Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara-Does It Live Up To The Hype???

I love Benefit mascaras. They’re Real was the first high end makeup product I bought and have since rebought it as I absolutely love it. There was a huuuuuge build up to the release of this new mascara, I found the announcement of it quite anti-climatic as a result, it’s taken me a couple of weeks to actually come round to the idea of it and buy it. I have high expectations for this mascara though, obviously the price is a huge factor as it’s £21.50 but the build up has definitely raised my expectations.

This mascara claims to last 36 hour although I would not leave it on for that long, I have very bad eyelashes so really struggle with mascaras and making it last throughout the day,nevermind for 36 hours. One of the things that I look for in a mascara is that it is pitch black, I usually use two, one that is lengthening and another that is thickening and is darkening, this claim to be intense pitch black. I’m just reading the box and it says it is water resistant, I’m not sure if this is the same as waterproof or not? It also has Provitamin B5 in it which fuels thickness and strength. The claims on the box do raise my expectations even higher as they’re very big claims…

First Impressions

The first thing that I was aware of when I took the wand out of the tube was how bendy the spooly was, I don’t know if spooly is the correct term but the brush basically. It is VERY bendy which worries me actually as I’m quite clumsy so it wouldn’t surprise me if I snapped this, which would be an absolute nightmare.

The shape of the brush is really cool, I’m really impressed with the angle of the brush it’s like a mini triangle shape which I think will be good for gripping the lashes at the root and dispensing product evenly throughout them. I’ve never seen a brush with this shape so I couldn’t wait to try it.

It moved through my lashes really well, it gripped them really well which I believe is courtesy of the unique shape. I applied one layer and I was disappointed. It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do with a drugstore mascara for a fraction of the price and I was GUTTED. The photos below were after one layer.

I applied another couple of layers on top of that one and that was when I was finally seeing results. My lashes were so black, even my boyfriend noticed this, the mascara makes my lashes slightly clumpy but I actually really like that look. The photos below are after a few layers and with it applied to my lower lashes and you can definitely see the difference.

It definitely took a while for it to lengthen my lashes and give that fuller look but the darkening and thickening aspect seems to be the main attraction for this mascara as I didn’t need to try hard to get that effect.

It went on really well on my lower lashes although I needed to be very careful as the brush shape combined with my clumsy, shaky hand could be a disaster! But it made my lower lashes look really nice.

The photo below is the finished look, looking back on the photos I am impressed with the mascara and how it made my lashes look but this was with multiple coats and a lot of effort. I could have easily achieved this effect with a cheaper mascara.


Overall, I do have mixed feelings about this mascara. My first initial impression wasn’t good, I was so disappointed but it’s a mascara that for me I need to layer up to get the effect that I want. I am impressed with how it looks when layered and built up. It is very hard to remove, I spent so long at the sink removing it which is probably because it is water resistant and I don’t usually use waterproof/resistant mascaras. I will definitely use this mascara regularly but I wouldn’t prioritise it over any of my other mascaras.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, sorry it wasn’t an overly positive review singing it’s praises but I write honest reviews and I’d never pretend I liked something when I didn’t.

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  1. I’ve seen the huge hype about this mascara, and it’s so good to see a genuinely honest review of the product, especially as it is a high-end product!

    Nat x |

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  2. I think the best Benefit mascara which lives up the hype is the They’re real. Only one coat gives amazing lashes but i noticed with the spooly too that it was so flimsy and that was a disappointment. I feel like it gives good results after a few coats but doesnt live up to the hype and isnt worth the price! Loved your review though x

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  3. I’ve been thinking of getting this for a while, but after reading this think I’ll look elsewhere. I only wear mascara sparingly as I have eczema around my eye area so have to be careful and usually opt for higher end products. It’s a shame that it took a few applications before you could notice any difference as £21.50 is quite a steep price to pay to not see instant, one coat results. I’m also someone who likes to give honest reviews as it’s too often people are nice to brands just because they don’t wanna p*ss them off but honestly is the best policy! If it doesn’t live up to the hype then that’s just that. Great review ☺️
    Luce xo

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      1. It really is. No problem, I’ve done a post like this before but for NYX lingerie lippy’s which I’d seen amazing reviews for and it just wasn’t the same experience for me unfortunately xx

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  4. I’ve never tried any products from benefit, I saw all the hype around this and my reaction was just ‘it’s a mascara, I don’t see the big deal?’ Your lashes definitely look a lot longer and thicker with it on and I really like how it made your bottom lashes look but I’m a drugstore mascara girl through and through! I think if you put enough layers of a good drugstore mascara on you could create a similar look! It’s a shame when you spend so much money on a product and it doesn’t turn out to be as good as the claims, this was such an honest review, loved it!

    Jess xx

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  5. I felt exactly the same when this launched!! I was watching the Instagram Live when they had the London launch and I was just like really? A mascara? I thought it was going to be at least a highlighter or foundation! I love They’re Real and Roller Lash and from images and reviews like yours, there are so many mixed views, I’m not sure if I want to try this or not!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  6. Roller Lash is great. Really like Bad Gal too. I don’t know if I’ll try this one it’s pricey and I don’t like having to put multiple layers on if you can’t do the job with one coat then it’s a no from me.

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  7. I’d heard the hype but they didn’t mention the b5 and stuff. I hate the bendy spooly idea tho. I had one from Maybelline like that and hated it. Think I’ll have to pass which is sad because I really enjoy Benefits mascaras

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  8. I love benefit mascaras! Roller lash is better than They’re Real in my opinion, but they are all so good! I hadn’t heard about the release of this one but I may have to try it. Love this review 🙂

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