Parents Guess The Price of My Things!!

I did a post a couple of weeks ago where my boyfriend attempted to guess the price of my things, you all seemed to really enjoy it and if you haven’t read it go on over and give it a read here. But anyway, I thought I’d do the same idea but with my parents guessing the price of my things. I think my Mum will do better than my Dad as she buys a lot of my things and might have a greater awareness of the cost of my things. But we’ll see how they do…

Chip Mug


My Mum and Dad actually bought me this so I expected them both to get this spot on. I’m not sure why my Mum added a pound to the price so the point goes to my Dad for this one!

Beats Solo3 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Gold
IMG_4426.JPGI wasn’t sure either of them would guess this as I got these free when I bought my MacBook so the price was never made clear. However, Mum guessed closest with this one so the point goes to her

L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Face Mask

IMG_4428 2.JPGI feel a tad sorry for my Dad on this one as I didn’t make it too clear to him on the size of the pot etc, so he may have assumed it was a one use one. I did expect my Mum to get this fairly spot on as she’s bought these herself and loves them, so the point goes to you Mumma.

Real Techniques Brush Cleanser

IMG_4440My Mum actually bought me this so I expected for her to get this spot on, sorry Dad but Mum has stolen this one!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

IMG_4430.JPGNeither of them were too close to the actual price of this but Mum was the closest, she understands how expensive eye shadow palettes can be!

Happy By Fearne Cotton

I feel proper sorry for my Dad on this one, if you hadn’t have gone a penny under you’d have got a point for this Dad!! As I feel a bit sorry for you, I’ll give you the point for this one Dad.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

IMG_4432 2.JPGThis is a foundation that my Mum herself has bought but that my Dad has been with us when we’ve bought it so I’d consider this an equal one. Mum was the closest though so the point goes to you Mum!

Thomas Sabo Choker


My Mum did have an advantage on this one as she was with me when I bought this, she also has one herself. You’ve got another point for this one Mumma!

Head Jog Pink Ceramic Ionic Radial Brush

IMG_4434They both went above on this one which shocked me, I thought they’d be a bit more accurate with this one. Mum was the closest again though!

Burgundy Old Skool Vans


My Dad shocked me with this as he’s a shoe buyer and collector so I assumed he’d know roughly how much these cost, I wish they’d cost how much he’d guessed! My Mum got the last point for this one.

With a majority of 8 points to Dad’s 2, my Mum won this one. I do think she had the advantage on a lot of these so we’ll maybe do a part two where I include things a bit easier for my Dad.

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