My Autumnal Pamper Routine

We are nearing the end of October which means one thing for me…Autumn is upon is, yesss!! I love a pamper all year round but there’s something special about unwinding and having a pamper in Autumn. Everything feels special in Autumn. So, I thought I’d share with you all how I unwind and have a good old pamper during these cold, Autumnal evenings…

First off is a bath. I am the queen of baths, I could literally lie in the bath for hours upon end. A big hot bubbly bath is the perfect way to start a pamper evening in. Some people like to take their laptop in the bathroom and watch a TV series/film but the bath for me is screen free zone as I’m very clumsy but also as it’s a time for relaxation and that for me means time away from my screens. I like to take a book in with me, I’m currently reading The Ritual by Adam Nevill. If I’m planning on having a long bath I will put a podcast on, my favourites include ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’, ‘Ctrl Alt Del’ and ‘The Heart of It’. I’m currently listening to the ‘Feminism’ episode from Estée Lalonde’s podcast.


IMG_2150 2.jpg

In terms of products, I like to use a Radox bubble bath, I like to have A LOT of bubbles. I will also sometimes add in some Radox bathsalts which are my savour since I’ve started the gym, they really do help to soothe your muscles. Lastly, but by no means the least, I’ll put a bath bomb in, I’m using the Lush Metamorphis one tonight.

I will wash my hair whilst in the bath, my all time favourite shampoo is the Syoss Full Hair 5 Density & Volume Shampoo. I’ll then put a hair mask on to keep on until I get out of the bath, the one I’m currently testing out is the Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask.



My favourite shower gel is the Soap and Glory Clean On Me, I’m trying to use it up before Christmas as I always receive a lot of Soap and Glory bath products because I love them so much! I also have to use this Dermol cream for my eczema which I get on my back and chest, it’s an absolute nightmare! When I’m out of the bath I’ll moisturise with the Dove Purely Pampering Shea Nourishing Lotion, I’m so bad as I’ll usually skip this stage!!!

Once I’m out of the bath I’ll treat my hair before I dry it. I brush through some of the Tresemee Beauty-Full Volume Mousse and then spray some of the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray.

Fresh pyjamas are a must once I’m out of the bath. As it’s getting colder I find myself reaching for my onesie a lot more often. This one is so comfy, it’s a size too big but is perfect for snuggling up in.


I’ll tackle my face once I’m all comfy and fluffy. I’ll give it a good cleanse first, using my new favourite thing which is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel.Then I’ll put on a face mask, the one that I’ve used today is my favourite one ever the L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask (I wrote a full post on the face masks  that I reach for here). Once I’ve washed that off I’ll apply some of the Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Cream.

I love to have lots of candles lit when I’m unwinding, I have two Halloween candles which I LOVE! The first is this small jar and the second is a pumpkin tart burner, both were from Home Bargains. I think creating the right atmosphere is vital to unwinding and candles play a big part in this for me. As do fairy lights but as this is an Autumnal routine I’m not just using any old fairy lights, I have Halloween pumpkin fairy lights. Because why not.

Before I snuggle up in bed I’ll go and make myself a drink and grab myself a snack. Since starting university I have been obsessed with coffee, my favourite one to drink at home is a cappuccino. My mug of choice is this one with rabbits on which my sis got me from ASDA, the rabbits look exactly like Bruce! My snack of choice are some Graze Protein Nuts, they taste amazing and are super healthy!


I’ll then snuggle up in my bed as comfy and as cosy as I can get. My film of choice for this season is Hocus Pocus, nothing comes close to this film during the Autumn! I will also read more of my book intermittently.


That is how I relax, unwind and pamper myself during the Autumn times. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Keep your eyes on my blog and social media this  week as I’ll be uploading loads of new posts- I’m aiming to post every day of this week (eeekkk!).

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