Little Primark Haul!

I love a good mooch in Primark. I’ve been struggling to find anything in the clothes section for quite a while now but I love to have a mooch in the accessories and makeup sections. I went to the Primark in Southport and there was loads in the sale so I bought a few little bits that I thought I’d share with you…

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation 

IMG_2150 3.jpg

I didn’t buy this in Primark but I bought it in the same shopping trip so why not include it? I’m quite late to this party but this foundation has only recently come out and I’ve been intrigued by it since it’s release. I cannot recommend enough looking in shops like Savers, as I found this in there for only £4.98 which is such a bargain!! I got this in the shade 100 Ivory, I’m yet to use it but I’m going to do a First Impressions post so keep your eye out for that!

Good Vibes Only Eau De Toilette


Right, now we’re onto the bits from Primark! This little perfume was reduced from £2 to £1. I thought it looked so cute, the marble and rose gold is to die for. It’s the perfect addition to the makeup bag that lives in my backpack to use when I’m at university. Sadly, the packaging has already started to rub off so it now reads ‘gd vibes only’.

Montague Jennesse Relaxing Spa Mud Mask


Surprisingly I’ve never actually used a Montague Jennesse face mask but I’ve always noticed them in supermarkets for a really good price. This one was reduced from 90p to 50p which is so good. This one is Lavender & Jasmine and aims to deeply cleanse and soothe. To see my verdict on it keep your eyes on my social media, especially my Insta stories, I swear I live on them.

PS… Makeup Brush Colour Sweeper


I didn’t even really take notice of what this was until I’d bought it. It’s a colour sweeper, I didn’t have a clue what it was when I saw it. You swipe your brush over the sponge in the container to instantly remove shadow colour from a brush. I thought this would be a cleaner alternative to wiping an eyeshadow brush on my pj pants when I want to use it for a different colour(we all do it!). I’m going to do a testing post on this as well as I’m so intrigued by it.

PS… Stippling Brush

I suppose I didn’t necessarily need this but when a brush is reduced to 50p can you say no? No you cannot. This is a small stippling brush which I think is a really nice size for blending. This is just a nice little addition to my makeup brush collection which I will use regularly. I’m going to be doing a separate post testing and reviewing all of the brushes I’ve hauled today.

PS…Pro Blending Brush

I’ve used a smaller version of this brush before but never one this big but I’ve always been interested by them. I think the oval shape will be perfect for blending in foundation and giving a nice even coverage, as the packaging claims it gives high definition results. This was reduced from £5.50 to £2.

PS…Pro Precision Blending Set

This was a last minute purchase at the tills, I swear I spend most of my money at Primark tills!! This is a two pack of artis style brushes for precision blending. The first is a slim, longer brush which I have multiple ideas for (post coming sooonnn!) and the second is a more cyclical brush which I think would work really well for blending eyeshadow.

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  1. I bloody love Primark. Their makeup brushes are actually surprisingly good! I didn’t expect much for the prices but their tapered foundation brush is wonderful for contouring. Might get some of those oval brushes too, just realised my eyeshadow brush department is verryyy lacking. Also I have that Rimmel breathable foundation, I love it so much! xx

    Janelle |

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