Skincare Collection 2018

I am a huggggge skincare hoarder and fan. I have quite a hefty collection and I love reading these types of posts so thought I’d make my own. It’s going to be a long one so make yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and let’s get into it…

Makeup Wipes


A lot of people don’t use makeup wipes, in fact a lot of people judge others for using makeup wipes whereas I just say you do you and I’ll do me. I have a pack of No7 ones which I’m saving for a special occasion as they’re the most expensive ones, I don’t get this logic either haha! I have two packs of Micellar wipes from Superdrug, one from Simple which are the best and a pack of Olay ones which live in my gym bag.

Day Creams/Moisturisers


These are the three moisturisers that I reach for the most. The Simple moisturiser is really cheap but is really moisturising. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Cream is my fave, it smells like pomegranates and makes my skin feel incredible, I love applying this before primer. The No7 Day Cream is great because it has SPF15, this feels really luxurious.


The first tub of the Nivea Express Hydration Primer and Day Cream is insane, it is so moisturising and is such a nice base for makeup. The other three products I never reach for but they lurk in my skincare storage for a rainy day.

Night Creams


I cannot go to sleep without moisturising my face. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Cream is my favourite, it’s a gel like consistency and makes my skin feel so recharged and hydrated. The No7 Advanced Night Cream is a more moisturising cream that really soaks into the skin overnight.

Micellar Waters


I LOVE a good micellar water, I try lots of different ones rather than just sticking to the iconic Garnier one. I have two No7 ones which feel so luxurious as they are on the pricier side but are so worth it. I have a Simple bottle which is my back up, it’s amazing and is on the cheaper side. Lastly is the bottle I’m currently using and it’s by B.Pure which is a Superdrug brand, this is amazing and is so refreshing as well as effective in removing makeup.



I love using a toner, it makes my skin feel so fresh and awake. I have a drop in the Simple bottle, I haven’t been too impressed by this bottle. The bottle on the left I picked up in Tesco for £1 and is Aloe Vera so smells amazing and is so freshening.



I love using serums, especially at night as they’re really soothing on the skin as well as being really moisturising. The one that I use the most is the Calm Skin one from Superdrug, it is amazing, it smells incredible and feels insane on the skin. I also love the No7 Advanced Serum however this is a mini so I don’t reach for it too often as I don’t want it to run out! I never reach for the first Witch one which I think is because it’s a primer as well and I’m very specific over my primers so wouldn’t use it in the morning, if that makes sense?



If you saw my tweet last week you’ll have seen that I apply a hella lot of face oil at night and when I wake up my skin is literally glowing. I got quite a lot of responses and messages asking which one I use. The one that I use the most is the No7 Youthful Replenishing Face Oil, this smells amazing and makes my skin feel incredible, this is my second bottle now as I just adore it. The other bottle is a mini of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which is amazing, it definitely lives up to the hype however this is a mini and I don’t want it to ever run out!



I love face sprays, I do tend to use them more in Summer time when I tend to have more makeup free days. The first is from the Superdrug Vitamin E range, it smells amazing and is so refreshing, it’s also a toning mist so is so good for your skin. The second bottle is a bit pricier, it’s the Radial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic which feels so luxurious, I do save this for special occasions haha, please tell me it isn’t just me who does this?

Face Washes


I never tend to buy face washes as I tend to just buy cleansers but I have a few. The one that I love the most is the Neutrogena 2 in 1 as this is an amazing face wash but can also be a mask, this great if you’re on a budget and it is what I reach for when my skin gets a bit out of control. I have three mini Simple ones which are amazing and are full of vitamins, I don’t know why I have three haha!



These are two cleansing lotions that I have. The first Simple one I haven’t used yet as I’m going to wait until I’ve used up the Nivea bottle. I love the Nivea bottle, it smells amazing and feels so moisturising as well as cleansing.


These are two hot cloth cleansers, I adore using these as they feel so luxurious and spa-like, I always feel like I’m treating myself when I use these. The first is my fave and is the No7 one, this smells gorgeous and feels amazing on the skin. I don’t reach for the Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser which is probably because I use the No7 one so much.


