October Favourites

October has been a good one- a busy but good one. It’s been my first full month at university, I’ve stressfully balanced my blog/uni/social life and done the best that I can. I have a long list of favourites to write about for you, I’ve got a lot of new stuff that I love and can’t wait to share with you…

  • The Creakers by Tom Fletcher


Tom is a genius. I may be biased as I’m a huge McFly fan and Tom is my fave but I assure you he is a genius. His children’s books are incredible, I love to read children/young adult fiction as an adult and his never fail to feed that love. I preordered a signed edition of The Creakers and it got delivered early which made me incredibly happy! I read it in two days (which is an achievement when you have so much to read for uni!) and couldn’t have loved it more. It was amazing to read a female hero in a kid’s book, Lucy is such a great character and I know my younger self would have thought she was the sassiest gal ever!

  • The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (film and book)


I HATE watching a film version of a book before I have read it. I am guilty of doing this though with The Snowman. I had bought the book and read half of it when I went to see the film. I still haven’t finished it, its such a long book and isn’t the easiest to get through but I’m getting there and loving it. The film was so good, I was completely gripped although I did successfully predict who the murderer was.

  • Happy, The Journal By Fearne Cotton


I read Happy by Fearne Cotton earlier this year, as someone with anxiety it was so helpful and is lovely to return too whenever I need it for some emotional support and a little break. When I saw on her Instagram (which I love) that she had published a journal based on the book I had it ordered on Amazon Prime within a minute. I am a massive lover of journals- one of my first posts was ‘Journalling‘. The journal is a dream, the cover is just as gorgeous as the cover of Happy, that rose gold banner is gorgeous! The pages are stunning, I have started it because I could not help myself, I’ve included a few below for you to see for yourself.

  • The Heart Of It Podcast


I feel like I’ve mentioned this before but I cannot recommend this podcast enough. It is hosted by my ultimate girl crush- Esteé Lalonde- who does so brilliantly. The topics that it tackles are just amazing, it appeals to me perfectly. I save the episodes to listen too in the bath so I always associate it with being completely relaxed and happy. I adored her episode on Feminism, please go and give it a listen!

  • Katie Snooks


Katie is a Youtuber who I love! She is just so real and honest, it’s so refreshing to someone so successful be so normal and still boss life. Her videos are amazing but her weekly vlogs are my favourite things ever, I’d love to do that same format but have no confidence to do so whatsoever.

  • Burgundy Old Skool Vans


These were my impulsive ‘treat yo self’ purchase a couple of weeks ago. They’re the Old Skool Vans but in burgundy so they match my Autumn/Winter wardrobe perfectly! They have ripped my feet to shreds though, they’re so uncomfortable but look amazing! I got these super cheap as Schuh had 20% off student discount.

  • Burgundy and Pink Jackets

You’ll have seen both of these jackets all over my Instagram posts and stories. They are these big cord jackets with fur from Primark and were £20 each. I bought the pink one first then the burgundy, they are just gorgeous. They are perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons, I’ve already got so much wear out of them both. I literally cannot recommend these enough, they are such good quality considering they are so well priced.

  • Sisterhood Jumper

IMG_1163 2.jpg

I spotted this jumper in New Look last month but didn’t buy it, I thought it was so cool but didn’t buy. Then a couple of weeks ago New Look had their mid season sale and it was reduced from £20 to £10 which I could not say no too! I absolutely adore this, it is so comfy and is a nice lightweight jumper. I’m loving wearing yellow this season, I think this jumper is a nice lemon which is different to the usual Autumnal mustard colour that is popular this season. I paired this with my black culottes but this would also look really nice with some skinny jeans.

  • Dune Backpack



I had quite a bad weekend last month and some retail therapy was definitely needed. I nipped into my local TKMaxx to mooch through the makeup and stationary when this bag caught my eye. I’m not really a bag lover but as soon as I saw this I fell in love. It’s black leather with gold details, I’ve added the pom pom as it’s too cute. I can’t seem to find this online sadly!

  • Calvin Klein Dressing Gown


I live in my dressing gown, literally. I spotted a Calvin Klein one in TKMaxx and literally fell in love, I couldn’t leave it in the shop. It is so fluffy, the quality is just insane, I’ve never worn something as comfortable. This was such a good find, the price was a quarter of the RRP as well!

  • Pumpkins!

IMG_3467 2.JPG

I feel like every time I go into a supermarket I buy a pumpkin. I cannot help myself whatsoever. They are such a perfect addition for Halloween, I love having one in my room it just adds to that Autumnal atmosphere. I’ve gone a bit pumpkin mad this year actually, I bought these pumpkin fairy lights and a couple of pumpkin themed candles. I’m going to be gutted when I have to switch my Halloween stuff for my festive things!

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1


I have into the hype a couple of months ago and bought myself the Collection concealer. I definitely underestimated how good it is, it is so brightening, it is my go to concealer for giving me that ‘awake’ look. I literally cannot recommend this enough, definitely give it a try, believe the hype!

  • L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask


I think these L’Oreal masks are genius, they are just so good. I saw this purity one in Sainsbury’s reduced to £3, which is such a good price! I love it, this really does help my oiliness I think. It’s a nice refreshing one and you can actually see results which makes it even better!

  • Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

IMG_0566 3

I love the Garnier micellar water, it so good for removing makeup and giving your face a good cleanse. I’ve seen this micellar gel wash quite a few times in the shops but never taken much notice of it. However, my skin has been awful recently and I think it’s because I’m not cleansing my skin thoroughly enough which made me buy this. It is now my go to product for a first cleanse, I also use it first thing in the morning to wake me and my skin up. If you’re a fan of the micellar water definitely give this a go!

  • TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Mousse

IMG_5881 2.JPG

I use mousse every time I wash my hair without fail. It just gives my hair that extra boost that it needs. This Tresemme one was reduced in ASDA and looked really good so I thought I’d give it a try. I love how this makes my hair feel, it does give my hair volume and makes it look so healthy.

  • £1 Brush Cleaner


You may have seen my blog post reviewing a £1 brush cleanser (if not where have you been!! Go on over and read it here) if you did though you’ll now how much I loved it. Hence why it’s in my monthly favourites! This is such a quick way to get those brushes nice and clean, it encourages me to clean them more often.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re enjoying these regular posts and look forward to the rest!

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