How I Effectively Remove My Makeup ft. My Fave Cleansers

One of my favourite parts of the day is taking off my makeup. Not only because I love having a fresh, bare face but also because I love picking what cleanser to use and how I’m going to take it off. I thought it’d make for an interesting blog post if I shared with you the different ways that I take off my makeup and my favourite cleansers-I’ve tried so many and have quite a few favourites.

Cleansing Brush
If you read my Christmas Haul you’ll know that I received a No7 Cleansing Brush. I try not to use this everyday just to give my skin a break, so I tend to use this around 4 days a week. This is such an effective way to remove makeup, I feel like it really pulls out all of the makeup and dirt out of my face leaving it fresh and clean.

The first cleanse that I do with the brush I tend to use the brush on the first setting (slower option) with the No7 Foaming Cleanser (I’ll write more about that later). This takes off the first layer of makeup I’d like to think. I then use the Soap and Glory Facial Wash which is more of a gel consistency with the brush on the second setting. This gives such a thorough clean, I feel it drags everything out of my skin and makes sure my face is completely clean of all makeup and dirt.

After I’ve done two cleanses I’ll take a hot flannel to my face and gently wipe off all of the excessive makeup and dirt that is brought up onto my face. If I think there’s still makeup there I’ll go in again with the flannel with a bit more product as gentle as I can.

I can’t recommend this brush enough, it’s such a quick and effective way to remove your makeup. My skin always feels amazing when I’ve used this. Just in case you also have this brush (or any cleansing brush for that matter), it’s so important to have spare heads to change every couple of months to make sure your brush is hygienic and not doing your skin more harm than good.

Micellar Water
Once I’ve done a double cleanse I will always do a once over with some micellar water on a cotton pad. A lot of people don’t like to use cotton pads as they tend to absorb a lot of product but I always use them, I like to use the bigger oval ones for micellar water and the smaller ones for toner (don’t ask me why haha, it’s a habit!).


The most popular micellar water is the Garnier one but I like to experiment with mine and buy different ones. The one that I’m currently using and loving is the B. Pure Micellar Water. It is so refreshing and soothing on the skin and removes any traces of makeup that seem to be lurking on my skin. If you want to try some different micellar waters I also love the Simple, Nivea and No7 ones.


Makeup Wipes
I feel like you can’t say you use makeup wipes without being awfully judged nowadays but sometimes they’re the more convenient option. I tend to only reach for them when I’ve stumbled in from a night out, in a rush or for a second or third cleanse. There are some really good makeup wipes out there, the pack that I currently reach for is the Superdrug Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes, they’re so refreshing, they may not be the most effective option for makeup removal but they do a decent job. I also really like the Simple and No7 makeup wipes.


My Favourite Cleansers
Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

As you can tell from the bottle this product has been well loved and well used. For a long time this was my all time favourite cleansing milk. I adore everything about this-the smell, the consistency, how smooth it feels on my skin. I wouldn’t use this for a first cleanse but it’s usually a go to for a second. This feels incredible on the skin, it feels really nourishing and amazing.

Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash

This is something that I received in a Soap and Glory set at Christmas and started using it straight away. This isn’t advertised as a cleanser, hence the name it’s a facial wash but this just lathers so nicely on the skin and for me, gives it a really good cleanse. I use this on the daily because I just love it. It’s got little pink scrub particles in it so it gently exfoliates your skin as well as washing and cleansing it which I love. This would be perfect if you aren’t into exfoliating or scrubbing your skin.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

If you love the Garnier Micellar Water (who doesn’t!?) you definitely need to try this. I picked this up in a Supermarket when my skin was the worst it’s ever been and this is what dragged it out of the depths of despair. This is the best wash for removing makeup, it lives up to all of the hype of the water. I also love that this has a pump on it so I don’t have to pour gel out of a bottle, it’s so much easier and cleaner.

No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser for Normal/Oily Skin

This is currently the first cleanser that I reach for. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, I picked it up in Boots for £5 on an insane offer. This looks like water in the bottle then when you pump it out, it comes out like foam which blows my mind! The foam feels amazing on the skin, it just feels so gorgeous and lathers really nicely. I tend to reach for this because it’s aimed at oily skin, my skin at the moment isn’t too bad for being oily, it’s mainly my forehead but I’m in constant fear of it coming back!

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve never been to a spa or had a facial but how I imagine it’d feel is what it’s like using this cleanser. This is a hot cloth cleanser meaning you apply this product to your face, massaging it in circular motions then remove it with a hot muslin cloth. I adore doing this, it feels really luxurious and like a treat almost. It’s so soothing, this product also smells gorgeous and so fresh. A little hack I use for muslin cloths is instead of buying expensive ones form skincare brands I buy baby ones as they’re so soft and gentle on your skin and are so cheap in comparison.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading about how I remove my makeup and all about my favourite cleansers. I’m sorry the photos are all a bit haphazard with different backgrounds, not every post is going to be perfect but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. I’d love if you could tell me your favourite cleanser in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for more to buy!

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  1. I absolutely love both the Soap and Glory skincare products, they’re my favourites! But this post has given me a list of so many more products I want to try, this is a great post!

    Nat x –

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  2. I love Garnier Micellar water. I have the no7 foaming wash and it’s great. I really like the oil cleanser and the pink scrub too. I get no7 stuff when it’s 3 for 2.

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    1. Thank you, I don’t suffer with dry skin I’ve got really oily skin so I can’t give any advice on that front sadly! The only advice I could give is to look out for skincare products that are targeted at dry skin as I assume they’ll be more moisturising Xx

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    2. I also suffer from really dry skin. A couple things I’ve found to be helpful are cutting out coffee (which isn’t an option for some people lol), only using water-based makeup and primers (it will be the first ingredient on the back of the box rather than silicone) and literally ALWAYS drinking water. I also exfoliate a few times a week with this great cleanser by philosophy:×1695708&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIHTBRAVEiwA6TgJw2dBHS6N4c-uG-PNMGaQNTr4xPs-_oQdF3ZsTaUPqRDiF8Jwu8xSfBoCXxwQAvD_BwE
      and use a rich hydrating night cream afterwards.

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