Bedside Table Essentials

I love to see what people keep on their bedside table. Although that sounds weird, I think it can tell you a lot about someone. I thought about doing a bedside table tour post but I think that’s a bit too invasive and maybe not that interesting to read. So, I thought I’d pick the things that are essential to me to have on my bedside table.
Let’s get into it…


A lamp is a must have for me as I love to sit up in bed reading and writing. I think a lamp can look really nice with the decor of your room as well. This one is from Tesco, you may recognise it from 18th Birthday Haul as it was a present from my boyfriend. It really fits in with the decor of my room as I have subtle accents of copper which looks gorgeous.

Coaster and Drink

I am one of those people who has to have a drink when they’re in bed, I usually wake up in the night gasping for a drink and need to have one there. I try and be good and have a bottle of water but it tends to be a can of pop. To protect my bedside table I use this coaster which was another birthday present and always reminds me of my birthday.

Pen Pot

I tend to do most of my writing-whether that be in journals/diaries or blog post planning-when I’m in bed so a pot full of pens is an essential. I tend to put my special pens in the pot such as the incredibly cute cactus pen. There’s also other bits in there such as, a candle lighter and a tube of E45 cream which I only use when I’ve forgotten to moisturise and can’t be bothered to go to my dressing table. The pot that they’re in is another birthday present and is this 18 mug.


Every night I read at least 100 pages of the book that I’m currently reading and that book lives on my bedside table. At the moment I’m currently reading The Little Book Of Lykke by Meik Wiking which is a follow up book to The Little Book Of Hygge which is such an amazing book. This is a really cosy read so is perfect to read in bed.

Blogging Journal

I do a lot of blog post planning in bed because for some I tend to have a surge of genius ideas just as I’m about to go to sleep. This journal is so good, it was a Christmas present from Paperchase, I can’t recommend it enough to bloggers! This lives on my bedside table with the special Parker pen that my Mum gifted to me with my journal.

Letter Rack

This is a gorgeous copper letter rack from Wilkos that holds some notebooks, letters and loose papers. The things that I put in there are things I tend to reach for on the daily such as this notebook which has all of my blog post ideas in it. I also keep this Photo Booth photo in it which is from one of my favourite trips with my boyfriend, this makes me smile whenever I see it. I think this looks really nice with loads of little bits in it, it also adds another pop of copper to my room and coordinates perfectly with my lamp.

Lip balms

I have the most dry, cracked lips ever. Carmex lip balms are my best friends, I have one in every coat and bag and two live on my bedside tables. One is a classic and one is cherry. Every night before I go to sleep I apply loads of this so I wake up with nice and soft lips. 

Spot Treatments

I do my skincare routine at my dressing table apart from treating any spots or blemishes I may have, I tend to apply any spot products just before I go to sleep. The two main ones that I use the most are Sudocrem and the Superdrug Calm Skin Blemish Rescue Gel. They’re both really good and fast acting with any blemishes, especially the Calm Skin one that is really soothing and feels amazing if your spots hurt.

Nail Varnish
I am an obsessive nail biter thanks to anxiety. I try so hard to not do it as it’s such a bad habit. The main thing that helps me to not do it is by applying coat after coat of this Collection 2 in 1 Longer and Stronger Treatment. If I go to bite my nails and see that they’re painted with this I’ll stop, it also helps to boost nail growth and strengthen the nails which is what is important to me and my non-existent nails.

Pillow Spray

I do struggle to sleep a lot of the time and I try to do things to make me feel sleepy and relaxed at bed time. One of the things that I use is this Calm Fragranced Pillow Spray which I picked up in Dunelm Mill. This smells incredible, it really makes me feel dead chilled and relaxed. I also love how the nozzle is like a perfume bottle rather than a normal spray, it means you don’t end up drenching your pillow when you spray it. If you struggle to sleep I highly recommend you try a pillow spray, you can get some amazing ones in Boots and Superdrug, the most popular one is the This Works one but I haven’t tried that.

Chargers and Devices

My phone and watch lives on my bedside table at night. It should probably live on my dressing table to stop me from reaching for it during the night however it lives next to me. Therefore their chargers also live on my bedside table. Also, please excuse how dirty my iPhone screen is, I only realised when I inserted the photo into the post!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s something a little different that I really liked the idea of so thank you for reading!

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  1. Love love love this idea as a post; you wouldn’t mind if I did one similar (obviously I’d credit you!) would you? It’s super interesting to see what you have by your bed! Makes me feel like mine needs a huge clean out cos I know it’s such a mess haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think this is such a wonderful idea for a post! Your lamp and little coaster are so cute! Lol I honestly have way too many things by my bedside table to do this. I love your little book that you keep near and the photos are so cute! Nice post hun 🙂

    xx Lena |

    Liked by 1 person

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