Testing the Poundland Makeup Gallery Brush Cleanser

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know how much of a stickler I am for cleaning my makeup brushes. I’ve tried a lot of brush cleaners because I’m still searching for the perfect one and I really enjoy testing them for you all (you can see some past ones here and here). When I saw this one in Poundland I knew that I had to try it and share my thoughts on it for you all, so let’s get into it…

Firstly, the bottle is a decent size it’d be handy for travel. The bottle is a lot more hygienic than other products that I’ve used as you squeeze the product out of the bottle rather than dipping a brush back in and out of tub. It’s also easier to distribute the product and get the right amount out. The packaging is also quite sleek, I was impressed considering it was only a pound.

The product itself is a gel like consistency, which I think you can see in the photo below. It smells INCREDIBLE. It has tea tree and peppermint oils in it which make it smell so clean and refreshing. I’ve used some brush cleansers in the past that have made my brushes smell a bit funny but this made them smell amazing and made them feel cleaner because that smell is so fresh and clean.


This brought any excess product out of my makeup straight away which was the first thing that I noticed. I picked the dirtiest brush that I had to clean first which was a blending brush for eyeshadow that was packed with red eyeshadow from the day before. I applied some of the product onto this brush scrubber board which I picked up on eBay and it makes cleaning your brushes so easy and making sure they’ve had a thorough cleanse. It does recommend on the bottle to apply the product straight onto the brush but for smaller brushes like these I chose to apply it onto the scrubber board. I wet the brush then scrubbed it onto the board into the product and the first thing that I noticed was how much product came off of the brush and how quickly and easily it did so. I repeated this to make sure all excess product was removed and the brush was completely clean. It’s also useful to make sure all of the brush cleanser is washed out of the brush as it can make the brushes a bit funny when they’ve dried (I’ve learnt this through experience!).


I am so impressed by this brush cleanser, it may be the best one that I’ve tried so far. I cannot believe this is only £1, for such an effective cleanser that price is amazing. I can’t recommend this enough, if you’re looking for one to even just try or to use alongside another more expensive cleanser so it doesn’t run out too quickly (do you get me?) this is perfect for you.


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed reading it, I love doing these style of posts and I hope you enjoy reading them!

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  1. I don’t know if you tried this one already or even if they still sell it, but Primark did a pretty good day-to-day spray cleaner for about £1. You could clean your brushes right after using them but just spraying them and then cleaning them on tissue. It was really good and meant that makeup didn’t get built up every week. The good thing was that the brushes dry almost instantly too!

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  2. This sounds wonderful, especially for only £1. I’m the opposite of you, I am terrible at cleaning my brushes and when I do remember to do it, it’s with washing up liquid. Really hoping that my local Poundland stocks this. At least then my brushes will at least be cleaned with the right product. 😊

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  3. This sounds amazing for only £1! I’ve been needing a new make-up brush cleanser, so it was such good timing to read this haha. I’ve tried a few of Poundland nail varnishes out and they are pretty good for £1 too! Will have to look out for this next time!


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