Day In The Life-University Student and Blogger

Life is busy. I mean whose isn’t? I think a lot of people think that bloggers and students are lazy and don’t lead busy lives but I think otherwise. I thought I’d do a day in the life post to give you all a bit of insight into my life and what a day looks like for a blogger and university student…

I woke up just before 9AM which for so many is a lie in but for me is an early morning, welcome to the life of a student. I am guilty of rolling around in bed for far too long after waking up and considering this was a Monday I spent even longer rolling around. When I finally came too and put my watch and glasses on I popped my Youtube ‘Watch Later’ playlist on my TV, this wakes me up a little bit and the playlist just seems to never get smaller so I try and work my way through it as and when I can.

10AM was my target to sit up and get up. I sat up in bed and decided that would be my office for the next hour or so. I uploaded a blog post-‘First Impressions:Fleur De Force x Eylure Brow Palette’. I then had to do promo posts on all of my social medias which is quite time consuming but I do enjoy doing it. I did some blog admin things before crawling out of bed, waking my boyfriend up and heading downstairs for breakfast which was Nutella porridge (the best breakfast ever but not too nutritious). I’ve also fallen back in love with drinking green tea and of course this is my mug of choice…


I am a massive fan of horror films despite being absolutely terrified of them so whilst I got ready for uni and did my makeup, we put The Amityville Horror on my TV. I like to take my time getting ready hence why I started at this time, it’s also nice to not rush or stress before a long day.

At quarter past twelve we left for uni, I usually have to leave about an hour before I start as due to traffic and parking problems the drive can be around 45 minutes which is a nightmare.

I had a lecture starting at 1PM lasting an hour for a module called ‘The Sounds Of English’. Those lectures are always so draining and I feel like I don’t look up the whole time. As you can tell from my Insta story, I wasn’t feeling it.


I had two hours off starting at 2PM so I had booked a study room in the library which is always so handy for when you don’t have enough time to go home but don’t want to sit in the library. Jacob joined me and for the first hour we watched the rest of The Amityville Horror whilst I replied to comments on my blog and commented on others blog posts in return.


For the second hour after the film ended, we put on videos about urban legends and myths as we’re both obsessed with anything horror/scary. I also moved from blog work to uni work, printing and organising notes whilst also copying out lecture notes in the hope to make them a bit more comprehensive.

4PM & 5PM
I then had a two hour seminar for the literary side of my degree for a module called ‘Literary Periods and Genres’. These are the bane of my life as I don’t say a word and usually don’t have a clue what’s going on. Two hours really does drag.

As soon as it finished I met back up with my boyfriend and we searched for my car on the car park (losing it is a daily occurrence now). Before I dropped him off we had a mooch in Sports Direct and Tesco where I bought my lunch for the next day. I’ve been trying to cut meat out of my diet gradually and I’m really enjoying doing so, my wrap of choice was hummus and falafel which I lovvve.

After dropping Jacob off I then drove to my local gym. I’m currently using the Couch To 5k app to help me get fitter and see some improvement with my running as I usually never change my intervals. I’m going to do a post at the end of the process explaining the runs and the differences I’ve noticed etc. My gym trip was cut short thanks to my anxiety. My anxiety has become increasingly worse recently, it seems like my brain enjoys convincing myself that people are speaking/looking/laughing at me when in reality they’re not. But at the time it feels so consuming and takes over my every thought that it’s only in hindsight that I see the reality. I’ll write a full post on my anxiety in the future, I’m not quite ready to do so at the moment as it’s still an ongoing battle that I seem to be losing at the moment. My anxiety has shaped itself in other ways as well, today I felt incredibly self conscious about my skin. My skin is quite clear at the moment, I have a few faded spots on my forehead and redness in my cheeks but it’s been a lot worse. However today I felt awful about it, so much so that I kept my makeup on in the gym which I hate doing as I’m a sweater and feel disgusting afterwards. Anxiety is awful and today I was defeated by it.


If there was anything that I needed after that day it was to come home to two of my gorgeous nieces having a sleepover at mine. They have such a positive impact on me, they’re little rays of sunshine that I treasure. I got straight into my comfy pyjamas, organised all of my uni work from the day and settled down on the couch with my mum and dad. I took part in a Comment Swap with the GirlsWhoBlog account on Twitter- if you’ve never taken part in one, you definitely should! I also read some of the book that I was currently reading, which was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (I lovvved it and am one episode into the series).

Celebrity Big Brother started at 9, I’ve loved this series and was so gutted when it ended, I blooming love Courtney/Shane J. I did a little bit more printing for uni as the list of things to print is literally never ending!

I went up to bed at 10 and put my Youtube Watch Later playlist on, I have a post coming out soon about the Youtubers that I watch so keep your eyes out for that. Before I properly settled for the night, I did my skincare routine (I have lots of skincare posts up and you can find them all under this category).

I put the next episode of Black Mirror on to watch before I fell asleep, I’m currently obsessed with it and can’t stop watching it. I tend to multitask an awful lot so as well as watching Black Mirror I finished ready Big Little Lies (that ending though!?) and then fell asleep.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope that you enjoyed it and enjoyed the little insight into life as a student and blogger. I’ve also started a Facebook page for my blog, I’d really appreciate a like and any support is always appreciate- the link is down below!

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  1. You definitely have a busy work day! Reminded me of when I was at university (many years ago – omg!). I’d have lectures at 8am some days (some even wore their pjs to the lecture!) and some days I’d be there until about 7pm as we’d have a late evening lecture too. Luckily I lived near campus so it wasn’t too bad. I also remember making the most of the 24hour medical library to get my coursework completed in time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOVE YOUR MUG! I need to get a blogging mug so badly! And sounds like you did have a busy day! I, personally, would love it because I thrive on hectic busy days. Great post girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always enjoy these types of posts. So interesting to see your day and also wow, you are super productive haha! I don’t think I’d be able to go gym after a long day of uni and blog stuff so I should definitely motivetae myself more hahah! Great post! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. you got so much done in one day! amazing! also im sorry about your anxiety, but don’t get yourself down about it because you are trying your best! that is what I tell myself anyway when I feel like anxiety has won… I just tell myself I did my best and thanks okay x

    Liked by 1 person

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