Testing the W7 Silicone Pebble

These silicone applicators have been around for quite a while now but I’ve never tried one but have always been so intrigued by them. I found this W7 one in Peacocks for £1.50 and knew that I had to try it. Just for reference, I tend to blend in my foundation with either the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or RT Expert Face Brush.


The packaging claims to give a flawless complexion with the pebble being super soft and wasting no product. I was very apprehensive before trying this as I don’t usually branch out with my base applicators, I tend to stick to what I know however if you always do that you’ll never find anything new that you might love.

It recommends on the packaging to apply your liquid base product (I was using the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Calico) onto the applicator first then apply it to your face. I usually apply a couple of pumps directly to my face then blend it out from there so I applied the same amount of product onto the silicone pebble that I normally would in my everyday routine.


I think that was my first mistake as the silicone pebble doesn’t absorb any of the product whatsoever whereas tools such as makeup sponges absorb quite a lot of product, it’s always quite alarming when you wash them and half a bottle of foundation comes out. As soon as I started to blend the foundation into my skin with the applicator I knew I’d applied too much product which made it quite difficult to blend out.

I found it really difficult to blend foundation with. The flatness made the product just sit on my skin so I felt like I was just pushing it in rather than blending it out so it looked natural. It gave me foundation lines as I couldn’t blend it right into my hair line or jawline because of the shape of the applicator. It wasn’t great for blending foundation so I probably wouldn’t use it for that again.

It recommends on the packaging to fold the pebble in half to help blend concealer out which I was looking forward to trying. I applied some of the Makeup Revolution Define and Conceal concealer (you can read the full review here) under my eyes then used the technique recommended on the box to blend it out. I was really impressed by this, as it didn’t absorb any of the product it made it really full coverage which I was really impressed by. It was really easy to blend it out and got the full effect of the coverage and brightening across. I also dabbed loose powder under my eye using the flat side of the pebble which I also was really impressed with.

So, I wasn’t impressed with using the silicone pebble to blend out foundation but I really like using it for concealer and have used it a few times since. For £1.50 I think it’s a bargain and it might work better for others or depending on how you like your base to look and how you apply it.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I’ve seen different brands bringing out these type of products for ages now but they have never appealed to me! I’m a Real Techniques sponge girl all the way! I never thought these would be able to blend out foundation well and I’m shocked that it worked well for concealer but at least it wasn’t a complete fail! Great, honest review thank you!

    Jess xx

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