Testing Primark Makeup Brushes

If you have read my haul (if not click here now!) you will know that this week I picked up a few brushes in Primark which I decided to test and review for you all. So let’s get into it…

PS Pro…Precision Blending Set



The first brush in this set is a slimmer, longer brush. I thought this would be ideal for applying colour under the lash line, highlighter under the brow, contouring the nose and lining the eye or creating a wing with eyeshadow. These are the different uses that I had in mind when testing this brush.



I thought the shape of this brush made it really versatile, it worked really well doing multiple things. It was really easy to move around, especially under the lash line and lining it, it was easy to manoeuvre and applied a nice amount of product. I will definitely be using it in my daily routine, I’m so impressed with it and for 50p I think it is a great buy.

The second brush has a more cyclical brush head. The only use that I had in mind for this brush was for blending colour into the crease, I thought this brush would do this really well because of it’s shape it can get right in there and blend.



I thought this brush worked really well packing colour into the crease rather than blending, it applied a nice amount of product right in the crease. Just in case you’re interested the colour on my lid is Salted Caramel from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, I blended a mix of Milk Chocolate and Semi Sweet into my crease, I love this combination! Whilst using this brush I noticed how the shape seemed perfect for highlighting the inner eye. Again, it applied a nice amount of product and the pigment of the highlighter really payed off. I was really impressed with this brush as well, I will 100% use this for packing colour in the crease as it did it so well.

PS Pro…Blending Brush



My initial thought when I saw this brush was about the size of it, it seemed like a perfect size to blend in foundation. Some other artis style brushes that are for blending in foundation seem too big for my face which is what puts me off them but this seemed the perfect size for my face. It is SO soft, I cannot emphasis enough how soft this brush feels, it feels like such an amazing quality.



I cannot express how much I loved this brush. It made applying and blending in foundation so easy. It ensured an even amount of product was across my face and that there wasn’t any harsh lines where it wasn’t blended in enough. It did it’s job perfectly and I will use this, alongside my trusty Real Technique Expert Face Brush, in my daily makeup routine to blend in foundation.

PS…Stippling Brush



I used to absolutely love using a stippling brush but since being introduced to the Expert Face Brush I haven’t used one. This is a smaller shaped brush so wouldn’t be suitable for blending in foundation however I still had a few ideas about how to use this brush- blending in concealer under the eye and blending in contour. I had the latter especially in mind as it is such a nice size for getting along the jawline, into the cheekbones and along the forehead.



I wasn’t too keen on this brush for blending in under eye concealer, it was a it too big and didn’t seem to blend in the product well. I do prefer to use a smaller brush to ensure the product is applied accurately as it’s a vital part of my makeup routine. However, I LOVED using this for blending in contour, it worked really well and ensured there wasn’t any harsh lines so everything was blended in well.

Overall, I was really pleased with the brushes, considering the incredible price I’m beyond happy about them! All of the photos I’ve included are stills taken from a video I did, I was really happy with how they turned out even though I was really poorly and had post gym hair when doing them!! I hope you enjoyed reading, thank you so much for all your support!

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  1. I had tried Primark’s makeup but never their brushes. I was always a bit curious though. I am glad that they are so good. They are so cheap that it’s cool they are worth it xx corinne

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