My Cheapest Face Of Makeup

I did a post earlier this year called ‘The Cost Of My Full Face Of Makeup’ and it went down really well, the response was so overwhelming so I decided to do some variations of it. This post is going to be a face full of my cheapest makeup and soon a face full of my most expensive makeup will go up. I think there are some amazing drugstore/cheap makeup out there so I wasn’t too worried about how this would turn out but let’s see anyway…

Primer-Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer £2.55

Although this is the cheapest primer that I own, I absolutely love it. This is so moisturising and gives a really nice base for makeup, I always rebuy this when I’m running low as it is one of my favourite skincare products and primers. It’s also great to use so you’re not using your more expensive primers up.

Colour Correcting-PS… Colour Corrector £1

I only occasionally colour correct and when I do I use orange under my eye and green on any redness. This is a peachy shade for under the eyes, I do find that this reduce the appearance of your dark circles and is a nice base under concealer. This isn’t creamy at all and can be quite hard to get a good amount of product off but when you do it’s really effective.

Foundation-Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation £7.49

I’m so torn over this foundation, when my skin is really good and has no texture or blemishes, this foundation is perfect. But my skin at the moment has texture and has plenty blemishes so this didn’t bear well. I also think this is too light, it didn’t blend well around my nose and cheeks at all. I never reach for this and probably won’t.

Concealer-PS… Camouflage Palette £1.50

I never use this palette, it lives in my gym bag in case I’m feeling a bit self conscious about my skin. I used the lightest shade, the third in, under my eyes and down the centre of my nose and the first shade on my blemishes. This did not sit well on top of the foundation, it started to become bitty and didn’t give the best coverage. I usually use this on my bare skin or on top of a foundation that sits well on my skin so it works well for that.

Powder-Pro Artist HD Pro Finish Powder Banana £1.50

I love this powder!! I picked this up in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since. This is a banana powder and sits really well on top of my skin, I’m obsessed with how soft it is as well. This definitely saved my base!!

Contour-Collection Contour Stick £3.99

This was the first contour product that I ever used and I was obsessed with this for so long! Now I use powder contour and it is so much easier to use, this cream product is so hard to blend in. I probably wouldn’t reach for this now as it isn’t the easiest to blend in and I feel like it takes any product underneath it off.

Bronzer-Makeup Revolution Bronzer £1

I’d never used this bronzer before but I actually really liked it, it’s a perfect shade for me as it’s not too dark. It blended really well and saved my contouring. I will definitely be using this from now on.

Blusher-Makeup Revolution Baked Blush in Bang Bang You’re Dead £1

I always use this blusher as it is the perfect shade for me, it is such a gorgeous deep pink but gives such a natural blush to the cheeks. I have blushers that are a lot more expensive than this but are no where near as pigmented as this.

Highlighter-Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Flash £1

This highlighter is gorgeous! It is ice white so if that isn’t suitable for your skin tone I wouldn’t recommend this but I adore it. I mean look at that pigment it’s just stunning and I adore using this. This is just as good as any expensive icy white highlighters I’ve tried.

Brows-Fleur De Force x Eylure Brow Palette £1.99

I hate using brow powders, I am a pomade gal through and through. I did a full review on this palette here but I do find it quite difficult to make the desired shape of my brow, I just find it too powdery.

Brow Gel-Rimmel Brow This Way Clear Brow Gel £4.49


I am a stickler for brow gels, I use one every single day which means I am a bit particular about which one I reach for. This is very low down on the list, I don’t feel like it makes my brows stay at all, this is a disappointing one for me.

Eye Primer-Collection Illuminating and Reviving Eyeshadow Primer £4.99


This is the only eye primer I’ve ever used and I love it, that does mean that I have nothing to compare it against though. This is actually started to run out so if you have any drugstore eye primer recommendations do let me know!

Eyeshadow Palette-Makeup Revolution Iconic Fever Reloaded Palette £4

This palette gives me absolute life, I have a full review of it here featuring swatches and my full opinion. This palette gives me life, I absolutely love it, the shades are gorgeous and so pigmented, it’s just a dream and for £4 you really cannot go wrong.

Mascara-Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara £6.99

I love this mascara however on a day to day I do tend to use two mascaras as I have awful eyelashes and need two separate mascaras to give them the full effect. This is amazing and I do use a lot but never on its own.

Lip Liner- PS… Lip Liner Pencil in Biscuit £1

If you spend a fortune on lip liners STOP and look no further-Primark lip liners are the best in the business and are only £1!? This is the perfect shade for nude/pink lip colours, although I do use it under any lip colour as it is just a dream to apply.

Lipstick-PS High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Rose Quartz £1

I picked this up in the sales for just a pound and I do really enjoy using it, it’s a gorgeous shade of deep pink and the crayon makes it really easy to apply. However it smells funny, I don’t know if I got a dodgy one but mine smells awful! Apart from that I love this product!

Setting Spray-Makeup Revolution Setting Spray Pro Fix Oil Control £5

I use setting spray every single day just to secure my makeup in place and this is the only one that I use. This is targeted at oily skin which I have and this really does make a difference, I love this!

Total Cost-£50.49


I’m pleased with the finished look, I definitely need to use another mascara and use a pomade to make my brows stand out a bit more. I also think the blusher may have been more pigmented than I anticipated as I packed that on the brush but turns out I didn’t need so much as I ended up looking quite flushed haha! Apart from that, I’m pleased with the finished look!

Thank you so much for reading, I really hoped you enjoyed reading it, I really enjoyed making it!

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