First Impressions:Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I am a massive fan of Makeup Revolution, I love their new releases and this was no exception. This is their ‘Conceal and Define’ concealer which was released in 18 shades. 18 shades!?!?! That is just insane for a drugstore brand and is so applaudable that it’s suitable for different skin tones.


The concealer is advertised as lightweight yet with a full coverage which is exactly what I look for a concealer. My go to concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection and I find it lightweight and full coverage so I will probably be using that as my point of comparison. It has a matte finish which is long lasting. I’m very impressed with the large doe foot applicator, that’ll make applying the product under the eye really easy.

On the website, they do give application tips for contouring with a darker shade which is something that I personally wouldn’t do but is obviously another option for anyone else.

I got mine in the shade C1 which is the lightest shade, I tend to go for the lightest shade in concealers/foundations. I haven’t mentioned yet but this concealer is £4, which is good for a drugstore concealer. My swatch doesn’t do the shade justice, it is a really bright, light shade.


The first thing that I noticed was how convenient the applicator is, it’s quite a large doe foot applicator which is so handy and perfect for applying concealer under the eye area. I applied it how I usually would in a triangle under the eye but it proved to be too much product. It was quite hard to blend as I put so much on and I’d read in other reviews that it dries quite quickly and it did. You’ve got to move quite quickly to blend it in so I blended under the first eye then applied the second so the product didn’t dry up.

Under the eye, the concealer sat amazing. It covered up my dark circles and was really brightening. You do not need a lot of this under the eye as it spreads so easily and still gives the full coverage.

I have quite a big blemish in the corner of my nose which is really sore and sticks out like a sore thumb. No other concealer touches it without applying multiple layers and building up the coverage. I applied a little bit of the Makeup Revolution one and it blended really well and it proved really high coverage, this impressed me the most.

Overall I am so so so pleased with this concealer, it is definitely going to be the one that I”m going to reach for on the daily. It is so full coverage and the shade is so brightening on my skin. The bottle is a nice little size and the applicator is a perfect, big size. I cannot believe this is only £4 and that there are 18 shades. I cannot recommend this enough, definitely give it a try. A lot of the shades are currently sold out on Superdrug but it’s definitely worth checking out what stock your local store have in. They also currently have 20% off with Unidays student discount so if you’re going to take full advantage of it, I can’t recommend you give this a try enough!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the review and liked seeing what I thought of this concealer. What a great first release to start the new year!

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  1. Great review. 18 shades for £4 is a bargain! Do you put the concealer on before your foundation or afterwards? I don’t really use concealer but I have dark circles I need to tackle!

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  2. I have heard so many marvellous things about this concealer! What I especially enjoyed about this review was that you didn’t just show us swatches, you actually showed how you apply it to get the best coverage, which is so useful in my opinion as I can use this post as a guide when I attempt to use the concealer myself – I’ve seen so many glowing reviews in the past few days that I am determined to purchase this for myself!

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  3. I love your pictures, it’s so nice to see how much you need to apply rather than just swatches. I think that’s where I’m going wrong, I don’t apply enough, haha. I’m inspired to try this one now, as you say, for £4 you can’t go wrong. Great review and photos, thank you so much for sharing! X

    Lisa |

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