Eyeshadow Palette Bingo #1

Eyeshadow Palette Bingo is when you randomly pick four shades out of an eyeshadow palette and have to use those shades to create an eye look. I adored this idea and when I saw it I knew that I wanted to do my own version of it in the form of a blog post. This was created by Elle S so all credit for this idea goes to her, go and check out her channel!

For the first instalment in the series I’m going to use my all time favourite eyeshadow palette, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I asked my boyfriend to pick four numbers between 1 and 16 at random and the ones that he picked were-9, 12, 4, 15.

9=Strawberry Bon Bon
4=Black Forest Truffle
15=Cherry Cordial


So, I took Strawberry Bon Bon, which is a pale pink shade on a flat brush to pat all over my lid to act as the base. I’ve never used this shade and I can see why as I was so disappointed with it, it was not pigmented whatsoever, I was really packing it onto the brush but there was no pigment to it at all. I may as well have not used it being completely honest as it did nothing to the eye look.


I then took Hazlenut on a blending brush into my crease to build that up. I do prefer to use a matte shade in my crease but Hazlenut is slightly glittery/glimmery so it wouldn’t be my preference however it was a really nice, blendable colour and was really pigmented but didn’t look too glittery. I was so impressed with this shade, I’d never used this one before but I think I will after trying it for this.

I then sprayed some setting spray onto my ‘packing’ brush which I use to pack a colour onto my lid when I want it to come across as pigmented as possible. I decided to use the shade Cherry Cordial all over my lid which is a matte purple shade. I’ve never used purple eyeshadow so was very apprehensive about trying it, I was also worried it wouldn’t be very pigmented but I was so impressed. It is definitely buildable so the more I packed on the deeper the purple looked and it looked more pigmented. I tried to create a shaped look on my lid with this if you understand what I mean so it didn’t look messy.

Just in case you were wondering, the lip product that I have on is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shadow. I actually bought this just for Halloween but I love how it looks on my lips and think it’s something a bit different from my everyday nudes and pale pinks.

To complete the eye look, I used the last shade which was a shimmery purple called Black Forest Truffle on the centre of my lid to act as a kind of highlighter. This completed the look perfectly and was SO pigmented. I then took a mix of this shade and Cherry Cordial along my lower lash line to bring it all together.


This was the final look that I did share on my Instagram as I blooming loved it, I was really feeling this makeup look and felt so confident. I felt like the purple shadows made my green eyes really pop and complimented the blue lip colour that I had on. I will definitely be reaching for those purple shades more often now.

Thank you so much for reading this, I do hope that you enjoyed it and look forward to another instalment in this little series! Hopefully in the next post I’ll make an effort with my hair and get out of my pj’s!

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  1. This is such a great idea and you managed to create a beautiful look! I love purple eyeshadows, I have Morphe 35P and I used to wear it all the time at one point, and this look really suits you so you should experiment with a few more! I’ve got that grey liquid lipstick as I saw ‘Sophdoesnails’ wearing grey and thought it looked lovely, it suits you too but somehow I just can’t seem to pull it off!

    Jess xx

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