First Impressions:Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever Palette

I always keep my eye out for new releases by Makeup Revolution, I’m such a massive fan of the brand and always fall in love with whatever they release. As soon as I saw the release of this palette I knew that I needed it. This is the Reloaded Iconic Fever Palette, it has 15 shades in it, including both glittery and matte shades. The shades are stunning, there’s some gorgeous deep reds, oranges, light and dark browns and some paler highlight colours. I’m so apprehensive when it comes to using red shades which is why I haven’t splurged on the Naked Heat, I’ve heard that this palette is a good dupe for that one was another reason why I couldn’t resist it. The main reason I couldn’t resist it was the price, this palette is £4. Yes, £4, how ridiculously good is that!?


Row One

Row Two


Row Three


Eye Look

I set my lids with the second colour on the first row which is a matte white shade. When I swatched this, it didn’t seem very pigmented at all however on the lid it was really brightening and set my lid perfectly.

I built up my crease by adding the two brown shades on the far right of the first row. These are really nice build able colours and would look really subtle all over the lid on their own. They’d also make nice transition shades.

I patted the deepest matte red shade which sits in the middle of the palette all over the lid. I was so impressed by how pigmented this is, I built it up gradually and the end result was so impressive. I then deepened my crease by adding the darker brown shade that is the second colour in on the bottom row, this made the eye look a lot more put together and was such a nice shade for the crease.

As I was adding the deeper shades to the eye look I started to notice there was fall out so I started to tap off most of the excess product. However, when I was patting the red shade in a lot fell out onto my under eye area. So I’d recommend doing the eye look before the rest of your makeup if you’re using this palette. Also, sorry about my unruly brows I need to get them done ASAP!

I finished the look off by adding some of the glittery red shades to the centre of my lid. I used a mixture of the second and fourth shades on the second row. I sprayed some setting spray onto my brush to help to make them a bit more pigmented. These are a really nice shade of red, they look lighter on the lid so are really highlighting and flattering with the eye look.

To finish the look off, I used the first highlight shade under my brow bone, in the inner corner of my eye and on my cupids bow. This wasn’t too pigmented as it’s quite a subtle highlight but as part of a 15 shade palette for £4 I can’t complain!

Overall Thoughts
I am in love with this palette. I am definitely going to start using this more and more. The shade range is gorgeous, there are some stunning reds and burgundies in there which are so pigmented. The glitter shades are also beautiful and look amazing on the centre of the lid. Even if I wasn’t going for a red eye look, I would even reach for this just for the brown shades which are perfect for day and night looks. There are so many versatile looks you can do with this palette. £4 is just an insane price for this, you really can’t go wrong if you want to experiment with different colours and looks. I can’t recommend this enough. I haven’t used the Naked Heat but the colours make it a really good dupe for it, I don’t have a bad word to say about the quality either,

I’ll link the palette here if you’d like to pick one up for yourself. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the review!

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  1. A brilliant first impressions! I REALLY like the makeup look you created with it. Makeup Revolution has some amazing products, and it looks like you found a good ‘un X

    elise //

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  2. Great post! I loved the look you created using this stunning palette. You won’t believe that I have still not tried this brand and I am not sure if it is available here in Philippines. I have my fingers crossed some day I will be able to get hold of Makeup Revolution. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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