First Impressions: Tan Out Of Ten Products

I was lucky enough to have been sent some samples of the Tan Out Of Ten products to test and feed back on for you all. Tan Out of Ten are a range from Technic Cosmetics which are a brand that I’ve discussed before and LOVE. The new products sound incredible, I especially love the fact that the self tan have added coconut oil and vitamin E to ensure a healthy, radiant glow. The tan is suitable for both the face and body with a papaya and coconut scent which I’m so intrigued by! So, let’s get into the products that I have been sent…

Tan Out Of Ten Instant Tan Shimmer


This is described as an instant tanning gel that adds a touch of shimmer and sparkle to your tan. I love the idea of this, I think it’s going to make my skin look really healthy and glowing. It’s described as having a lightweight formula which is so important as it’s awful when tan feels heavy on your skin! This aims to give your skin a sun kissed dewy glow which is exactly what my skin needs at this time of year when I look like a walking milk bottle! In terms of removal, it claims to wash off easily with just soap and water.

I applied this when I was fresh out of the bath to my dry, moisturised skin using a mitt just so it didn’t stain my hands. This applied really easily, it looked really dark but that made it really easy to see where you’d applied product. The thing that caught my attention most was the smell, it smelt incredible, so fresh it smelt like a holiday! I went to bed after applying it so it developed over night. When I woke up it had given my skin a subtle tan with a really nice shimmery glow, it did make my skin look so healthy. I’m definitely going to invest in a bottle of this as it is perfect for when you want a really subtle looking tan that makes your skin look so healthy and glowing.

Tan Out Of Ten Self Tan Lotion in Medium


I love how this claims to give instant colour so that you can see it as you apply, this seems like it would make application so much easier and quicker whilst also hopefully improving the results. It says that you should apply one coat for a sheer tan but can apply a thicker coat for a darker colour. The tan should last up to 7 days and develops proper within 6 to 8 hours.

I’d consider myself pale, especially my legs they’re like milk bottles, so I was worried that this would go a muddy brown or even worse- orange. I applied this with a mitt to ensure it was evenly applied, it went on really well and you could see where you’d applied product which meant it wasn’t patchy (is there anything worse!?). I did apply a couple of coats as I am pale and wanted to get the full effect of the tan. I applied it after I got out of the bath then went to bed so when I got up in the morning the tan had fully developed. This made my skin look so healthy and golden, I felt like I was glowing. It wasn’t patchy at all, it looked amazing and I loved how it looked. A week later most of the tan had faded but my skin still had a really healthy glow. I will definitely be investing in a bottle of this as I am so impressed with how easy it was to apply, how gorgeous it looked on the skin and how long it lasted.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed hearing my opinion on the Tan Out of Ten products!

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