First Impressions:Urban Decay Naked Heat

I received this palette as a present off of my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day (I featured it in a haul here) and mentioned I was going to do a full post on it so here we are. So, let’s get straight into my first impressions of the Naked Heat palette.

As I mentioned in the haul, I wasn’t bothered by the release of this palette at all, it didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. However, I bought the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever palette which is a dupe for this palette featuring very similar shades and I fell in love with it and now wear quite a lot of red/orange eyeshadows so this was on the top of my high end makeup wish list.

This cost £39.50 which is the price of the Naked palettes but I do think it is worth the price, especially when makeup is one of your hobbies and you collect it. The packaging is gorgeous, I’m going to try and keep it longer, as I usually keep it for a couple of weeks then throw it out. The outside of the palette is so pretty, it is definitely my favourite packaging of any of the Naked palettes.

I think there’s a decent range of shades in the palette, you get 12 and there’s a mix of matte and glitter shades. The shade ‘Ounce’ is a matte white shade which would be used for setting eye primer as a base for the eye look. ‘Sauced’ and ‘Low Blow’ are matte browns but are quite light colours so would be good for building up the crease or on their own for a more natural, subtle look. The main matte red shades which I’d use all over my lid are ‘He Devil’, ‘Cayenne’ and ‘En Fuego’. The glitter shades are gorgeous especially, ‘Lumbre’ and ‘Scorched’ whereas ‘Dirty Talk’ is a more subtle glitter which could be built up. The darkest shade ‘Ashes’ would be perfect for building up the crease and the outer v as it’s so dark and would blend well with the red shades.


I don’t usually bother with the brushes that come with palettes but this one seems actually quite good. It is a double ended brush with one end for blending and the other aimed for use at the crease. The bristles are so soft, I’ll definitely be adding this into my brush collection to use.


I waited for 4 days to use this palette as I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot for a post. So I was so excited to use it. I went in with ‘Ounce’ all over the lid which set my primer and was really pigmented, some white shades in eyeshadow palettes can be ‘nothing’ shades. I then used ‘Low Blow’ in my crease which is a light brow and is so pigmented as I was blending it I was so impressed as how easily it blends and how perfect it is as a crease shade. I patted ‘He Devil’ all over my lid which is a really rich red, I didn’t need to pack as much onto my brush as it is so pigmented and the colour pay off is insane. I then took ‘En Fuego’ which is a deeper red into my crease to darken it and this was what made the look for me. I was going to leave it there but then I realised I hadn’t tested any of the glitter shades so I patted ‘Lumber’ on the centre of my lid to highlight it and it was gorgeous, I again didn’t need much at all.

This was the look that I created and I loved it! I am obsessed with red eyeshadows as they make the green in my eyes really pop which I love.

I am so so so impressed with this palette. The colours are so pigmented and have insane colour pay off which is the thing that distinguishes this palette from the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever palette which is a great dupe for this but you definitely need to dip back into this shades to build up the colour. I think there’s a nice range of shades, the glitters are stunning and so pigmented and the reds and oranges are gorgeous. I absolutely love this and will definitely reach for it an awful lot. The only downside to it could be the price but I can completely justify it as I adore these palettes!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Your makeup always looks so nice! I have this palette and I didn’t reach for it very often before but I used it a few weeks back and loved it so now I’m always reaching for it! The browns are perfect crease shades and I love warm toned red and purple eyeshadows! I’ve also got Naked Smoky but I never use that I think Heat is way better!

    Jess xx

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  2. I am obsessed with the Naked Heat Palette (I’ve got my own review on my blog)! I started doing makeup of the days on Instagram every Monday and I have to make myself try and use other palettes some times hahah! I would say it is completely worth the price

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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