Post Christmas Sales Haul

I didn’t mention in my Christmas Haul that I received some money and gift cards for Christmas. In the past couple of days I’ve had a couple of shopping trips and I’ve picked up some bits with the money and gift cards. I thought I’d share with you all the things that I bought…

New Look Black Waterfall Duster Coat
I am awful for not wearing a coat/jacket, I just feel like they never suit my outfits or look right. I think this one is really cool, it isn’t going to keep me nice and warm but it’s a jacket. This was reduced to £15 in New Look.

New Look Black Side Stripe Trousers
I am obsessed with wearing trousers at the moment, they just look so much smarter with my outfits and make it look like I’ve made a bit more of an effort. I love trousers with a side stripe, these have a wide white one and are gorgeous. These were reduced to £10 and were also from New Look.

Cameo Rose Black Bardot Neckline Crop Top
This crop top is so versatile which is why I liked it so much. It’s going to look really nice with some high waisted jeans in the summer but I’m also going to pair it with some nice trousers for nights out as that’ll look really smart. This was £5 from New Look, which is an insane price for a top that I’ll get a lot of use out of.

Umberto Giannini The Supermodel Gift Set

On Boxing Day most/all of the gift sets in Boots go half price, which is insane. This year I only managed to get there the day after so a lot of stuff had gone but I still managed to pick up a couple of bits, including this. This is a hair set that includes a serum, styling spray and two grabby clips and I will 100% use everything. This was reduced from £10 to £5.

Sunkissed Tan Application Mitt
‘ve been loving tanning recently, it gives me a little confidence boost and I feel like it makes my skin look so much healthier. However, I’ve been tanning using a glove rather than a mitt so I feel like I’m not getting the most out of my tan so I needed to invest in a mitt, hence this purchase. This was from Bodycare and was £2.

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge

I’m a massive fan of the Real Techniques sponges so could not leave this in the shop.  I’ve never tried this one which is a sculpting one to use for contour and highlight and I can’t wait too. This was half price to £3 which is a ridiculous price!

Carmex Classic
I LOVE Carmex. Like a hella lot. I usually have a few spare but I hadn’t and was left with the one that I was using then I left it at my boyfriends so he’s claimed it as his. So this was a replacement purchase, which was also from Bodycare for £1.50.

Solait Medium Tan Mousse
I’ve just used the last of my favourite tan so was in need of another bottle. I’ve never tried this one from Superdrug but it was a star buy so was reduced and it looks really good. This was £2.99.

Superdrug Calm Skin Hydrating 2 in 1 Serum & Moisturiser
I’ve only recently started using a serum in my skincare routine but it’s now a crucial step, I can tell when I haven’t used it. I ran out of the one I was using which was a Superdrug one which I think has been discontinued as they didn’t have the range in my local store. This is a new range called Calm Skin for distressing the skin which sounds right up my street. This is also a 2 in 1 serum and moisturiser which has chamomile in it, I can’t wait to try this. This was £3.

Superdrug Calm Skin Blemish Rescue Gel
My skin has been awful recently in terms of blemishes. I’ve had two massive breakouts on my cheek and forehead which didn’t seem to be calming down until very recently. However, I’m really anxious about them getting second wind and coming back. Which is why I got this, I’m hoping this will soothe the skin where I’ve broken out and help prevent it happening again. This was on a buy one get one half price offer with the serum above so I got this for £1.50.

Studio London Contouring Brushes

A girl can never have too many brushes. That is a statement which I live by. Which is why I bought this set of two. The first is a contour brush but I think I’d rather use it for concealer or blending in foundation, it doesn’t seem the best shape for getting into my cheekbones. The second is the brush which I literally fell in love with, it’s a mini fan brush, I’ve been eyeing up a Zoevea one on Cult Beauty which was £10 and this is a perfect dupe for that. This set is by Studio London, who I’ve had brushes from before and loved, it was reduced to 99p!!

Studio London Double Ended Brow and Eye Brushes

I’ve been in desperate need of a new eyebrow spoolie as the one I’m currently using is sellotaped together as the head snapped off of it. This one is perfect as it is double ended and on the other end is an angled brush which I’ll use for filling in my brows. The second brush is another double ended brush for eyeshadow, I’ll probably reach for this for blending in shadow.

