Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water Review

I was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle of this Mandelic Acid 5% Prep Water by Wishtrend. I was so excited to get using it as it sounds amazing and seems really beneficial for your skin. So, I thought I’d review it for you all in today’s post…

The Prep Water is an exfoliant that can be used daily on your skin which isn’t irritating and really hydrating. The thing about the Prep Water that I was really interested by was  that it aims to improve skin texture and tone, my skin can get really textured which makes wearing makeup quite difficult so I was pleased to hear about this and interested to put it to the test. It’s also antibacterial which is amazing, I always worry about my skin  being dirty so this is great.

The key ingredient in the prep water which I was most intrigued about was the Mandelic Acid which helps to improve skin pigmentation but also has the antibacterial properties which is ideal for acne prone skin.



It recommends on the site to apply the Prep Water on a cotton pad. Make sure that you have a look on the website to know how often you should use this depending on your skin type. I *try* to use this daily, I say try as I do forget sometimes but I use it most days. I use it after cleansing and before toning in my skincare routine.

I was quite shocked the first time that I used it as my skin felt quite tingly which I suppose is because I don’t exfoliate a lot so my skin isn’t used to it. I was quite shocked by how hydrating it was, I didn’t expect that at all for an exfoliating product.

I didn’t notice a difference straight away but you hardly ever do with skincare products, you’ve got to give them time to work their magic. I continued to use this everyday as part of my regular skincare routine and within a week I noticed improvements in my skin. I noticed the biggest improvements in my cheek and forehead area where my skin tends to be more textured, uneven and are more prone to breakouts. My skin is much smoother now which has made such a difference to how my makeup sits on my skin, my foundation sits much nicer on my face. I still have a couple of spots but I am a lot less prone to breakouts and harsh blemishes, its definitely eased up on the blemish front which I assume is the antibacterial effect.

This is a really gentle exfoliator, I have relatively sensitive skin and I’ve never once had an adverse reaction to it. The tingly sensation was quite alarming but there was no other repercussions which I’m really pleased at and has made it part of my skincare routine, especially considering I’ve seen such a positive effect on my skin because of it.

I can’t recommend this enough, especially if your skin is sensitive but you still feel like exfoliating is a necessary step in your skincare routine. You can have a look at the product here-*

Make sure you have a look on Wishtrend (*, they sell some amazing products!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

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