January Favourites

January is over, it felt like it lasted forever but the first month of 2018 is done! It’s been a busy, eventful and overwhelming month but I’ve found so many things that I absolutely love. Before I go in to my favourites I just want to have a little chat about the kind of month that I’ve had, as so many think that us bloggers have perfect lives where nothing goes wrong and I want to disapprove that…

I got a really bad bout of flu right at the start of January which meant all of my resolutions didn’t have a chance to start and the idealistic start to the year that I wrote about here was replaced with medication, rest and lots of sniffles. I suffered with flu for around two weeks, during that time I was meant to have my exams at university so I missed my exams. I was absolutely gutted, I also have to resit in August which is such a pain. On the 4th of Jan my car broke down. If life couldn’t get any harder I was then carless. My little Fiat is now back up and running after a pricey trip to the garage. If you think my month goes on the up after that you’re wrong, I then had to do a four hour speed awareness course. I was completely in the wrong speeding, there is absolutely no excuse for it but it was such a nightmare. I also suffered with my first panic attack in months last week, which I experienced whilst driving, it was absolutely awful and left me feeling emotionally drained for days. Anyway, let’s get on with all of the things that I loved this month, I did just want to put the message out there that life isn’t perfect and bad things happen sometimes, even to us so called perfect bloggers!

No7 Cleansing Brush

I received this for Christmas off of my boyfriend who is well aware of my skincare obsession. I wrote about how much I’m loving this in my post about how I remove my makeup which you can read here and so many of you were interested by it. This makes you feel like you’re having a mini facial at home, it deeply cleanses your face and makes your skin feel so clean and fresh. I can’t recommend this brush enough, it isn’t too pricey and does an insane job.

No7 Cleansers

This month Boots had an offer on the No7 cleansers, they were reduced to £5 and were included in the 3 for 2 offer. This was an insane offer that I was not going to miss so I picked up the micellar water, the hot cloth cleanser and foaming cleanser. The ones that I’ve been using the most this month are the foaming cleaners which works amazingly with the brush and the hot cloth cleanser which has such a lovely, soothing effect on your skin.

Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3 in 1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash

January has definitely been my month of skincare as you can probably tell! I love how this face wash feels, I use it as a cleanser as you’ll have read in my skincare post this month. The consistency is amazing, it has scrub particles in it which gently exfoliates the skin as well as cleansing and polishing. 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

This has been such an incredible makeup release this month, you’re probably sick of hearing about it, there’s been so many reviews including my own which you can read here. I am in love with this cleanser, it’s now become the one that I reach for every morning. Although it does set quite fast, I’ve found a little resolution to this as I find it so much easier to blend it out using a makeup sponge, I feel like it makes it sit so much nicer under the eyes. The shade range of this is absolutely incredible and it’s also on £4!

Red and Yellow Puffer Jackets

I am a massive lover of jackets and coats. I feel like they top of an outfit and can completely transform how you look. This month I splurged on two puffer jackets which is my new favourite type of jacket. I bought a red and yellow one from Tesco which are gorgeous, they fit so lovely and pinch you in at the waist ever so slightly. There’s also a hood hiding in the zip which is so handy! These were both reduced to £15 each, I could not pick between the two! 

The Unmumsy Mum and The Unmumsy Mum Diary by Sarah Turner

These were the first books that I read this year and I absolutely loved them. I found myself physically laughing out loud with some of the things that Sarah wrote, she is such a talented author. In these books, Sarah recalls her frankly honest account of motherhood, she doesn’t hold anything back and is hilarious. I’m not the target audience for this as I’m not a mother which just goes to show how amazing these books really are.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Books like Flipped remind me why I love to read. I didn’t realise how much I was enjoying reading this until I was over half way through and I realised how much I loved the characters and how in love with the story I was. I adore the structure of the book, the way that the chapters flipped from Juli to Bryce’s perspectives was incredible, I felt there emotions so deeply and the story unravelled magnificently. For the first time in years, I had to highlight parts in the book that were so profound, one of which made me actually cry. I adored this book, I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Blogging Journal

I got this journal for Christmas from my Mum and Dad as they know how much I love my notebooks and staying organised. It was from Paperchase and has been my saviour this month. I keep all of my ideas in this book, it helps me to keep track of all my stats and plans for the blog and ideas for posts. I’ve loved using this for my blog planning.