You will have seen these three cleansers on my blog in my post called ‘How I Effectively Remove My Makeup ft. My Fave Cleansers’. I adore these. The first is actually a face wash from Soap & Glory, who get skincare just as right as they get everything else. This has little exfoliating beads in it but is so gentle, it smells amazing and does an incredible job. The middle bottle is another from Soap & Glory but is a cleansing milk that smells like peaches, it is one of my favourite products ever hence how it’s now half full. The last is a No7 Foaming Cleanser, it’s fast becoming one of my faves as it is such a good cleanser and is my first port of call for removing makeup now.

Face Gel/Gel Washes


You may recognise the last bottle as it is the Garnier Micellar Water in a Cleansing Gel Wash form, it is just as good as the water, if not better. It removes makeup so easily and is so soothing. I haven’t tried the Honey Flower Gel Wash yet as I’ll only open that once the Micellar Gel Wash is empty. The first product is a Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel, I only reach for this when my skin is bad and it’s a lifesaver.



I only use a scrub or exfoliator once or twice a week as my skin can be quite sensitive. I reach for the Nivea Exfoliating Scrub the most as it’s gentle on the skin but does an amazing job. I’m yet to use the other two as I’m waiting until I’ve made a dent in the Nivea one as they’re products I don’t use too often.

Eye Creams


I love using eye creams, I really feel like they make a difference for me. Since I got sent the Eyewake Gel Serum I use that the most as it is so good but the Superdrug Vitamin E  one is also amazing, I recommend both. I have a full review of the Eyewake one coming very soon!

Face Masks


I am shocking for hoarding face masks, I literally can’t stop buying them. The first is a Holler and Glow one from Primark, the second is a Garnier Aqua Mask and hiding behind them is a Montague Jeunesse Mud Mask in Lavender & Jasmine. I haven’t tried any of these yet.


These are the sheet masks I currently have. The first is my absolute fave and is a Garnier Tissue Mask, you cannot go wrong with these they’re so well priced and are amazing for the skin. The other three are from Face Inc. and look so cool, I do find these sit quite awkwardly on my face though, they’re a bit too big.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know how much I love these face masks, I could rave about them all day. My fave is the Detox Mask as it works miracles, I sometimes just apply this to my problematic areas and it is a life saver. The Glow Mask is exfoliating and makes my skin so glowy. Lastly is the Purity Mask which is great for my oily skin, it purifies and mattifies and works wonders on my T Zone.

Nose Strips


I love these T-Zone Charcoal Nose Strips, I feel like they really help to reduce the appearance of the pores on my nose which is where I struggle with them most. These are really cheap as well and are so effective.

Spot Treatments


When I get a blemish/spot the first thing I use is Sudocrem, it is a bottle of miracles and if you’ve never tried it you need too immediately! The Superdrug Calm Skin Blemish Rescue Gel has been bringing my skin out quite red recently but it usually reduces the appearance of spots overnight. The Skin System Blemish Serum used to be my go to but I’ve not used it as much since I was introduced to the Calm Skin Gel.

No7 Cleanser Brush


You’ll have heard me talk about this cleansing brush quite a bit in various posts as I absolutely love it. I use this a few times a week with one of my various cleaners to remove my makeup, it gives my skin a deep cleanse and makes it feel a lot cleaner than using wipes or micellar water.

Cleansing Pads 


I don’t use these anymore but these are my go to when I have lots of spots rather than one or two odd spots. If I have a full on breakout these are really handy and help to speed up the process of cleaning my skin up.

Thank you so much for reading, I know it’s a hefty post but I do hope that you enjoyed it! Also, today is International Women’s Day, take a moment to celebrate the incredible women in your lives!


  1. The Soap & Glory 3 in 1 cleanser is my favourite at the moment, such a lovely cleanser for everyday use! Loved reading through your skincare collection! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love so many of these products!! I have the No7 cleansing brush, it just works miracles when you think you might be on the verge of a break out 👍 and the Garnier face masks are amazing, my fav has to be the detox one, I find it really sinks into your pores!
    I’ve never seen the youthful face oil by No7 before, I will definitely have to keep an eye out next time! Loved this post! Sam x

    Liked by 2 people

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