Youtubers That I Watch…

I watch quite a lot of Youtube videos, I get a lot of my inspiration for blog posts and ideas for social medias from video creators as well. I try to justify the amount that I watch by saying it’s partly research for my blog but I love nothing more than a good Youtube binge. My watch later playlist has over 70 videos in it and grows daily as I can never catch up!! I thought I’d share with you the Youtubers who I watch, hopefully you can get some inspo too… (I’m also pretty sure I’ve missed a few, soz!).


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.15.07.png

I found Soph through the Makeup Revolution Youtube channel. I love her content, it is so creative and original and inspires me A LOT. She comes across really down to earth and like she loves makeup and beauty which makes me really enjoy her content. I always stop what I’m doing when one of Soph’s videos comes on my playlist.

Katie Snooks

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.18.13.png

I discovered Katie because she had quite a popular video about her experience with Roaccutane and acne. I then watched every single one of her videos and have done since. I love her content, she is so down to earth and makes me smile every time I watch one of her videos. She does weekly vlogs which I love the format of. If you struggle with acne or are intrigued by Roaccutane, I highly recommend going through Katie’s channel she is so helpful with skincare!

Emily Canham

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.18.59.png

I have watched Emily for what feels like forever. I discovered Emily years and years ago because she is a massive McFly fan and if you read my blog and follow my SMs you’ll know I am too plus she made beauty content which I loved before I started my own beauty blog. I still absolutely love Emily, I love her content and her attitude she makes me feel really positive and her vlogs are such a good watch!

Lucy Flight

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.21.15.png

I discovered Lucy through Emily as they were really good friends. Lucy makes me laugh so so much, she is so real and is so genuinely funny. Lucy is also absolutely gorgeous, she is a major girl crush as well as an inspiration for my own content.

Floral Princess/Anastasia Kingsnorth

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.23.07.png

I’ve only recently started watching Anastasia’s videos but I absolutely love them! I admire Ana so much, she’s only 17 and I really love the videos she creates and how she portrays herself through her channel.

Alice Thorpe

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.24.50.png

Alice is one of the smaller Youtubers that I watch, I think in the future I’ll do a full post dedicated to the smaller youtubers that I watch but Alice is my absolute fave. I am so so shocked that she doesn’t have more subscribers, her content is so original and innovative, I get excited every time she uploads. I ADORE her vlogs, she’s a university student as well as a content creator which makes her videos even more interesting.

Gabriella Lindley/Velvet Gh0st 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.30.51.png

If you know me you’ll know that Gabbie is my absolute fave, out of everyone included in this post, Gabbie is my favourite. I love her videos so so much and I love her vlogs even more. She loves cats and The Greatest Showman which makes me so so happy. She’s the only Youtuber that I’ve bought merch off of which you’ll have seen in my Christmas Haul.

Lucy Wood

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.35.09.png

I discovered Lucy as she’s Gabbie’s friend and featured in one of her vlogs and I literally fell in love with her ‘Average Girl Tries…’ series. I love the whole concept of her not being an expert or makeup artist, she’s honest about it and it makes her content so much more enjoyable. I don’t know how she doesn’t have more subscribers!

Zoella/Zoe Sugg

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.37.42.png

I’m not going to speak too much about Zoe as I’m sure a lot of you will be familiar with her as she has a hella lot of subscribers and followers. I love Zoe’s vlogs, they’re like mini documentaries as they’re so long. I also love watching her not so little PR hauls which makes me die of envy! I do enjoy Zoe’s content but as I’ve got older I prefer her vlogs.

Tanya Burr

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.40.17.png

I’ve watched Tanya for so so long but I prefer her content so much more now. I find her very inspiring, I love how she portrays herself in her videos and how she’s moved into the acting world so successfully. I always refer back to her makeup videos when I need help as they’re the literal best. Tanya is lovely and her videos are so warming to watch.

