Testing the Primark Makeup Brush Colour Sweeper

I was so intrigued by this product- it is a Makeup Brush Colour Sweeper from Primark. I love to wash my brushes and think it is so important to do so due to the bacteria build up, it is so beneficial for your skin to make sure those brushes are clean!! However, I’m doing a full eye look I am guilty of rubbing a used brush on my pyjama bottoms to get rid of the colour I’ve just used so I can use it for another. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done I’ll just admit it! I thought this product would be perfect for doing the job that my pj bottoms do but a lot more hygienic! I hauled this product earlier in the week, which you can read here.

So, I decided to pick a few eyeshadow brushes, pack them with colour or glitter, then dab them in the sponge to  see what results I got.

The first brush I packed with a black eyeshadow then swirled and dabbed it into the sponge. It did remove most of the excess product but I found the colour of the shadow spread across all of the brush, as you can see on the ‘after’ photo. When I tried to use the brush after I’d used the sweeper, there was no black eyeshadow on it so it was ready to use with a different colour.

This second brush was covered in stubborn glitter from Halloween, I didn’t think it’d come back up clean without a good scrub. However, I was so impressed when the sweeper removed all of the glitter and left the brush looking brand new, it also removed the stickiness from the glitter glue that had disfigured it almost. I was so impressed with this as the glitter was everywhere and so stubborn!

For the last brush test I decided to chose a more vibrant, pigmented colour. The same happened to this as it did with the first, all of the excess colour was removed but the brush still remained looking like it was stained by the colour (although it wasn’t). After using this brush the sponge was left with pink eyeshadow on it which I thought would ruin it but after I rubbed it with a tissue it came back clean.


Overall, I was so impressed with this. I think it will come in handy for when I’m doing an eye look that will require multiple colours. I was so pleased with the results, although I’m still going to give all of the brushes a good clean to ensure they’re as bacteria free as possible for my skin. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this shorter, more succinct review!

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