Winter Tag

I love a good tag, I also love Winter so I HAD to do the Winter Tag. I love these kind of posts, I really enjoy writing them so let’s get into it…

What are your favourite things about Winter?
I love wrapping up warm to go to uni in the morning and getting in my cold car, putting the heating on and some Christmas music on. I love coming home when it’s dark to get into the warmth and my pyjamas, with a big mug of hot Vimto and a good film. I obviously love that Winter means Christmas is coming soon, the build up is my favourite part.

What is your favourite Winter outfit?
A statement t-shirt (I love this grey one from Primark with tassels), black high-waisted skinny jeans with this statement bee belt (also from Primark), my trusty burgundy Vans and burgundy cord/fluffy jacket (another Primark find!).

What is your favourite Winter food?
I was about to type Christmas dinner but I don’t know if that counts? So I’ll go for a big roast dinner. I also love cheese and crackers, that always reminds me of the build up to Christmas. Or a Nutella crepe from a Christmas market. Or a tub of Quality Street or Celebrations! SO much choice!

What is your favourite Winter drink?
Hot Vimto!

What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?
I’ve already had a couple of dream Winter days and they’ve gone a bit like his. So most importantly, no university or driving and no places that we NEED to be so there’s no rushing. I love the Manchester Christmas Markets, I’ve already been twice so far so it would be spent there. With lots of good food and hot chocolates and lots of shopping. I love to then come home and put a Christmas film on, eat a pizza and snuggle up with my fam. Perfect.

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?
I tend to keep my makeup the same just with a bit more bronzer to give my face a bit of colour, as my skin gets washed out in the Winter. I also tend to opt for a bit of a toned down highlighter as I feel like it’s harder to see the ‘pop’ of  a highlighter in the Winter.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?
A beautiful day filled with family, food and love. I would also love a HP Sprocket. 

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?
When it starts getting darker earlier. When Christmas adverts come on. When you can’t leave the house without a jacket and scarf.

What is your favourite Winter memory?
A few years ago now, I was with my Mum and Dad in a lovely little pub in Manchester after we’d been to the markets and it started snowing outside. I’ll never forget looking out of that window and seeing it snowing, it was perfect.

What is your favourite Winter scent?
Apple and Cinnamon.

Finish this sentence- ‘If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be…’
I know I’m getting exactly what I want this year- to spend it with my Nana and Grandad. My Nana and Grandad live quite far away so we don’t see them too often so it’s so special that I get to spend this Christmas with them. I could genuinely cry thinking about it.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. I should have a Christmas tag up soon, I love these tag posts!

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