Marc Jacobs Highliners Review

You may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that I received an Influenster box in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. I feel so lucky to receive these products and am so thankful to be chosen. So, let’s get into what was in the box…

In the box was two Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayons which retail at £20 at John Lewis which you can buy here. These liners are extreme wear, waterproof and come in such an incredible range of shades. The crayon nib makes application precise and easy, much easier than a thin wand or brush. The colour is advertised as being so pigmented with insane payoff which is what I’m looking forward too most as the colours are such bold shades, especially the ones that I received.


I received the shades Pink Of Me and Popular. Pink Of Me is a gorgeous pale, light pink. This will look really nice in the waterline to open the eyes up, I’d also put this along my lower lash line which I think will add such a nice ‘pop’ to an eye look.

Popular is a deeper shade of pink, a more ‘hot pink’ which I think would look really nice blended on the lid or lined along my lid or lower lash line. These are both really nice bold shades which some maybe wouldn’t try but I’m really looking forward to incorporating these shades into my makeup looks.

I am so impressed with the formula of these liners above all. The formula feels so amazing, the nib is so soft and isn’t scratchy which some liners I’ve tried in the past have been. Because the formula feels so luxurious and smooth it makes application so much easier.


I was wary of the pigment of this product, especially with the shades that I received, in particular ‘Pink Of Me’ which is a really pale shade of pink. However, these are so pigmented, the colour payoff really is insane and you don’t have to apply lots of pressure or force to get the full effect of the colours. The colours swatch really intensely, I’m so impressed.


Application is really easy because of the nib and the ease of the pigment. I’ve tried liners in the past which are so difficult to get the colour payoff when you’re applying it to the waterline but it was so effortless to get the full effect of the liner on the waterline. It didn’t sting at all, thankfully!

I am so impressed by the results that I’ve got with the liners, I think they look absolutely gorgeous on. The shades that I received prompt me to be a bit more adventurous with my makeup look rather than sticking to the same brown smokey eye.

I found that I was experimental with application when I was using them. I loved using the shade ‘Pink Of Me’ as a highlighter in my inner eye and under my brow, it blended out really well and looked so nice.

I also applied some of ‘Popular’ into my crease and that blended out really nicely. It created such a nice subtle pink colour. I was a bit more adventurous and applied it in a little triangle in the outer kinda bit of my eye if you get me and that also blended out really well. I used the subtle pink and light brown shades along side this from the Naked 3 palette to create this eye look.

The last thing that I had to test was how well the colour would last. I kept the liner on all day, I nipped out of the house a few times and experienced a bad bout of watery eye (recovering from flu!). The colour lasted all day, the liner didn’t smudge or run which I’m really pleased by as I expected to have pink tears down my face at one point in the day! These have a really impressive lasting power.

Thank you so much for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought of these liners. Thank you again Influenster for sending me this box, I absolutely loved the products! Also, thank you so so much for following my blog, yesterday I hit 900 followers which is just absolutely insane, I’m so grateful for all of the support!!

I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes however all opinions are my own.

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