Review: Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorants

It is so difficult to find an organic, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant. So, when I received a couple of deodorants from a brand called Ben&Anna that are 100% natural origin, vegan, cruelty free with 0% aluminium I couldn’t wait to try them. The deodorant sticks come in six amazing different scents, I picked Provence and Vanilla Orchid. These claim to have odour and wetness protection, which is obviously vital in a deodorant. So, let’s get into the review…

Firstly, the lovely Rebecca who I spoke to from Ben & Anna, recommended applying the deodorant straight after the shower/bath when your skin is still damp or to dampen the skin itself. I will definitely be trying both! She also suggested sitting the deodorant on a radiator before applying it, which will be perfect now the weather is getting chillier!

Natural Soda Deodorant Stick-Provence




The packaging of the sticks is stunning, whereas some deodorants look clinical and bland, these look really sleek and the colours/patterns make them look so cute! Provence claims to be wonderfully relaxing and amazingly refreshing, the scent is compared to walking through the countryside in the South of France/Provence.

I love the lavender smell of this, it smells so refreshing and natural. I tried this one first as I was drawn to this scent more and I was so impressed. I applied this when I was straight out of the bath when my skin was still damp, as recommended, I found the product sat really nice under the arms and felt nourishing and refreshing. I would definitely reach for this every morning, it smells gorgeous and does what a deodorant should but is also natural and cruelty-free!

Natural Soda Deodorant Stick-Vanilla Orchid




Vanilla Orchid claims to smell like flowery-sweet vanilla, which is actually my favourite smell, I love sweet scents! The marigold has relaxing and beneficial properties which also are naturally soothing and suitable for sensitive skin.

As I said I adore sweet scents and this is a gorgeous, sweet vanilla smell which is right up my street. This is a really relaxing scent, it isn’t overpowering whatsoever and soothes the underarms. This smells really natural and not artificial at all which I think is so important in a deodorant.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought of these amazing deodorants from Ben & Anna. Thank you again Ben & Anna for sending me over these product, I will definitely be investing in more in the future!

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