home with her two sprogs so I spent some time with them. Which turned into a bit of wrestling with Ruby, I think we’ll both be sleeping well after that!

I’ve had such an amazing week, I’ve been unbelievably happy and I’m so glad that I’ve documented it for you all to read. The best way to end it was to run myself the biggest, bubbliest bath ever and relax completely.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did like this style of blog, let me know so I know whether you’d like me to do more!

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