First Impressions: Collection Contour Kit

I nipped into Superdrug in the week and saw that the Collection Contour Kit was on offer for members from £4.19 to £2. I’d not only never tried this product before but I’ve never tried a powder contour product before so I knew that I needed to buy it. I thought I’d share my first impressions of it with you as well as my opinion on using a powder contour product rather than a cream one.


      Left- Without Flash                         Right- With Flash                               

I was quite disappointed when I swatched these. The bronzer seemed really pigmented, it came out as a really nice shade for my skin, it wasn’t at all orange but was a nice warm bronze shade. However, I got no pigment and not much pay off with the highlighter shade, I did do a couple of layers as well and still felt like it didn’t look great.

First Impressions: Contour


I LOVE this contour shade. It suits my skin perfectly, it does have the risk of looking muddy if you apply too much (which I may have done at one point!). This blended so amazingly, it created such a nice shadow and made me look healthily bronzed without looking like I’d caked it on my face. I’m so impressed with this! In terms of the fact that it was a powder product, I liked that it was build able so if I wanted more definition or bronziness I’d just build it up gradually. There was quite a bit of fall out from the contour shade of the palette so I definitely need to remember to tap the hell out of my brush before I take it to my face. This will definitely be replacing the contour stick that I use at the moment!

First Impressions: Highlighter


By no means is this the most pigmented, glowy and effective highlighter I’ve ever used but it is a really nice one for day to day use. I don’t like to use my ‘pop’ highlighter when I’m only going to uni for a few hours or nipping out so I’ll opt for a more subtle one that still highlights my cheekbones. This would be the go-to subtle one, I did really like how it looks and I think on the photo below you can see the subtle yet effective glow it gives.

Finished Look

I am really pleased with the finished look. I think the contour shade was perfect for my skint one and really did chisel my jawline, cheekbones and forehead without looking muddy and orangey. I was also quite pleased with the highlight in the end as it does give a nice little glow that is perfect for everyday life. For only £2, I am so happy with this palette, it will 100% be going in my everyday makeup stash!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought of the insanely cheap Collection Contour Kit!

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  1. I feel like powder contours are easier to blend than cream ones but highlighters in powder palettes are sub par… I’m more of a Jeffree Star Skin Frost addict 😂 Looks like a good pallet and affordable price. All time fav is still Anastasia’s contour palette, definitely give that a try if you can.

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