Lottie London Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick in Squad
I’m so fussy when it comes to lip colours and products. I usually just stick to what I know, which is mostly Chauffeur by Makeup Revolution. For Christmas I got three of the Nip+Fab liquid lipsticks which I am in love with, I’ve worn one every day since, they just sit so nice on the lips and are so easy to apply. I thought I’d branch out and try one from a different brand so I picked up this one from Lottie London which is a really nice shade, I’ve only heard good things about the brand so can’t wait to give this a try. This was £5.95 in Superdrug.

L’oreal Read My Lips Colour Riche Lip Kit

This set contains a L’oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner in 285 Pink Fever and the corresponding lipstick in the same shade. This is such a cute set which I’d have loved to receive for Christmas but I loved buying it half price for £3 more! This was from ASDA, the price is so good for a L’oreal lipstick and liner.

Holler and Glow Charge It Platinum Purifying Peel Off Mask

IMG_4952.jpgI tried one of the Holler and Glow Peel Off masks a couple of weeks ago, it was the rose gold one, it was amazing. So when I saw this silver one reduced from £3 to £1 I couldn’t not get it, I can’t wait to try this one.

Ps… High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Rose Quartz

I love lip crayons, it makes application so much easier and they’re just handy for throwing in your handbag. This one looked like a gorgeous colour so I had to pick it up, especially considering it’d be reduced from £2 to £1.

Butterbear Bath Bomb
You may or may not know that after Christmas Day, the Halloween and Christmas range in Lush gets reduced to half the price. I only managed to get to a Lush a couple of days after Boxing Day but still picked up a few bits. Butterbear is such a cute bath bomb, it smells really fresh and isn’t overpowering whatsoever. This was reduced to £1.25 from £2.50.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
I bought this bath bomb for my boyfriend for Christmas and was so jealous as I haven’t tried it and it looks insane. So when I saw that they had this in I had to pick one up. I’m most looking forward to using this as it just looks so gorgeous with the gold glitter. This was reduced from £4.25 to £2.12.

Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar
I’ve had my eye on this one ever since they got it in at Halloween but I’ve resisted from picking it up as I do prefer a bath bomb to a bubble bar. This is an incredibly cute little pink, glittery pumpkin that I can’t wait to crumble into my bath. This was also half price from £4.25 to £2.12.

Charlotte Says by Alex Bell
Last year, I read a book called ‘Frozen Charlotte’ which was such an enthralling and terrifying read. This year, the sequel was released and I completely forgot about it until I received a Waterstones gift card and started to think about what I wanted to buy. I’m already over 100 pages into this and it’s just as terrifying and just as captivating as the first.

New Look Black with Silver Studs Box Clutch Bag
This box bag is for New Year’s Eve as it matches my dress and shoes perfectly. It’s also a decent size to fit my flip flops in as I am not a girl made for wearing heels. This was in the New Look sale for £8.

New Look Black Glitter High Neck Bodycon Dress

black-glitter-high-neck-bodycon-dress.jpgThis dress looks so different in real life then it does on photos but it is stunning. It is like a velour material but so glittery, it is perfect for New Year’s Eve to pair with the above bag and some silver heels. This was also in the New Look sale for £7.

Primark Black Bubble Coat

N35397149920067-large.jpgI’ve wanted a bubble coat for so long but never found the right one as they always have something on them that I don’t like but this one was perfect. This is just all black and a slim fit so it doesn’t make me look like a walking marshmallow. It was from Primark and was half price to £10.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing what bits I picked up after Christmas in the sales.

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  1. THis haul is awesome! That crop top is CUTE! And don’t worry, I’m awful at wearing jackets too! I don’t have one that doesn’t make my whole outfit seem unfit! That jacket is cute girl! Love this post! I didn’t even think of post Christmas shopping!

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  2. I have that superdrug serum because the range i used before (it was specifically for dry and senstive ski) had been discontinued too!!! and i was so heartbroken because it was the only one which didnt make my skin more dry than it already is but ive been using this serum and the face wash in the same range and its been so good to me!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are lucky you managed to get some goodies from the Lush sale! I went in to my store today and they didn’t have any sale items left apart from some bars of soap 😦 Did you go on Boxing Day? I heard there were queues outside the stores to get in! Still, worth it though I guess for getting them half price!

    Liked by 1 person

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