First Impressions:Fleur De Force x Eylure Brow Palette

I’ve seen this in a few Youtube videos and mentioned in various blog posts but it was never something that I planned to buy as I’m not the biggest fan of brow powders, I just find pomades so much easier to create the perfect brow shape. However, I was in TKMaxx last week and spotted it for just £1.99 when it retails at £12 in the shops. I couldn’t leave it at that price, I knew straight away that I had to test it to tell you all my opinions on it.


I picked up the palette in the shade Light, it has two shades for your brows in it, a lighter one which is meant for the front of your brow and a darker shade made for the rest of the brow. I never tend to use different shades to fill in my brows as I don’t tend to do the ombre style brows. There’s also a highlight shade in the palette for under the brow which is really handy, I love an under brow highlight.


They swatched really nice, all three shades are really pigmented and feel like a really nice consistency. From the initial swatches I’m really impressed, they feel like really high quality which I’m so pleased with considering the price that I paid.


I started by using the darker shade to shape the end of brow as that is where I need the definition most. I did find that the product didn’t fill in really sparse areas and wouldn’t fill in any gaps prominently which I was quite disappointed with as the main reason I fill in my brows is to give them that full shape. It did feel buildable as the more that I packed onto the brush, the better the product applied to my brows, especially the sparser areas.

I used a different brush to apply the lighter shade to the front of my brow but it didn’t even show up which was so disappointing. It was just far too light for my colour hair/brows and it didn’t feel as pigmented as the darker shade which I assume is because it’s much lighter. I just used the darker shade with a lighter hand to fill in the front of my brows, it was easy to shade and manoeuvre at the front and I got the shape that I wanted.

I then went in with the highlight shade to apply under my brow to lift it and I was really impressed. It was really pigmented and looked really subtle but gorgeous under the brow. I will definitely be using this in my everyday routine as it’s really enhancing and doesn’t look overly glittery or ‘poppy’ which some highlighters do.


Overall, I’m quite happy with this product. As I said earlier I’m not the biggest fan of brow powders but this is the one that I’ll reach for when I want a bit more natural looking brows. Below is a comparison photo of my natural brow and a done up brow using this palette and I am happy with the shape that it created and the shade. I am disappointed with the fact that the lighter shade is non existent when applied to the brow but that might just be my personal preference. It might be interesting to mix the two shades as that might create the perfect shade for you. I wouldn’t pay £12 for it but for £2 in TKMaxx I definitely think it’s worth that.


Thank you so much for reading, I do hope that you enjoyed this review. I now have a blog schedule which dates to the end of February, I feel so organised and can’t wait to put out all of the content that I have for you all.

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  1. I absolutely love Fleur and I want to try these brow products so bad but I’m afraid of the pigmentation, as I have black eyebrows. I may give it a shot anyhow with the darkest shade.

    Great post! x


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