Louise Pentland

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.42.24.png

Louise is the only Youtuber that I watch her videos as soon as they’re posted, they don’t get added to my watch later I watch them straight away, that’s how much I love her videos. Louise makes me howl with laughter, she is frank, honest, open and so lovely. Her weekly vlogs are my favourite thing ever but I adore every video she puts out.

Estee Lalonde

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 22.45.24.png

Estee Lalonde is my favourite human ever. She is my biggest inspiration for how I want myself to be represented via my blog and social media accounts. She is classy, elegant and speaks so beautifully. I adore all of her videos, her beauty ones are incredible but videos like her ‘How To Get Out Of A Rut’ and other life chat videos are my faves. I blooming love Estee if you can’t tell, she also has a podcast which I love even more.

The Georgia Edit/Georgia Jones

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.45.52.png

Georgia is the wife of Danny Jones from McFly, I absolutely adore her. Her personality is so bubbly and is so lovely to watch, she makes me laugh and smile so much she just has a completely contagious aura about her. She is also a new mum and her content is so enjoyable, both her videos about motherhood and about beauty/lifestyle.

Giovanna Fletcher

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.49.16.png

Giovanna is Tom from McFly’s wife but is also a mother, an author, an actress and a podcast host! Her videos are so lovely to watch, her vlogs give you a nice insight into the business of her life but her honest ‘sit down and chat’ videos are a lovely watch. Gi’s laughter is contagious, there’s rarely been a video of hers that’s not made me laugh!

Carrie Hope Fletcher

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.51.32.png

Carrie is just gorgeous. She is so uplifting and warming to watch, she speaks honestly and so eloquently. She’s similar to Gi in how I love both her vlogs and her sit down videos. Carrie also does a lot of singing videos also, her talent and determination is so inspiring to watch and motivates me to achieve half of what she has in my lifetime.

Tom Fletcher

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.53.53.png

Tom Fletcher is the life of my life, he just doesn’t know it yet. Tom is my absolute fave, I don’t even know what to say about him and his Youtube I just adore him and his videos! It’s nice to get an insight into what Tom’s life is like when he isn’t McFlying, his experiences as a father and as an author is lovely to watch.

The True Geordie

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.56.20.png

Brian’s videos aren’t for everyone, he’s uncut and honest which is probably what I enjoy most about his content, he isn’t for the faint hearted though. I mainly watch his podcasts, he asks all of the questions you want asked and is an excellent interviewer/podcast host. He recently created a documentary about his experience commentating the Weller/KSI fight, it’s one of the best put together documentaries I’ve watched, it’s so well done and informative, it really blew me away.


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 18.58.42.png

WillNE makes me laugh so much, I’ve watched his videos for quite a while now and his channel has grown so much. I really enjoy his ‘This Week On The Internet’ videos, I really like that format.

Jack Maynard

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 20.20.36.png

You might be familiar with Jack because he’s the brother of Connor Maynard or because he had a brief feature on I’m A Celebrity. I love Jack, he makes me laugh so much, I love his personality and sense of humour so much. I adore his vlogs and really enjoy his main channel videos with his friends.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments who you enjoy watching on Youtube, I’m always interested in finding new people to watch!

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  1. I used to watch so many Youtubers but I haven’t really been watching much lately, the only person’s videos I keep up to date with are Sophdoesnails, I found her on Youtube long before she worked for Makeup Revolution and she’s the reason I started watching Youtube so much! I love her videos and I usually buy most of the products she recommends, her skin tone is the same as mine as well so her videos are perfect for me! I love Alice Thorpe too and like you can’t believe she doesn’t have as many subscribers! I recently watched Lucy Wood’s copying Nikkie Tutorials video and it made me laugh so much she’s fab!

    Jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just started my own channel so I’m looking for more people to subscribe to. I’ve heard of some of these youtubers and the others ill definitely check out! Also, just found your blog and I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I watch Katie Snooks too — I absolutely love her content. I am an avid YouTube watcher and my favorite has always been Fleur de Force.

    I also enjoy watching Jackie Aina, The Anna Edit, Lily Pebbles, and Casey Holmes!

    Great post! x


    Liked by 1 person

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