January Favourites:Then and Now

I was binge watching Hollife’s Youtube videos last week when I came across one of her videos where she reflected on her old favourites to see whether they’re still her favourites or not. I love this idea and knew straight away that I wanted to do a similar version on my blog. So, I take absolutely no credit for this post, I highly recommend you go over and watch Holly’s videos, I love her channel and it is linked here. So, last January I posted my first ever favourites post, I didn’t include much and it wasn’t the best post but let’s see what I think of the things that this time
last year were my faves…

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I go through phases of using a makeup sponge to blend in my foundation, at the moment I prefer to use a brush to blend it in. However, I do use the Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge to make sure all my face makeup is blended in and secure on my face. I wouldn’t necessarily call a makeup sponge my favourite now but I do still enjoy to use them for some things. I tend to use a variety of different Real Techniques sponges as you can see in the photo, I use the Miracle Sculpting Sponge, Miracle Complexion, Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges and Wedge Sponges.

Coconut Oil

I no longer use coconut oil so this is definitely not a favourite anymore. After I emptied my first tub I kept putting off buying a new one and still do. I did love using this for cooking/smoothies and for skincare purposes so I will definitely be rebuying this, this has acted as a little reminder.

Chia Seeds

This is another thing that I no longer use so is definitely not a favourite. There are so many amazing health benefits with using chia seeds, they’re a great superfood and so easy to incorporate into your diet. I used to love using chia seeds in my porridge and smoothies/shakes. This is another reminder that I should definitely start to use these, especially now that I’m starting to eat a bit more healthier.



Finally something that is actually my favourite a whole year on, yay! I still absolutely love podcasts and listen to them so much throughout the week. I actually wrote a whole blog post on my favourite podcasts which you can read here. The ones that I mentioned last January were Get It On, Magic Lessons, Desert Island Discs and Ctrl Alt Delete-all of which were featured in my post. Podcasts are so great, I absolutely adore them and I’m hoping that this time next year I’m still listening to them.


This time last year I was new to blogging, it was my first month and I was loving it. I’ve just celebrated my first year (I wrote a celebratory post here) and blogging is 100% my absolute favourite. I don’t think this will ever not be one of my favourites. I still love blogging so much, I even love all of the hard work and stress. My blog has actually had a bit of a revamp recently, I have a gorgeous new blog header which I adore! 

Brothers Of Mine


I still absolutely love Brothers Of Mine, their sound is amazing it’s so fresh and new. Since they were featured in my last January favourites they’ve released a new single called ‘First Time’ which is so good, I’ll link said single here, which you can listen to on Spotify.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. I love this idea, so thank you to Holly for this idea!

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