Celebrity Big Brother

I am a massive fan of Big Brother, especially the Celebrity edition. This seasons has by far been the best one ever, every night I’ve LOVED it and couldn’t wait for the next night. My absolute favourite contestant who I want to win is Shane J/Courtney Act, he is just one of the best people ever, he speaks so eloquently and is so open minded and understanding, I really hope he wins. 

The Greatest Showman (Movie and Soundtrack)

When I watched the trailer for this towards the end of last year I knew I was going to absolutely love it. I adore musical films, the preview looked amazing and the cast looked incredible. I was in complete awe of the film, it blew me away and had such a profound effect on me as the whole message of the film is incredible. Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack, I’ve listened to it nonstop this week, especially when I’ve been in the gym. My favourite song is Million Dreams but I also adore This Is Me and Rewrite The Stars (Zac Efron please marry me). If you haven’t watched or listened to it yet please do!


I am a huge Disney fan and I do tend to have a soft spot for the Pixar films so I had high expectations for Coco. It did not let me down, in fact it far excelled any hopes or expectations that I had for it. It was truly beautiful and one of the best that Disney have made, it is definitely up there in my rankings. This left me and my boyfriend in floods of tears when those credits came up, we were both so moved and emotional after it. Disney got everything right with this film- the characters, the music, the twists and turns, the ending. Even the colours that they used were a masterpiece. I can’t wait to watch Coco again.

Alice Thorpe

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 19.53.46.png
I’ve been watching Alice’s Youtube videos for quite a while now but I’ve really loved her content this month on both her main channel and her vlogging channel. Alice is one of the most real, genuine Youtubers, her videos are so honest and creative. If you’re a bit bored of big Youtubers who’ve let fame go to their head then I highly recommend giving Alice’s channel a watch, she is just so refreshing and down to earth.


Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 19.54.03.png
Similar to Alice, Soph is another Youtuber who hasn’t let Youtube change them and is so down to earth and honest. Soph’s channel is makeup based and her content is always so creative and original. She also makes videos on the Makeup Revolution Youtube channel which are also so amazing. So if you’re into more makeup videos and tutorials you should definitely give Soph’s videos a watch.

Saving-1p Challenge

One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to save money. I usually really do struggle to save so I needed something to help me do so and motivate me. It was actually my Mum who told me about the 1p saving challenge so I researched it and found the Skint Dad’s post about it here. I printed off his chart and started on the 1st of January. I’ve stuck to it for the whole month and saved around £60 although it feels like nowhere near that. If I stick to it all year (fingers crossed) I’ll have £667.95.

I’ve been so glad to get back into a routine this month. I loved being off for Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but I lost all sense of routine, I was falling asleep and waking up at all of the wrong times and I didn’t visit the gym once. Getting back to uni, going to the gym and getting stuff done has done me the world of good this month. I work like a much more functional human being when I have a routine to follow and know what I’m doing.

Couch To 5k

My Mum started this, this month so she was my main inspiration for starting this. I love running, I always do intervals on the treadmill but I’m usually all over the place and have no strict times to stick to which means I rarely see improvement in my running ability. So I decided to download the app and get started, I love doing it. Every time that I do one of the runs I feel incredible. Although it does blooming kill the next morning it is 100% worth it. 

Acorn Farm

Goats are my favourite animals, ever. I realised this month that I hadn’t seen one in my lifetime so planned a trip to my local farm with my boyfriend. It is was perfect, the animals were so happy and it was such an amazing visit. I took four of my nieces at the weekend who loved it even more. Both trips have been the highlight of my month and I made memories that I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me throughout January, my blog has had a great start to the year and that’s all because of your support so thank you!

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